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Since the show returns for its thirty-ninth season this Saturday with Tina Fey hosting, we thought it would be helpful to remind everyone of all the best sketches from the past season so that we can put our cynicism aside and go into the episode with a more positive view of a show that still gets it right quite a bit — just not every time. While looking through the past season and picking out the most memorably hilarious bits, I noticed a few trends.
So without further ado, we present thirteen SNL skits from last season that prove the show’s still got it. A lot of great elements came together to make this spoof of Django Unchained (and Tarantino films in general) really work.
This episode really played into host Louis CK’s strengths as a comedian, allowing him to perform a killer stand-up set as his monologue and relating topical things like the movie Lincoln to his own style.
SNL really shines when it touches on things we can all relate to and depicts them in an unexpected way. Initially this seemed like it might be one of those skits that goes on for far too long and just isn’t that funny, but thanks to host Martin Short, it ended up being hilarious. Speaking of Taran Killam, who could forget his perfect impression of Brad Pitt in his ridiculous Chanel No.
This fake Mother’s Day commercial combines all the details I mentioned make a great sketch.

The SSE contract represents Host’s largest contract to date, covering 14 sites in the UK and Ireland.
Host recently delivered its 2012 annual results which showed turnover up 35% to nearly £21m. John Carpenter House, John Carpenter Street, London EC4Y 0AN, UK, VAT registered, number 586 7988 48.
It was topical, it involved impressions, and it was controversial enough to get some Fox News hosts riled up. Kate was so good as Ellen DeGeneres that Ellen let her do the impression on her show in front of her. Here Pandora Radio crashes and intern Bruno Mars is tasked with singing the songs on various stations as they go down.
What we got was a Graduate-style wedding ceremony attended by various strange characters Stefon had referenced in his club recommendations, from human traffic cones to Menorah the Explorer. It was pre-recorded and concise, it has Kate McKinnon in it, it’s relatable, and the host is Kristen Wiig. We have invested heavily in our systems and infrastructure over the past 12 months which has given us the ability to operate across the UK and, for the first time, in Ireland.

And even if you haven’t seen Louie, who doesn’t love watching Honest Abe act super awkward with a black guy? Plus, say what you will about Anne Hathaway being annoying, but she does a pretty great Katie Holmes. Bruno has great energy and he does some fantastic vocal impressions of everyone from Green Day to Michael Jackson. The show took a popular story about a violent Rutgers basketball coach and did a reverse-gender version.
The show extended it to various fake commercials throughout the show, advertising things that shouldn’t be spoken of in poetic terms, like Taco Bell.
It just needs to figure out how to harness that talent and those ideas in the right sketches.

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