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Larger consummation of vitamin B17 decreases the expansion of cancer and there is also a big possibility that the disease will be completely healed.
Patients diagnosed with cancer are starting to use this vitamin and they are aware of its power in diminishing and healing cancer. Today the people are facing this problem more often than the people in the primitive civilizations in the past. Now when you know this, eat more apricot kernels in order to get the much needed vitamin B17 and improve your overall health. Home Healthy RecipesTHE BEST NATURAL LAXATIVE: EAT THIS AND YOU WILL EMPTY YOUR BOWELS AND EXCESS FLUIDS!

On the other hand the western population is consuming around 2mg of vitamins daily from the industrially processed food. Krebs passed away in 1996, and through the whole career he claimed that by increasing the daily consumption of vitamin B17, the chances of cancer expansion can be lowered by 100%. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Krebs explains that one of the possible explanations is that the ancient civilizations had completely different dietary regimes.
There aren’t any reports of cancer in this tribe, in fact they have never heard of such thing.

The Hunza people are consuming apricot kernels every single day, and it is the most grown fruit and very important part of their diet regime.
Krebs states that the cancer is an ailment caused by irregular vitamin and mineral consumption in the body and the theory that B17 heals cancer is established on this fact.

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