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Cough is a common problem which affects young and old when accompanied with infections like the common cold virus.
Parents select over the counter cough medicines for their toddlers as they wish to reduce the soreness of their little ones in whichever way possible. If your child sleeps well through the night and has no difficulty in breathing, then there is no cause for alarm. Common cold is a condition in which toddler cough is escorted with a runny or stuffy nose and fever. For small children, cough drops are fine but not suggested for toddlers as they might choke on them. To keep your child comfortable and to clear the dry cough during the night, you can take few steps. Vaporizers can’t be cleaned really well and can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. In a toddler, a dry cough can also be caused by allergic rhinitis or hay fever, when the cough is escorted by a runny nose or itchy or watery eyes.
Consult a physician to help choose the right medicine for dry cough in toddlers if you notice the following symptoms.
Avoid administration of potent cough medicines to children less than one year of age because many of these medicines suppress the cough reflex in the brain stem and might also cause breathing problems.
Also, it is more commonly seen in amongst toddlers and they are not cautious about what they eat. From all over the counter cough medicines, most of the medicines claim to be completely safe to use for children but it is not completely true as per many experts. When your toddler has a dry cough at night, coughs up phlegm, has difficulty breathing, or the cough has lasted for more than ten days, you may have to consult a doctor. The symptoms of this infection is much like common cold however the cough is worse and continues to worsen as time passes. The cough becomes more persistent when the infection reaches the lungs with the symptoms becoming more intense.
Advice your toddlers to put a small piece of ginger in mouth and also advice them to chew it slowly and to swallow the juice.
In the humidifier, place a few drops of sage essential oil and run it in your child’s room.

Run a hot shower and then allow your child to sit and take a relaxing bath in the steam room for about 2 – 3 minutes. Let you child to drink plenty of liquids which will help in loosening phlegm and expel dry hardened phlegm.
Toddlers get affected by cough even parents take maximum precautions to stop the seasonal cough and cold in them. Cough medicines which are used for children can not only be ineffective but also hazardous due to high amount of sugar used in it.
Coughing is one of the important defense mechanisms of the body that helps in keeping the lungs clear and also drives out bacteria and other irritants from the respiratory tract. The child may also experience a stuffy chest, wheezing, and difficulty in breathing along with coughing. This virus reduces the size of the windpipe and the child may have difficulty in breathing.
This remedy is very effective for cough but kids hate this remedy for cough and so you will need to be strict. If your child has cough due to an allergy, then you can give an antihistamine to help the toddler sleep better at night. Bronchitis, a viral infection can also lead to dry cough which can exacerbate the cough and make breathing difficult for the child. Expensive medicine-flavored cough drops are no better than inexpensive candy-flavored drops or hard candy.
For parents, toddler cough can be very troublesome, especially if it is escorted by a whooping noise. Therefore, it is better to totally avoid these medicines and employ the natural remedies which are safe and effective. Some children may suffer from coughing and difficulty in breathing after they have just carried out a physical activity.
Also, you can prepare a medicinal brew by mixing leaves of Holy Basil, crushed ginger, peppercorn and honey or sugar. Most cough drops have no effect on the cough-producing process. Use a humidifier to add moisture to the air. Mostly, toddlers are affected by cough during the night time and due to which they can’t sleep well, which causes crankiness.

In toddlers, cough van be cured with the use of a decongestant or cough suppressant, air humidification, and avoiding exposure to cigarette smoke and other irritants.
You may feel uncomfortable in drinking the juice, but then you can sleep quietly with less coughing than normal.
Provide small amounts of this liquid to your toddler at regular intervals throughout the day. Use only water in the humidifier. Quit smoking and do not use other forms of tobacco, especially while you have a cough. Toddler cough is a very serious condition when it is accompanied with other serious problems such as wheezing, asthma, and bronchitis. For more information on quitting smoking, see the topic Quitting Smoking. Avoid exposure to inhaled irritants, such as smoke, dust, or other pollutants, or wear a face mask that is appropriate for the exposure. Warm and drink the mixture to relieve the dry cough. Garlic Garlic has been used as a home remedy to treat many types of illness. Garlic has antibiotic properties, which helps to cure a dry cough. Aniseed Aniseed is well known for its medicinal uses. Aniseed can be used to make a warm tea, which is effective in loosening mucous and relieving a dry cough. Onion juice The juice that is extracted from the onion is used to soothe chest congestion and suppress a dry cough. Your doctor can test your lungs to see if you have asthma. Allergies Most people assume allergies always cause telltale symptoms like watery eyes, sneezing and nasal congestion, but sometimes the only obvious sign is a dry cough. Allergies and chronic sinusitis can cause post-nasal drainage, which then causes recurrent coughing. As you lay flat in bed, stomach acid can seep back up through a weak opening into the esophagus.
If your cough lasts for more than two weeks, see your doctor to rule out bronchitis or pneumonia. Investing in a humidifier to place in your bedroom at night can remedy this. Lung Disease In some cases, coughing may be a symptom of lower respiratory tract disease such as tuberculosis, emphysema, pneumonia or lung cancer.
Before you worry, however, keep in mind that normally other symptoms will be present as well, such as fever, sweating, fatigue, shortness of breath, pain and sudden weight loss.

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