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The Utah Cancer Institute possibly found a cure for melanoma, which is one of the most deadliest types of cancer out there, and also the most common. This is all part of the reason why the researchers at the Utah Cancer Institute are so concerned with finding a cure or treatment option for skin cancer, specifically melanoma.
There has been a lot of research in using immunotherapy to treat and beat cancer, however it is hard to get the body to recognize the cancer cells as foreign bodies.
The study shows that over 60 percent of patients have seen huge results, with 25 percent seeing a complete cure of the melanoma. Researchers warn people about the warning signs of melanoma as well as risk factors, because prevention and early detection is key in fighting off this severe disease.
If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Bacterial Infection While garlic has only I percent of the impact of penicillin, it is nevertheless more effective with gram negative bacteria than is penicillin.
Onions, lemon, and garlic are three marvelous foods, and all will help you resist most bacterial infections. As for colds, researchers have discovered they are sometimes self induced; you subconsciously or consciously think you need a vacation.
Garlic Soup Mash and simmer 3 clusters of peeled garlic buds (about 30), and add them to any clear chicken soup or chicken bouillon.
Antibiotic Garlic is so strong an antibiotic that the British purchased it by the ton in World War I to control wounds.
To draw out pain from joints, toothaches, and earaches, place the crushed raw bulb on a piece of gauze (otherwise some of these strong herbs can cause blisters on delicate skin) and place the gauze over the area of pain.
Abscess We lived in the country every summer and had some interesting connections with some "hill folk." One spring Billy Bob came down to see "Doc" (my father), and showed him his inflamed and dangerously abscessed leg. To fight infection, use this preparation, a teaspoon at a time, internally, one to three times a day between meals, or externally on a cloth for a wound or painful joints. Teeth Because garlic acts almost like an antibiotic, friends have used it to draw the infection from abscessed teeth. Pain Garlic, like other sharp juice roots and bulbs onions, masterwort, and new potatoes draws out pain. Vermifuge Almost every folk medicine notes the use of garlic juice, garlic in salads, garlic pearls, garlic oil, or garlic sandwiches to cleanse the entire system internally and help make the blood healthy while eliminating any poisonous bacteria, toxins, or worms. Garlic Oil To make garlic oil, which can be used in small amounts on salads or saved for medicinal purposes, blend one cup of peeled garlic buds and one cup of olive oil in a labeled jar, and then add a cup of olive oil.
Hypertension According to folk medicine, as well as many recent laboratory experiments, garlic has the unique ability to bring down high blood pressure.
Adult Colic For adult spasms, combine three cloves of garlic with five tablespoons of caraway seed, and simmer that for about fifteen minutes in milk.
When it comes to the most deadly or progressive types of skin cancer, melanoma is the worst, and it forms within the skin cells that produce melanin.
The researchers have actually mutated the herpes virus, injected it into the tumors of the melanoma, and then the virus begins attacking the cancer cells.

