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Annals of Community Medicine and Practice is an international, open access, peer reviewed journal that brings about latest research in all related aspects of medicine that deals with concerns related to the study and improvement of the health characteristics of biological communities focusing upon the problems of environment and socio-economic statuses that affect health. As a part JSciMed Central Open Access platform, Annals of Community Medicine and Practice supports the scientific innovation and advancement in all related aspects of community medicine and practice by increasing access to peer-reviewed scientific literature. The Journal provides a platform for diverse type of articles such as Original Submissions, Reviews, Mini Reviews, Case Reports, Short Communications, Perspectives and Editorials. Experts identified which senior citizens whom participate in any 3-D video gaming enhance the capability to sustain focus in addition to perform multitask successfully.
On the contrast to the study carried out by University of California, Riverside analysis of new mortality data for that era reported that race posed a great impact on the death.

Primary Care Research has the power to transform basic scientific discoveries into practical applications that are immediately relevant to clinicians and patients. The PCRC was established in 2009 with support from the University of Alabama Health Services Foundation General Endowment Fund (HSF-GEF). The APBRN Coordinating Center, housed in the UAB Department of Family and Community Medicine, has served as the network’s operational base since its inception. JSciMed Central also brings multiple internationally peer reviewed member journals under one roof thereby encouraging knowledge sharing, collaboration and promotion of interdisciplinary science. Its primary purpose is to help bridge the gap between practicing physicians and investigators and to provide logistical support for project implementation in community-based clinical settings.
Researchers benefit from the real-world experience of physicians, and physicians receive scientific guidance and support for projects that address real-world challenges.

The academic arm of the PCRC is comprised of over 100 UAB faculty from the schools of Medicine, Health Professions, Nursing, Education, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Public Health and Dentistry. It maintains a national presence through the AHRQ PBRN Resource Center and is a member of the AAFP National Research Network. PCRC research is carried out through the APBRN – a voluntary statewide consortium of nearly 100 physicians who seek to improve healthcare and outcomes for patients by integrating research into their daily practices. Several hold additional board certifications in Geriatrics, Preventive Medicine, and Emergency Medicine.

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