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In this section we will learn the basics of Color Theory, including color hue, value, contrast, saturation and intensity.
Tertiary colors (red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet, and red-violet) are combinations of primary and secondary colors. Simply put, hue is just another word for color, and value is the relative brightness or darkness of a color. The color wheel can be divided into warm and cool colors.Warm colors are energetic and intense, and tend to move forward in space. Complementary Color Combinations: Warm colors are energetic and intense, and tend to move forward in space.
The high contrast of complementary colors creates a dynamic, energetic and vibrant look, especially when used at full saturation. When choosing an analogous color scheme, make sure to have enough contrast, or the effect will be too one-dimensional. Triadic colors are three colors, found evenly spaced in a perfect triangle around the color wheel. Take extra care to establish appropriate focus and color contrast when using this color scheme, as it’s not as vibrant as some of the other color combinations. There are a number of color combinations that are traditionally considered to be especially pleasing.

By combining these colors with each other, or with combinations of these colors, all other colors in the color wheel can be achieved. An easy way to remember these names is to place the primary name before its secondary counterpart. Contrast of value separates objects in space; the higher the contrast, the more separation you’ll achieve. For instance, when contrasting hues are made similar in value, the spatial effects are de-emphasized. Like complementary color combinations, triadic colors tend to be very vibrant, even if you use unsaturated and pale versions of the hues. Clean and elegant, monochromatic color combinations are soothing, easily balanced, and integrate well with neutral colors, such as white, black or gray. Using shades, tints, and tones of the primary color is the secret to enhancing this color scheme. Play with varying saturated shades – for example, pair a lightly saturated shirt with a more saturated and vivid tie. These combinations are called color harmonies or color chords and they involve combining two or more colors with a fixed relation in the color wheel. And if gray, or a color’s exact opposite on the color wheel (its complementary color) is added, the result is a different tone.

To use a triadic combination successfully, let one color dominate and use the other two as accent colors. It’s safe pairing similar colors, but why not be creative with complementary color pairings? Similar values and hues seem closely connected in space; none will stand out from the others. Lightness represents the shade of the color which can go lighter by adding more white, or darker by adding more black. And you don’t see the color here, but just an FYI, brown is near the reds and oranges.
So if you have a pair of dark brown slacks, perhaps consider wearing it with a white button-down boasting blue stripes (and no, you don’t have to only wear solids). Looking at the wheel, any colors that are right next to one another (for example, red and purple) are similar colors.

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