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It’s not a surprise that so many people neglect seeing their vampire…um I mean primary care provider. In my role as Navigator with ENGAGENOW™, I’m often helping members find new doctors and guiding them as they get ready for their appointments. To prepare for the inevitable brain freeze, I started writing down my concerns before my appointment. As you wrap-up the appointment, be sure to write down any important notes such as prescription instructions or follow-up visit information. You are responsible for taking care of yourself and playing an active role in your health care.

Descripcion: Acudir al medico no es algo gracioso, pero si tuvieramos medicos como los de los siguientes chistes otro gallo cantaria.
If you don’t understand something, ask your doctor to explain again or write it down for you.
Y si no nos crees, compruebalo con la seleccion de chistes de doctores que hemos preparado para ti.
For me—in addition to the chill—being wrapped in tissue paper wearing nothing but socks is enough to make me want to postpone the visit.
Also, be sure to get a phone number you can call with any questions you might think of later.

I don’t exactly enjoy seeing the doctor, but when I go I feel good knowing I’m doing something positive for myself. In order to prepare, write down your main health concerns, symptoms you’ve been experiencing, recent health emergencies and drugs you take (or should be taking). A proactive visit your doctor when you are well, instead of waiting until you are sick, offers many benefits.

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