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Welcome Gwen from Gwen’s Nest today as she shares four of her favorite fast and natural cough remedies! Chocolate contains theobromine1, which in one study was more effective than codeine in stopping coughs. Come to think of it, I should probably carry some of this in my purse…and my first aid kit. It may take a few seconds to convince the cocoa to mix in with the honey- it can be a little stubborn. Simmer for several minutes, then strain off the tea- you can sweeten it with honey if you’d like.
Join over 67,000 others who get the weekly Homestead Toolbox delivered fresh to their inbox. I’m happy to see the post this morning from you, but just remember to rest!… I think the hardest thing for me was resting after babies, especially when you feel so much better after that last month of pregnancy! This Homemade Cough Remedy is a spicy, honey-cider syrup potent enough to calm a cough and sooth a sore throat. After making it all the way through the holidays without a cough, a sneeze or a fever, cold season hit us like a freight train on New Year's Day.
With only a handful of pantry ingredients and a few minutes effort, this Homemade Cough Remedy was sitting on my counter.
The powerful ingredients in this remedy are common everyday items: ginger, cayenne, cider vinegar and honey. Updated to add: I've been making this Homemade Cough Remedy for so long now, all three of my kids request it anytime they start coughing.

But that’s OK, because one of my favorite things about natural remedies is that many of them use basic things that I already have in my kitchen.
It’s highly recommended to avoid honey- even healthy raw honey in children under a year old. Which is why this healthy, natural, *easy* and delicious cough syrup is the best thing ever.
Beyond just being soothing and comforting, grapefruit is a good source of potassium, vitamin C, inositol, bioflavonoids. Be sure to check out the contraindications below in the resource links, and talk to your pharmacist about interactions if you’re on medications.
My favorite natural cough remedy harnesses the power of fresh garlic, but is so tasty that my kids ask for spoon after spoon of it! It's packed full of recipes, ideas, and homesteading tips you can actually use (no fluff), plus a copy of my very popular mulch gardening how-to guide. It is contraindicated with MANY medications, including Lipitor, Zoloft, Viagra, HIV antiretrovirals and others.
This is amazing (and I am pinning it now so I can have it at midnight in January when I’ll need it) I have recently begun to use more natural remedies and with the success of honey for coughs and lemon and ginger tea for sore throats and colds I am super excited to have a few more things in my arsenal! Over the past two years, this handy little remedy has become one of the most popular posts on this website.
This remedy goes down easily since, for all practical purposes it *is* actually a spoonful of (natural) sugar. It contains spores that are harmless to more mature digestive systems, but can cause botulism in babies under a year old.

It’s one of my most popular posts, and the remedy that I used for my kids when they had whooping cough.
I also recommend pineapple tea when you feel a cold coming on, it has all the same benefits as the grapefruit tea and you can find it at most stores! As I mixed up a batch for my son last night, I decided to re-share it with all of you, as a testament to just how much we use it! I remembered saving this Homemade Cough Remedy recipe to try, so I shook up a tiny little test batch and tested a spoonful on myself. My oldest son was willing to try it as well and I couldn't believe how quickly it worked on his cough. It's definitely worth trying before turning to the medicine cabinet once again this winter. My 9 and 11-year-old sons take a tablespoon without a problem, my 5-year-old takes a teaspoon.
And to treat this problem you don’t need to eat antibiotics or any sort of medicine you can treat this with simple household ideas. With chocolate…which we now know contains theobromine and thus is the medicinal part of this combo. Consider yourself warned, this is seriously spicy and potent enough to actually clear your head.

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