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They would make a cute couple, but Colin nixed the rumors recently, saying he is not dating the athletic brunette beauty. The San Francisco 49ers play the Green Bay Packers on Sunday (September 8, 2013) and Kaepernick is the starting QB for the 2012 NFC Champions.
The game gets underway at 1:25 local time, (the game is played in San Francisco today) and is the number one game for Fox this week. The 49ers are a 4.5 point favorite and all eyes will be on Kaepernick to see how he responds to the pressure promised by the Green Bay Packers.

The debate for Sunday is not about Colin's possible off the field passes to Sydney Leroux, but how much the Packers want to hit him when he is on the run during the game.
There has been a lot of debate about when Kaepernick can get hit, but it appears the 49ers aren't to worried about it.
Check out the full leaderboard for The Players Championship 2016, several golfers have already completed play in round one. How much money did Ole Miss OT Laremy Tunsil lose when that gas mask bong rip video appeared online?

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