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There are home remedies for constipation that work.  It is always better to try a natural remedy before you start taking a pill that you can’t get off of!
If you are constipated, you will have trouble having a bowel movement.  In some cases you might stop having a bowel movement all together. When this happens, it can lead to other problems as your body is no longer getting rid of toxins.
If you are not getting enough fiber in your diet it can lead to constipation.  If you are not drinking enough water it can lead to constipation.
You can try these home remedies for constipation and avoid taking pills and having other complications related to constipation. You can take fiber pills or powder, but it is always better to get your nutrition through the foods you eat.
Be careful though, because coffee will make you constipated if you aren’t drinking enough fluid -it is a diuretic and helps pull fluid from your body. All it requires is a tablespoon of honey a few times a day.  Honey is also good for treating other ailments such as allergies.
So by eating honey you are getting many benefits in addition to it helping with constipation. Water helps to push the bowel into your digestive tract so it can be released out of your body.
And if you don’t like the taste of water you can always spice it up by adding a flavor pack to it.
Mix one tablespoon of flax seed in a glass of water and allow it to rest for two to three hours. A toddler having irregular bowel movements and passing stools which are like hard pellets is suffering from constipation. Constipation in toddlers must not be overlooked and treated immediately in order to avoid discomfort for the child and avoid the development of health issues in the long run. Best Home Remedies For Constipation in Toddlers Increase Dietary Fiber Content The first and foremost remedy is to bring about changes in the diet of toddlers.
Start by introducing small amounts and slowly increase the quantity up to a level that the toddler is able to digest comfortably. Giving Fiber Rich Snacks Toddlers are always fond of experimenting with new tastes and so they have a special liking for snacks rather than their regular food.
Raisin Juice The juice of raisins (the big dark ones with the seed in them) is also effective in getting rid of constipation. Lactose Intolerance Some toddlers may be intolerant towards milk products and hence develop constipation. For toddlers (above the age of two) one teaspoon of castor oil can be given with a glass of milk for temporary relief from severe constipation. Easing Discomfort through Enema Constipated bowel movement is extremely painful for toddlers as their abdominal muscles are weak. Are you struggling with obesity and trying out every possible means to curtail the fat from your body? The quest for a family begins with an overall assessment of the personal health and fertility of both the partners.
Bael is a very significant tree which has been used for treating variety of illnesses since ancient times.
Infants and toddlers who are given powdered milk, processd cereals and ready-to-eat meals suffer from constipation frequently.
These foods satiate your child’s hunger but do not contribute in any way towards the normal functioning of the body. Children who eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables are less likely to suffer from constipation than children who eat a less nutritious diet. Fiber adds bulk to the digested food making it easier for the waste products to travel through the intestinal tracts and out of the body. There are certain fruits like bale that are natural laxatives and are a good way of treating constipation in children. Flax seeds are rich in fiber and are used mainly by people who are looking at losing weight fast. Add one teaspoon honey to 250ml of warm soy milk and give this to you child first thing in the morning. How much ever embarrassing it may be, but constipation is an important health issue and something that you must certainly not ignore.  It is a condition which can affect anyone at anytime and it is generally caused due to improper dietary habits, faulty lifestyle, inadequate water intake, lack of physical activity and most importantly irregular habit of defecation.
If you find yourselves facing much difficulty in passing of stools, and if you are passing dry stools less than three times a week then you might probably be constipated. Also known as Rumex Crispus, yellow dock root is an effective herb generally prescribed in form of capsules or tea to improve general health. Being a medicinal plant with a lot of health benefits chicory is also used as a substitute for coffee.
The seeds of the flax plant are an excellent source of dietary fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
Rhubarb also known as ‘Turkey Rhubarb’ or ‘Chinese Rhubarb’ is traditionally used in Chinese medicines. Cascara Sagrada is an effective laxative with digestive properties and it is also known as a ‘colon cleansing herb’. Senna is a fast acting powerful herb which is said to relieve constipation within 10 hours of its consumption. This is also a medicinal herb and a tea prepared of this herb is said to provide good relief for constipation.Usually, the aerial parts of the plant are more potent and hence an infusion prepared out of them could be a good laxative in treating constipation. The toxins will now enter into your bloodstream and can cause certain parts of your body to stop working properly. It can therefore stimulate your digestive tract and cause it to start working the right way. If you drink a glass as soon as you wake up, and with all of your meals and snacks throughout the day, you will reach the 6 to 8 mark.

