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Whether it be a family member or friend, most of us, unfortunately, have had to deal with cancer at some point in our lives. It’s important to note that this has not been tested inside humans, but has been proven to work on human cancerous tumors.
CURE Madness is your way to give back to CURE Childhood Cancer while having fun competing in our March Madness bracket competition! Create a friendly competition amongst your friends, family and co-workers by inviting them to participate in the bracket. Make a minimum donation of $25 to CURE Childhood Cancer to gain access to the online bracket system. This is a friendly competition aimed to raise donations and awareness for CURE Childhood Cancer. Founded in 1975, Atlanta, GA-based CURE Childhood Cancer is a national non-profit dedicated to conquering childhood cancer through funding targeted research and through supporting patients and their families.
Scientists at Stanford have uncovered an antibody that, when administered to human tumors, broke down the cancerous tumors associated with brain, breast, prostate, liver, ovarian, bowel, and bladder cancer.

CD47 is found primarily on healthy blood cells, and it acts as a shield that tells our immune system not to attack. It is speculated that this CD47 antibody may be available in a pill form within a few years. Each participant will have the chance to win a $100 VISA gift card chosen randomly between all participants. You will receive a link to the bracket in the confirmation email. CLICK HERE to make your donation.
With cancer as the second leading cause of death in children and incidence rates rising, CURE has become a leader in advancing research to improve outcomes for affected children, investing at least $2.5 million annually in promising studies. Purchase CURE shirts, vests, hats and more from the CURE Store, where 100% of proceeds benefit CURE. With your help, we had more than 2000 runners and raised more than $145,000 for pediatric cancer research.
Through innovative programs, CURE provides crisis oriented support to affected families, addressing their critical and urgent needs.

Plus, you never know who you’ll strike up a conversation with while sporting your CURE gear. In five out of ten mice, the cancer cells were eliminated completely, and the mice remained cancer free for at least four months. CD47 is also found on leukemia and lymphoma cells, and is a potential cure for those as well.
Scientists working with Weissman essentially were able to unmask these cancerous tumors by administered a single medication: a CD47 antibody.

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