Often times, the melanoma would not be attacked by the immune system, since the cancer cells would hide, and the body wouldn’t know it was a bad cell. However, more research and larger studies will need to be done to determine just how well the immunotherapy treatment works, and then side effects need to be really looked at. If you have fair skin, history of melanoma in your family, a history of sunburn, weak immune system, and many unusual moles or just a lot of moles, you have a higher risk of developing melanoma. If you haven't tried a fresh mashed garlic bud in your luncheon and evening salad, this is the time to start.
Besides, it sweeps through the body in a tonic and cleansing fashion that has no side effects and doesn't destroy all the body's good intestinal flora.
How much better off you will be when you truly work against the cold with baths, herbal drinks, herb foods, herb cleansers and willpower. They pressed the cloves, diluted the juice with water, and placed the preparation on fresh spaghnum moss, which was applied to the wound. Can you help me?" Dad took down two whole clusters of garlic (we always had them hanging on a string in the kitchen) and mashed about thirty buds into a paste. He washed the wound with calenclula lotion and sage tea and then replaced a fresh, clean garlic paste poultice.
This is stimulating wash for rheumatic, sciatic, or arthritic pain, an can be used to encourage circulation in some paralyzed parts For sensitive skin first apply an oil such as castor oil.
Mashed garlic, garlic oil, or garlic tincture can be used with excellent effect on wounds, abscesses, or pus forming infections.
We have traveled in Mexico where there is a great deal of amoebic dysentery, and we once lived with a group of people who came down with it. Garlic oil, in particular, is very successful folk medicine in eliminating pin worms and thread worms from the body.
As a preventive use garlic tea, or garlic oil in drops, throughout the day or, if fresh garlic is offensive, use garlic capsules.
The indications are that garlic may have "significant protective action" and could be used for long term preventive use without danger of toxicity if there is a family history of this disease. If you are unfamiliar with melanin, it is the pigmentation in the skin, which gives the skin a certain color.
In order to get the herpes virus to work this way, the researchers have to alter the virus, so that it will only kill off cancer cells, and not kill off the normal healthy cells.
Now, the herpes virus is being used to spark the immune system response through memory, and that has completely cured 25 percent of patients already.
As of right now, manipulating the herpes virus to treat and cure melanoma is looking promising, but researchers warn this is still in the early stages of development. You can avoid getting melanoma by wearing protective clothing when outside, wearing sunscreen, and avoiding the midday sunlight.
For this herb adds valuable natural cleansing, infection fighting chemicals to the daily diet.
Dice lots of large beefsteak tomatoes and onions (red are actually the best for this), then add many cloves of mashed garlic plus fresh lemon juice and a vegetable oil.

He placed the paste on a gauze right over the infection and covered the paste with a warm flannel bandage. This was allowed to stay for several days, and when this came off, the wound was ready for another series of washings with diluted calendula tincture and some peach pit tea.
To find out if you have worms (rectal itching is frequently one sign), attach Scotch tape in the rectal fissure it will "catch" the worms like fly paper. Over 76 percent of cancer deaths are from melanoma, and in 2015, it is estimated the 73,870 new cases will be diagnosed just in the United States alone. Typical treatments like chemotherapy and radiation have advanced through the years, but it is still common for those treatments to attack healthy cells as well, which is why a lot of people have nasty side effects and still often die from the disease.
This treatment allows the patients to avoid chemotherapy and radiation, which keeps the healthy cells healthy, while allowing the immune system the chance to fight the melanoma at the core site of the disease.
The really good aspect to this type of treatment is that it uses your own body to fight off the cancer cells, which means that the treatment is more likely to be successful in a wider group of people. Add a dash of cayenne, and you will unclog a stuffed nose and chase away a cold (and possibly some friends that evening). When you discover you have this power, you will also find that you have a lot of energy, too. The Russians used garlic on wounds during World War 11, in the absence of other general antibiotics.
I recall how when I was a young child my father cured my friend's terrible and persistent earache with this simple cure. We have used this oil externally on wounds for adults, internally, or in salads, especially when swift cleansing action and antibacterial action is needed. The treatment that the Utah Cancer Institute is trying with the herpes virus is known as cancer immunotherapy, which is done by just using the immune system of the person to help fight off the cancer cells. The treatment also helps the body fight off the bad cells if the cells travel to other parts of the body as well, and this is huge since cancer is often a fast-spreading disease. You should also avoid tanning beds, since they are one of the biggest causes of skin cancer, and also know your body. Garlic draws out pain, helps in resisting a cold, is an aid in combating hypertension, is a remarkable vermifuge (releases worms from the system), quiets the body, tranquilness can be put directly on. Those who were willing to take water and garlic enemas restored their energy in a comparatively short. If you don’t have moles, then you need to keep your eyes open to if any develop on your body, and have them checked if you feel they might be turning into something more than just a mole. In other words, plain old garlic is nothing short of fantastic and its use can be traced to centuries of use among many cultures. Naturally, garlic cures take longer than swiftacting antibiotics which, however, your physician may consider preferable.

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