There are many home remedies to enhance the functionality of your digestive system and treat constipation. This may happen due to stress, lack of roughage food, improper exercise or fluid deficiency. There are many home remedies that will help in a good bowel movement and also help in colon cleansing. Eat papaya as much as you can in a day, this will unclog your pipes and will help in bowel movement. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Inclusion of juices of fruit like prunes, apples and pears; ensuring a reasonable intake of fluids, inclusion of whole grains, vegetables like carrot, beetroot, leafy vegetables etc and fruits like banana, papaya, apple, mangoes etc. For toddlers who fuss to eat vegetables, you can make a variety of soups with interesting combination of vegetables. Ensure that their snacking habits are healthy by including finger foods made of whole unrefined cereals, oatmeal crackers and nuts instead of fried oily stuff.
Soak a few raisins overnight and squeeze out the juice in the morning by crushing them between your fingers as they would have become soft.
This can be continued until the toddler is free from constipation and enters into a healthy routine of bowel movements.
However, treating constipation with the help of castor oil is only for temporary relief and not a permanent cure. To ease out the pain while passing hard stools you can give enema with the help of a syringe filled with coconut or castor oil. Drinking more than three glasses of cow’s milk daily can lead to constipation.There are some easy and effective home remedies for treating constipation in children. The first step to treating constipation in children is to give them plenty of water to drink.
The reason is that the commercially available foods are high in preservatives and very low in essential nutrients and minerals including fiber. If your child tends to suffer from constipation frequently then be sure to include this fruit as part of your child’s daily diet. The enzymes present in the grape juice contract the muscles of the bowel and aid in removal of waste from the body.
However, you can give the seeds with a glass of fresh fruit juice if your child is being fussy. For children older than two, prepare a glass of warm milk and add one teaspoon of castor oil in it. Mix one teaspoon corn syrup with one teaspoon plain water and give this to your child at night before sleeping. Soak 6-7 pieces of raisins overnight and give these to your child first thing in the morning. Mix 10ml of olive oil with 40ml of orange juice to provide relief from constipation to your child. Due to constipation the bowels are not fully emptied from your body, and hence it may cause building up of toxins which again may seriously affect your immune system leading to numerous kinds of health ailments.
However, treating this condition with the help of certain special herbs can give you great results without any side effects. It is actually the root of the yellow dock plant which is rich of nutrients like oxalates, tannins, anthraquinone and glycosides. These nutrients greatly help in inducing water secretion into the intestines hence acting as laxatives they help in relieving constipation. All the parts of the plants such as leaves, flowers and roots are said to be enriched with the properties to prevent all kinds of diseases and it promotes general health.The latex from this plant is a good laxative and a powerful remedy to relieve digestion related problems. This herb is usually used to treat problems like gall bladder disorders, cancer, stomach upsets, constipation and loss of appetite.The roots of the chicory plant are a mild laxative and hence the intake of this herb in any form can provide relief in constipation. Apart from providing relief for other kinds of ailments, chickweed also provides great relief for stomach related problems. Having a cup of chickweed tea regularly promotes digestion and cures stomach upsets and constipation. Ground flax seeds are said to lubricate the digestive tract and they act as intestinal cleansers.Hence, the intake of flax seeds can be a best remedy for problems related to indigestion and constipation. The root of this herb is used for curing all kinds of stomach ailments and it proves much helpful in treating severe constipation.As it is a harsh purgative, the excessive usage of this herb is not recommended and it should be taken only when other milder herbs and changes in diet does not prove to be effective.
The anthraquinone element present in this herb is a cathartic which helps in contracting the colon walls initiating an urge to pass bowels. This herb is available in the form of dried bark, liquid extracts or capsules. Due to the presence of anthraquinones and other important compounds it acts as a purgative agent. In the morning, your bowel movement will be much better.Alternatively, you can simply eat two to three tablespoons of ground flax seed with a glass of water. Take one spoon of Psyllium seeds with a glass of hot milk or water at night.This will help you get relief from constipation.
Soups are healthy and also ensure that your toddler’s diet is enriched with the necessary fiber content.
Avoid feeding them with too much of chocolates, cakes and other bakery products as much as possible. In case your toddler is milk intolerant, limit his intake of milk and make the necessary diet changes in consultation with the pediatrician.
Take half a tablespoon of oil into the syringe and gently insert it into the child’s anus and press the syringe. You will have to be very regular with these treatments in order to ease constipation and facilitate easy and smooth motions. Sprinkle flax seed powder over salads, soups and breakfast cereals to prevent constipation in children. This is an excellent remedy for treating the most serious kind of constipation where your child may even bleed from the rectum while passing stool.
