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For more than 35 years, Donna Eden has been teaching people how to work with the body’s energy systems to reclaim their health and natural vitality. Donna Eden is among the world’s most sought, most joyous, and most authoritative spokespersons for Energy Medicine. Able from childhood to clairvoyantly see the body’s subtle energies, she not only works with those energies to further health, happiness, and vitality, she has made a career of teaching people who do not see energies how to work with them— joyfully and effectively. The information provided through Healing With The Masters and its guests is not offered as medical advice and should not be considered medical advice. Tickets are now on sale for a rare opportunity to learn energy healing techniques directly from Donna Eden, one of the foremost leaders in the field of energy medicine and author of the classic bestseller Energy Medicine and its follow-up, award-winning Energy Medicine for Women.

Eden has the ability to see, feel and transform the human energy field, as well as empower her students to unleash their own innate ability to learn the language of energy. This interactive, hands-on experience starts Friday, September 27, 7pm to 10pm, and continues through Saturday, September 28, 9am to 5pm.
Nothing contained on this page or during this series is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment, and is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional. Although her worldwide workshops are often attended by physicians, nurses, and health professionals, she teaches self-healing techniques that anyone can put into practice. She has taught more than 80,000 people worldwide, both laypeople and professionals, how to understand the body as an energy system.

Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care professional regarding any mental or physical health condition or treatment. Now you can study with her through her videos, DVDs, books, and other home study resources.

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