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Registered Medical Herbalist, Iridologist and Acupuncturist and son of Ms Ifanca Helene James.  He grew up in the environment of the Herbal Clinic and qualified following a four year course at Middlesex University, with an Honours Degree, as a practitioner of Herbal Medicine in 2002. Between 2003 and 2007 he was a tutor for the International Register of Consultant Herbalists and Homeopaths (IRCH) teaching non-invasive methods of clinical physical examination.
In 2005, on completion of an iridology course with the Independent School of Iridology, he qualified as an Iridologist and member of the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists International.
From 2010 to 2011, Mr James studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, including Acupuncture, at Body Harmonics, Cheltenham. He is also a naturopath and a member of the General Naturopathic Council: a professional body aiming to support and regulate naturopathic practitioners. Angela Leahy I started working in the Herbal Clinic in 2000, first part-time which fitted in with my 4 children, then within a couple of years, full-time. Before I had children I worked for many years in the Civil Service – first in Swansea Marine Office dealing with seamen and then in Human Resources in Department of Trade in London. I’ve always enjoyed working with people and this has followed through to my occupation at the Herbal Clinic. One of the enjoyable things here is the personal aspect of the job – we take the time to get to know patients and they get to know us. This job gives me a great deal of satisfaction and I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.
Jody Marshall BSc (Hons) I started work in The Herbal Clinic at the millennium, whilst studying for my degree in Herbal Medicine at Middlesex University. I worked for some time as a tutor for the International Register of Consultant Herbalists and Homeopaths (IRCH), organising workshops, giving lectures and writing lessons for herbal medicine students, with the focus on nutrition. I enjoy promoting a greater understanding of herbal medicine, nutrition and how to care for ones self naturally.

I have a diploma in Indian head massage, a wonderful way to help others release stress and tension and I hope to develop other massage techniques in the future.
Lilian O’Hare I started work at The Herbal Clinic almost 30 years ago, part-time, intending it to be a temporary post while I looked for other work! This friendly atmosphere is one of the main reasons I enjoy working here; over the years I have met so many lovely people. Unlike herbs purchased over-the-counter in many local TCM herbal stores, herbal prescriptions from a licensed practitioner contain herbs approved safe to ingest by Health Canada and are from no endangered plant or animal species. Whether in allopathic or Chinese medicine, every medicinal substance has its strengths and shortcomings.  The unique characteristic of herbal medicine is the degree to which formulation is done. In contrast, Chinese herbalists and TCM doctors rarely prescribe a single herb to treat a condition. There are approximately 20 major categories of formulas that range in primary actions from weeding and remove toxins from the body by relieving pain and excess symptoms, to nourishing the body’s root deficiencies.
The beauty of this method of herbal prescription is that an effectively balanced formula creates a new therapeutic agent that can treat a person’s condition from multiple angles than any single herb can do alone.  The interaction of the herbs in the formula is designed to accentuate each ingredient’s strengths while minimizing any negative side effects. How does it work?…Herbs are not just combined in ad hoc fashion to make a formula.  Chinese herbal medicine follows an organizing principle that orders the ingredients into a hierarchy of 4 categories – Chief, Deputy, Assistant and Envoy. The Chief herb(s) has the greatest effect upon the principal pattern of disharmony and is absolutely indispensable to the formula.  The Deputy herb(s) aids the chief ingredient in treating the principal pattern or disease, and is the main ingredient directed against any co-existing pattern (when there is more than one pattern of disharmony). For example, Chinese medicine has a useful herbal formula for hay fever, pollen allergies, sinusitis or allergic rhinitis where symptoms include: sudden onset of sneezing, itchy red eyes and throat, heavy sensation in the head, post-nasal drip and copious mucus.
After acute-onset symptoms are relieved, Lung, Spleen and Kidney energy should be nourished to mitigate further onset, and strengthen the body’s immune system so that allergic reactions eventually no longer occur. Inform your herbalist or TCM doctor of all Western medications you are taking, including supplements, so the most appropriate, safest herbal medicine can be prescribed for you.

Who can it help?…Of all the TCM modalities, herbal medicine is the most effective option when the primary treatment principle is nourishing the body to rebuild substance – blood, body fluid, all types of tissues (including cartilage, ligaments and tendons).  This is akin to giving fertilizer to make the soil richer and the plants grow healthier.
All information herein provided is for educational use only and is not meant to substitute for in-person advice of a qualified health professional. He qualified in June of 2011 with a distinction and has become a member of the Acupuncture-Acutherapy Council. This has led me to organise demonstrations for local groups such as Women’s Institute and visit local schools to encourage children to become adventurous with vitalising foods.
In other forms of herbal medicine, especially Western herbal medicine, herbs are often delivered singly, or combined into very small formulas of herbs that all have similar function. Instead, they create formulas that are tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals based on their presenting patterns of disharmony. See information in "Recent Articles" for more details and to find link to download registration form. Moderate or eliminate any toxicity or harsh properties of the chief or deputy herbs (corrective assistant); and 3. In very serious and complex cases, the assistant has an effect opposite to the chief (opposing assistant).

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