To relieve constipation in babies, dip a betal leaf in castor oil and insert it gently into the rectum of babies.

The following are some of the herbal remedies which can help you in treating constipation and save you from the health related issues arising out of it. Hence, having a tea made of dandelion can be best cure if you are suffering from constipation.
This herb smoothen the muscles of the intestinal tract and facilitates the transportation of the digested food, thereby enhancing the peristaltic contractions and an urge to pass bowels.Senna pods are less powerful than the leaves.
This is one of the simplest and most effective treatments that you can try at home.Extract the juice of half a lemon and add it to a glass of warm water. This will help you provide relief from constipation and will provide a good bowel movement. Do not peel the skin of fruits like apple, mangoes and vegetables like carrot as they are rich in fiber.
Simple way of making soups is to choose 3 to 4 vegetables, cut them roughly, pressure cook them, blend them (strain if required) and serve hot with salt and pepper. This can be done at night so that their rectum muscles are lubricated and the toddler does not strain much while passing stools the following morning.
Could it be that a certain formula or food is not suiting your child’s body leading to constipation? Do not give the commercially available packaged juices as these may further aggravate the problem of constipation. Flax seeds will provide bulk to the toxic waste making it easier to move within the intestinal tract and into the rectum. A dosage of 300 mg capsule taken during bedtime helps in the easy passage of bowels in the next morning. You can also add a pinch of rock salt or one-half teaspoon of table salt and a little honey to it.Drink the lemon water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.
Glycerin will lubricate the passage and the suppository will open the closed muscles and make them relax making it easier to pass out the waste product from the body.
These leaves are available in the form of tablets or capsules and the dried leaves of senna can be used for herbal tea preparations. Consuming too many processed cheese slices is also a common cause of constipation in children.
To improve the taste, you can take it with a fruit juice.Within a few hours, you will notice a huge improvement in your condition. Also, flaxseed has a laxative property, which can be very useful in curing mild to very serious cases of constipation. I had no feeling of bowl moment and I was unable pass stool for 5-6 days without using laxatives. Obviously drinking more fluid, using more fiber and eating fresh vegetable and fruits helps.I hope it will help all of you. My constipation isnt nearly as bad as it use to be, but I ALWAYS have a bottle of magnesium citrate on hand. It comes in flavors and can be bought at drug stores and sometimes Dollar Store for about $1.50 bottle. Elaine March 20, 2014 at 1:43 am ReplyI am suffering constipation due to the pain killers I am on containing codine.
I have started taking 3 figs daily in the morning and a cup of herbal tea containing senokot at night.
So far results not good andI am having to take a laxative once a week which is very painful and inhibiting. I will start the lemon in warm water that you suggest, alongside what I am already taking, and if that does not help I will try your other suggestions as I am really suffering and I do not want to take purchases laxatives. Pam September 17, 2014 at 4:32 am ReplyWhat about a person with Celiac Disease, I have a very touchy, sensitive digestive system, diet is quite limited, negligent, dairy, eggs, no harsh spices, limited course foods! Take 12-15 Prunes and soak it in 1 cup water whole night, in the early morning after brush eat whole soaked prunes and drink remaining water.
I came to find out that I canot digest milk and wheat (Glutten) Am off it and I fell much much better. First thing in the morning, eat a handful or two of raw vegetables that contains fiber,(you need this to start the process of a smoother bowel movement).
Do your best to stay away from junk foods!.Try to drink lemon water add a table or teaspoon of lemon or lime juice to a 8 ounce cup or glass of water at least twice a day. If your urine is clear daily that an indication that you are drinking plenty of water check with your doctor if you’re taking meds.
Third make sure that 75% of your food consumption contain fibrous foods, again drink plenty of water; it helps to move the waste in your colon.
Eat fiber before bedtime orange, figs, apples, grapes, spinach, kale, drink plenty of water.
As parent, we tried lots of different things such as getting her more fiber, water and even Chinese herbs. Well every once in awhile it will take up to few days to one week for her to have a Bowel Movement.
Emmy November 9, 2015 at 4:27 am ReplyChia pudding, 1 cup almond milk, 3TBSP chia seeds, 1 tsp vanilla, stir, refrigerate over night. Cindy February 6, 2016 at 5:05 am Reply1 handful of fresh pecans or pecans that are just picked, cracked, picked out and frozen, every morning in oatmeal, I eat the oats uncooked with milk, honey and some fruit in it, bananas,blueberries,strawberries, pineapple or what fruit you like.
I don’t know if the pecans you get in the store will do, I pick mine, crack, and pick them out right away, within a week, and freeze them.

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