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Meet the amazingly talented Insiders who share their fab tips and tricks with us to help usĀ liveĀ happier, healthier lives that are a little more fashionable and lot more sparkly. Libby has a Diploma of Holistic Nutrition, which she received from Wellpark College of Natural Therapies. Twenty year old Briar is currently studying a Bachelor of Design majoring in Fashion at AUT. Briar has great personal style and shares her top tips on making fashion work for you here at The Style Insider. Beck recently left New Zealand to follow her heart (make that a man) to Sydney and each month she reports on her favourite fashionable finds from across the ditch. Join Beck here each month as she explores all the cool places to eat, shop and party in Sydney. For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!
Specialising in providing a range of professional Cranio Sacral Therapy Services, to people of all ages.
SERVICESChristine Berkley -Holistic Health, Reflexology and Massage My name is Chris and I trained at the ISIS College of Natural Medicine in Haywards Heath.

She is currently back studying at Wellpark College for her Bachelors Degree in Natural Therapies.
She believes that beauty starts from within and food can be used as medicine to keep us healthy. Since finishing high school in 2011 she moved to San Francisco for a year working full time, taking art classes, and traveling any spare chance she could. What started out as an internship soon turned into a job which Briar hopes to continue while studying. Kirsty is our resident fitness guru and she’s here to keep us on track and help us achieve our fitness goals.
Beck works at Glassons’ Sydney office has her own cool blog and has recently launched her very own collection of diaries and notepads which you can check out here.
This is a gentle form of bodywork that stimulates energy and flow to balance the body and initiates body detoxification.
She also took at the top spot in a Young Designer award at New Zealand Fashion Week in 2011. Suitable for any age from infant to adult, this therapy may relieve digestive problems, respiratory ailments, neck complaints, shoulder pain and sciatica.

No matter if you come to relax, slow down, de stress, break down muscle tension and pamper your skin or to get rid of some unwanted hair. We will provide you with the right treatment in a unique relaxing atmosphere in our central Therapy Studio or you choose to indulge yourself in the comfort of your own home or hotel in central London.
After my graduation to international Economist, I decided to change my profession and become a massage therapist in order to get a more rewarding occupation. I always wanted to work more directly with people and massage was always my undiscovered real passion. After working two years as freelancer in Hamburg in my own Salon, I applied to work on a cruise ship.
I hold a diploma in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Holistic Massage and sugaring (hair removal). I am also qualified in Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Natural Face Lift Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage, Aroma Therapy and advice in nutrition for massage therapy.

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