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Homoeopathy, based on the simple principle of stimulating the body’s own healing response, is more popular than ever.
Out of Pakistan, a separate proforma invoice will be emailed subsequently showing product prices, packing, postage etc. Electropathy or Electro Homeopathy is an integral part of the Alternative System of Medicine.
The Institute of Alternative Medicines & Research got affiliation under The Open International University for Complementary Medicines. The Open International University, Colombo is based in Sri Lanka (Colombo) under the Chairmanship of Prof. The validity, legality & utility of the alternative medicine courses, practice and research in the field of alternative medicine research and treatment are in strict conformity with the Constitution of India.

For more details about the university, you may visit the website of the affiliating body or contact our office at 8A- Diamond Harbour Road, South End Trade Centre, 2nd.
At Al-Noor Medica, our attempt is to bring you a comprehensive, user-friendly guide that shows you how to use homoeopathy to help heal common ailments. It is natural, harmless, simple, unique, non-toxic, non alcoholic and with no side effects whatsoever.
Promotion of high-level research, professional ethics, ensure more education and conduct of the stream among alternative medicines practitioners. Promotion via newspaper letters, reports, discussions, publication and professional connections with higher authorities. By following the objectives laid out by WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION and Government of Sri Lanka, the Open University conduct training programs in alternative health care medicine other complementary forms of medicines.

The global strategy involved all the traditional and natural methods of tr eatment for public health and prevention of disease.
To fulfil this agenda the Open University was established following the guidelines of World Health Organization.

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