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Integrated on-board LCD display, 5A input for current transformers and wide-range AC power supply input. Add an Acuvim AXM-NET Ethernet Module for Acuvim II-Series Power Meters for $135.00 Ethernet module for Acuvim II Series power meters. A multi-functional power & energy meter designed for facilities and energy professionals to monitor electrical systems, devices and consumption.
The Acuvim-II Series does not offer Datalogging or have any onboard memory, for these features see the Acuvim-IIE and Acuvim-IIR.
As the need to better understand power and energy consumption increases, Accuenergy continues to offer a simple and effective software compliment to our metering products. SmartSum feature provides aggregate Energy & Demand data for an average of the entire system being monitored.

Click on a category to view a selection of compatible accessories with the Acuvim II-D-5A-P1 Power Meter. AcuMesh wireless metering solution connects Energy and Power Meters communicating with RS485 wirelessly. They work like this because you can keep track of how much power different things are using.
Includes built-in webserver, automated scheduled email reports, email alarms based on configurable thresholds.'>Choose this plug-in ethernet module for MODBUS TCP, HTTP, and email access to the meter.
Combining their meters with the Acuview software suite allows Accuenergy to offer one of the most powerful yet cost effective metering and monitoring solutions in the market.
AcuMesh is a cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for installation of communication wires.
These increased functions can be enabled by simply snapping on the module to the back of either meter and can work in conjunction with two other extension modules (cannot be paired with the same module).

This module features 6 Digital Inputs, 24V DC Power for Digital Inputs, and 2x Relay Outputs.
This module features 4 Digital Inputs, 2 Digital Outputs, and 2 Analog Outputs of 4 to 10mA. This module features 4 Digital Inputs, 2 Digital Outputs, and 2 Analog Outputs of 0 to 20mA.

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