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Natural Cures for Cancer, natural cures for diabetes & other diseases are some of the subject for exploration during this Healing Naturally retreat at The Sanctuary in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. During your stay at The Sanctuary, in addition to our standard offering of a bed in a shared room, all meals, morning yoga classes and evening sharing sessions.
Important Note:During this retreat, although we share a lot of information and some personal guidance in the use of "tools" which you can use to heal yourself, we are not doctors and are not qualified to advice you on your personal health issues. Pete Adams first started learning about natural ways of healing during a Yoga Teacher Training course at Agama Yoga in Thailand in 2008. Particularly during this week, for our meals, we will minimize "dead" cooked food and instead consume foods full of life force energy.

Also included in the price of the retreat, you will receive a large selection of e-books, audios and videos so you can continue to learn when you leave.
The following year when a friend was diagnosed with cancer, he started researching natural health and has not stopped since. If you are suffering with a chronic dis-ease such as cancer, although we will almost certainly be able to accommodate you, we do not provide nursing or personal medical care as part of this retreat.
Traveling through the US to Mexico in his RV, he shared with everyone who would listen about what he was learning. In San Fransisco Pete interviewed Bill Henderson, author of Beating Cancer Gently, then continued his journey into Mexico, met with Shamans and experimented with plant medicines.

Some of these sessions will comprise of a selection of video's and audio's from people working in the field of natural healing and others will be live presentations from Pete.
At one point in La Paz, Baja California, having had a minor traffic accident with a Mexican oncologist, Pete was told by the oncologist who routinely took mammograms, that he knew they could be a cause of cancer.
The information will include about healing with Present Moment Awareness, Breathwork, Raw Food and Fasting.

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