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A wedding between a Jewish woman and a Muslim man attracted over 200 protestors in Israel on Sunday, who chanted "death to the Arabs" outside the ceremony held in Tel Aviv. The bride, 23-year-old Maral Malka, was born Jewish but later converted to Islam and chose to marry a Muslim man – Mahmoud Mansour, 26.
Wielding signs and shouting, protestors branded Malka a "traitor against the Jewish state," showcasing heightened tensions amid the ongoing month-long war in Gaza.
Police were brought in to keep the protestors – from far-right Jewish group Lehava – at least 200m from the wedding hall, and arrested four people. Lehava – Organisation for Prevention of Assimilation in the Holy Land – opposes relationships between Arab Muslims and Jews, and is known for intimidating couples who defy its principles. Spokesman Michael Ben-Ari has said intermarriage between Jews and other faiths is "worse than what Hitler did".
However, the group seldom protests wedding ceremonies, but was given permission by the High Court of Israel to picket at the hall in Rishon LeZion on Sunday.

The demonstration follows significant unrest in the region after Israel began air strikes over the border into Gaza on July 8 under the title 'Operation Protective Edge'. Almost 240,000 Gazans are now considered to be IDPs, while the homes of an estimated 100,000 have been severely damaged or entirely destroyed. Despite the aggressive picket, Mansour – who has condemned objectors as "racists" and hired private security guards for the ceremony – told reporters that his wedding party would "dance and be merry until the sun comes up. New Israeli President Reuven Rivlin condemned the picketers' behaviour as "outrageous and worrying" in a statement. An Indian mother who has given birth to her first baby at the age of 72 said it is God's will for her to conceive a child at a later age.
Former parishioners of a closed church in Scituate, Massachusets have decided to end their 12-year vigil after the U.S. Security guard arrested, charged with assault for pushing transgender out of restroom in D.C.

Kim Kardashian heads out on a boat in Sydney's harbour after spending some time shopping in the city. Brian McFadden's fiance Vogue Williams getting sushi from Sushi On Stanley for her and Brian after a gym workout in Sydney, Australia on March 21, 2012. Most of those joining in the disturbance were young men wearing black shirts who threatened the couple, apparently even singing a song which included the phrase: "May your village burn down," Reuters reports.
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