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The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) usually accredits career colleges. Per company policy, “for- profit” schools must place a certain percentage of graduates in jobs at a certain salary percentile. Criminal justice jobs advertised on the “for profit” school advertisements do not require degrees.
Underemployment levels are horrible for those getting out of specific specialization programs in school. One must keep in remembrance that when there are bailouts and grants the government schools are “for profit” also with little to no real accountability to those who must support government schools by property taxes against their own will.
Corrections and clarifications: An earlier version of this report misattributed quotes and references to California State University student Quinn Western.
Alyssa Banuelos, a nursing student at West Coast University in Orange County, Calif., knew she wanted to go into the medical field at a young age. Paving the way for one of the largest community college systems in the United States to offer four-year degrees, on Sept. The law will allow some of the state’s community colleges to offer bachelor degrees in fields not offered by the University of California and California State University systems, according to the bill. The pilot program will begin no later than the 2017-18 academic year and run through at least the 2022-23 school year.
Banuelos says although she is receiving a “solid education” at West Coast, she wishes she could be a high school senior again to choose the cheaper option.
Community college students in this program would have to meet the same general education requirements, complete a similar number of credits and the courses would be of similar rigor to four-year schools, according to the bill.
Community colleges in 21 states in America, such as Michigan, Colorado and Texas, currently offer bachelor’s degrees in similar fields, including the sciences and applied or technical professions.
The program would add another level to the colleges’ mission for its students, says the bill’s author, state Sen. A study conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California found that at the current pace of job openings and graduation rates, the state’s demand for college-educated workers would surpass its supply by 2025. The institute’s projections show 35% of adults in California would have at least a bachelor’s degree in 2025, but 41% of jobs would require that level of education.
Raul Rodriguez, chancellor for the Rancho Santiago Community College District, which operates Santa Ana College and Santiago Canyon College in Orange County, says the new program should offer a more comprehensive range of baccalaureate degrees including nursing. The state chancellor’s office will judge college’s proposals and consult with UC and CSU to come up with the 15 community colleges to offer the degrees.

Banuelos says she hopes student’s in high school highly consider this program as a viable option for higher education. By tapping into what makes you unique, you can pinpoint exactly the type of workplace where you can thrive. Community college presidents in Illinois have formed a committee to look into allowing four-year programs in the state’s community colleges. The plan was attempted in 2007, but never made it past the Illinois House of Representatives.  Recently, a community college in Chicago decided to revisit the idea, forming a sub-committee to investigate the possibility. There is a definite need for these programs among students, and the option of attaining a four-year degree at a community college would make education more affordable for some with the average full-year tuition at about $3,500 instead of upwards of $15,000 at a public university. The state is unable to keep up with the amount of students requesting financial assistance for public universities, causing more and more students to lean toward community colleges.
In 2012, 370,000 students were eligible for grants.  Of those, 145,000 did not receive the help they needed.
Another concern is that with more students attaining four-year degrees, the state may fall behind in the number of associate’s degrees it hands out per year, in comparison to the rest of the country.
SIU President Randy Dunn the university has not taken a position yet, but expressed concern that too many institutions would be offering similar degrees. Research from Edvisors found that only one in five students who enroll in a two-year program will end up attaining a bachelor’s degree from a four-year institution within 6 years, while two-thirds of students who start at a four-year college will finish their degree in that time span.  There is thought that if these two-year schools offered bachelor programs, more students would finish their degrees. We have collected a list of private and public, four year colleges and universities that offer online degrees in the state of MINNESOTA.
Their advertisements boast a person can get a job, using hands-on learning, in law enforcement fields. Instructors are required to keep a percentage of students in class, and a certain percentage of students passing, in order to continue their jobs. Private investigator, prison officer, security officer – all are jobs that either require state certification or specialized training.
A former Correctional Officer Specialist and trainer with the Bureau of Prisons, she is now a true crime writer and a trainer available for guest speaking engagements. Colleges will add on an extra $84 per unit for baccalaureate coursework, which would allow students to earn a bachelor’s degree for less than the average four-year school. California would need to graduate an additional 1 million baccalaureate recipients to meet employer demands. The colleges accepted would be able to offer only one program, which has to pass through the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges.

Logan College President Mike Dreith, community colleges currently attain funding through tuition, local property taxes, and the state.  It is unclear how that would change if four-year degrees became an option, reports Stephanie Tyrpak for WSIL. Potential students should receive a report of job placement for the particular field they are interested in.
Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that will create a pilot program for 15 community colleges across the state to fill a growing workforce demand for college-educated, skilled workers in fields such as health, science and technology. The California Community Colleges Board of Governors has until March 31 to approve the plan and figure out how to pay for the pilot program, with programs launching as soon as fall 2015, according to the bill.
One Nashville school counted the jobs their Career Services located for students, and also jobs the students found on their own and jobs found for students by other staff.
One must keep in remembrance that when there are bailouts and grants the government schools are “for profit” also even though the education is considered “free” by advertising. We strive to provide you the most up-to-date information as to not waste your time, but options change at any given time, so please visit each university’s website to get the latest, most accurate information. Listed alphabetically in two different categories: PRIVATE and PUBLIC colleges and universities. School programs offered rely on student population; programs can be dropped and changed while students are still in school.
In one ‘tech’ school, a rep confides, “Reps are required to call at least ten times per day every day until the appointment is made, call prior to the appointment, and call a few hours before the person is to arrive.” If they cannot entice the person in, the name is handed off to another rep. In 2011, one Nashville technical school dropped a CJ Bachelor’s degree program because of the low student registration. Also I am currently attending Capella University Online with is regionally accredited to obtain my PH.D in Public Safety Leadership. Thirty two credit hrs transferred over to Capella from Everest towards my Doctorial Degree. Some “for profit” schools have been known to tell potential CJ students “criminal records don’t matter.” $80,000 and a degree later, graduates learn they cannot be hired because of a criminal record. Students obtaining their Associates, who planned to next obtain the Bachelors, were, as one Criminal Justice instructor said, “Out of luck.” The Associate credits did not transfer to another school. Consumer Digest reports schools have been in legal trouble for deceptive practices regarding recruiting.

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