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Breast cancer is an unforgiving disease that has claimed the lives of countless women across the country.
According to the National Cancer Institute, a newborn girl has a one in eight chance of being diagnosed with the disease in her lifetime. Shockingly, 85% of breast cancer cases occur in women who have no prior trace of the disease in their bloodline. Beats To Beat Breast Cancer is a music-based event series founded in 2014 by renowned DJ Brian "B-Hen" Henry, created for the purpose of driving awareness and raising money to aid various organizations in their efforts to find a cure. Henry founded Beats To Beat Breast Cancer in honor of his mother Tracy's 14-month battle with the disease. Regarded as Hollywood's champion of new sound, Brian "B-Hen" Henry is an accomplished and highly sought-after DJ.
Ben Jones, seasoned television writer and Executive Director of Beats To Beat Breast Cancer, shares a similar story to Henry.

This year's event series kicks off October 1st in New York City, followed by October 4th in Los Angeles before concluding October 7th in Washington D.C. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among American women, only second to lung cancer, and stands as the most common form of cancer among American women after skin cancer.
The American Cancer Society also estimates that there are more than 2.8 million women with a history of breast cancer in the United States. During his senior year of high school, following frequent treatments and trips to the hospital, his mother died from breast cancer in 2011. He's become a regular on network television, in addition to spinning at several private events and prominent music festivals.
Jones was only seven years old when his mother fell victim to breast cancer, passing away in 1990. More notably, breast cancer strikes African American women more than any other demographic in the United States.

Each event features a curated roster of celebrity DJ's and guest performers, using music as the tool to build a community around people who have been impacted by breast cancer.
His credits include Good Morning America, New York Fashion Week, Essence Music Festival and Revolt TV. To provide context to their cause, both candidly discuss their experiences enduring the battle with their mothers and how it motivated the birth of their non-profit organization.

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