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Cough drops, which soothe sore throats and suppress coughing, are usually pleasant tasting. Antibiotics may be necessary if a person with a cough develops a sinus infection or other complication.
Cough remedies come in numerous types, and looking down an aisle at a local pharmacy, shoppers will find a bunch that promise to end coughs and promote comfort. Most people will first consider over the counter (OTC) cough remedies, and these usually come in a few forms.
Doctors may then turn to prescribed cough remedies like codeine, especially as combined with promethazine, an antihistamine. Honey is another proven remedy, more effective than dextromethorphan, but honey should not be used for kids under two. Concerns about the safety of over-the-counter cold medicines for children have left many parents searching for alternative remedies for children’s cold and cough symptoms.
Popular over-the-counter cold and cough remedies for infants have been withdrawn from the market after the FDA warned in January 2008 against giving those types of medicines to children younger than 2 because of the possibility of serious harm or death. While the FDA is considering whether to change the guidelines for children ages 2 to 11, the Consumer Healthcare Products Association in October 2008 said they would voluntarily change the labels on cough and cold medications to say they should not be used in children younger than 4. The nonprescription remedies include antihistamines for runny noses, decongestants for stuffy noses, cough suppressants, and expectorants for loosening mucus to relieve congestion. Children get six to 10 colds a year on average, according to the National Institutes of Health. Although hospitals and clinics are known as the best arenas for recuperation from pain and discomfort, the home still acts as the primary venue for healthy condition.
Yes, you can drink cough syrups at home, but, you can still rely on the power of herbs and natural ingredients to deal with cough and colds.
Garlic – aside from being a primary ingredient in cooking many recipes, garlic is an immune strengthener. Red onion – This contains a variety of nutrients and minerals that improve body health condition. Drink lots of fluid – moisture can soothe the dry throat and can loosen bodily extracts that allow the smooth flow of nutrients.
Steamy Baths – Aside from being a relaxing habit, hot and steamy showers can loosen the secretions in the nose. Avoid perfumes and scented products – Some people find these irritating and could trigger chronic cough due to sinus irritation. If your dog seems to be coughing a lot or making choking sounds, he may have a case of canine infectious tracheobronchitis, more commonly known as kennel cough. Believe it or not, as awful as the choking, hacking noises sound, most episodes of kennel cough are not serious and resolve without treatment.
Kennel cough has a number of different causes, only one of which — the most common cause — is the Bordetella bronchiseptica bacteria.

In fact, dogs that acquire the bordetella bacteria usually have a virus that makes them more vulnerable to infection.
Kennel cough is contagious, so whether your dog has the illness or you know of dogs that do, make sure to keep them apart until they are well. The canine respiratory tract is coated in a protective lining of mucus, but if this lining is compromised, an infection can take hold from the inhaled particles. A weakened respiratory tract lining can’t provide your dog protection against inhaled infectious particles. Kennel cough rarely results in appetite loss or lethargy, so if your pup is showing those symptoms as well, there could be something else going on. Since most cases of kennel cough resolve without medical intervention, I don’t recommend immediate or automatic treatment with antibiotics or other medications. Complete recovery from a bordetella infection can take up to three weeks in healthy dogs, and twice as long in older pets or those with other underlying conditions. During the acute phase of the illness, consider using a harness temporarily if your dog’s collar seems to be aggravating the situation -- especially if she strains against her leash. Many veterinarians recommend bordetella vaccines – either by injection or nasal mist delivery. Many boarding kennels, doggie daycare facilities, groomers and other similar businesses require dogs be vaccinated for kennel cough. The truth is, these vaccines are ineffective and will not prevent your dog from getting kennel cough. On the rare occasion I provide a bordetella vaccine -- usually for a client who is leaving a dog at a facility that demands it -- I always use the nose drop variety as it is much less toxic, doesn’t contain adjuvants, and has few if any side effects. If you must vaccinate your dog for some reason with the injectable kennel cough vaccine, consult a holistic veterinarian about detox agents and doses.
Astragalus is an herb used in Chinese medicine to enhance the immune system, support lung function and stimulate the regeneration of bronchial cells. Raw honey will ease the discomfort of coughing, and certain herbs will soothe and naturally suppress a cough, among them licorice root and marshmallow. As always, you should talk with your holistic veterinarian about natural remedies and the doses or applications most appropriate for your pet. They raise her blood pressure to dangerous levels. When she has a cough, she has a hard time dealing with it for this reason. An FDA advisory panel made a similar recommendation in October 2008, saying that nonprescription cold medicines should not be given to children ages 2 to 5. Looking for natural ingredients and doing some healthy practices can aid you in winning the battle against irritating respiratory problems. Stop smoking and you will not only save your life from harmful chemicals but you also prevent others from acquiring chronic coughs and throat irritation. Some of these viruses are the canine adenovirus, distemper, canine herpes, and the parainfluenza virus.

The result is inflammation of the larynx and trachea, and it’s the inflammation that causes the coughing reflex in your pup. If your dog doesn’t start to improve on her own within a few weeks, make an appointment with your vet to be on the safe side. You can also try humidifying the air she breathes to help reduce or alleviate coughing spells. Please understand the reason behind this requirement – it is to remove liability from those establishments. The infection is caused by a wide variety of bacterial and viral agents, and no single vaccine can provide protection from them all.
This is a fast-acting Echinacea that I have found very effective in reducing the virulence of bordetella infections.
This content may be copied in full, with copyright, contact, creation and information intact, without specific permission, when used only in a not-for-profit format. She can put some honey and fresh ginger into warm milk and sip on this every time she has an urge to cough. There isn't much that she can do aside from sipping on hot liquids, having hot soup and sucking on cough drops. Occasionally a dog will have other signs of illness like a running nose, sneezing or a discharge from his eyes. This advice also applies if your pup is having symptoms beyond what is seen with kennel cough, in particular any change in breathing patterns, appetite or energy level. It works great, especially for nighttime coughing when taken before bed. There are also other herbs and spices that can be used as cough remedies such as cinnamon, peppercorns, turmeric, cloves and cardamom.
Geraghty, MD, an assistant professor of pediatrics at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Ohio.
Not only do these help with coughs and congestion but many of them also have antiviral and antibacterial properties. She recommends fluids, reducing fever to make a child comfortable, and keeping noses suctioned so babies can eat comfortably. It actually makes me cough but after ten minutes of coughing and inhaling, I feel so much better. So they help by fighting the infection and strengthening the immune system. One other thing that could be done is gargling.

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