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I would have to amass all the collected knowledge of this world and plan on trying to build new technologies that would take me to light speed.
Your arm could get cut off, your balls bit off by a komodo dragon, and you could contract brain cancer. And also, you will be extremely intelligent in enough time because of all the life experience you’ll have had.
If we’re making the leap that immortality is possible, why wouldn’t feasible that being impervious to pain comes with that? You could re-create your self every couple of centuries, see the endless beauty this world comes up with on a daily basis, with evolution being what it is you’ll get to see things no one else ever will and compare that to what once was.
And if you get bored you’ll be smart enough to build your own space ship and travel the boundless universes. At some point you might form an attachment with someone and their death would make life unbearable.
Now I’m thinking that my soulless, life-sucking, ice-queen, empty, life-fucking, bred fom Hell ex-wife just might be a Highlander.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET TEST RESULTS FOR SYPHILISMicroscopically by this medication amoxclav k-mg tablet by sando.
Being immortal would suck if you had to spend your endless days trapped in a normal ,fragile human body.
I wouldn’t want immortality- sure you could rob lots of banks, live like a king, but it would get boring, and Oscar Wilde made that point over a century ago.
However, I’m a firm believer in other existences across the plateau of endless universes or multi-verses. Obliviously, i would visit Alpha centuri, our nearest solar system capable for supporting life.
Make believe that others are immortal and take there head and then create a quickening with some cheap fire crackers. What then, their deaths would be tragic, painful and crushing to you, therefore making your existence seem painful and unnecessary. You have to assume that living forever means you will not get horrible lesions on your dick.

Also, no need to evolve, and become a better species, as there is no decendants, and therefore, no evolutionary change. However if you fucked your way through time on drugs you might be fine till your floating around in space with the shakes. I would think that floating for ever, in the middle of space, or in the middle of a floating ball of lava is inexplicably awful. That is because, even though you can’t die, or get sick, you would still feel pain, or feel uncomfortable.
Except you don’t have to worry about having sex during the day, or some halfsie black-pire like Blade thats out to slice your head off. So, imagine being burnt with lava, for all eternity, without dying, or not being able to breathe, and your brain begging for oxygen, whist you will never die.

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