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While most bills will have differing layouts the basic information that they carry will be the same. Account Number: This is your unique customer number which you will need to quote if you contact your supplier.
Date and Package Details: This is the date your bill was issued, and also the name of your tariff. Contact Information: Suppliers must provide this information in case you need to contact them about your account. Electricity Supplier Number: Your electricity supply number (or MPAN) is a unique number assigned to your meter. Message Panel: The message panel features pricing information, special offers and announcements. Electricity Supply Charge: For electricity, this is the charge for generation including the cost of the transmission from generation facilities to the local distribution system. Account Number: This twenty digit identifier is required when you enroll with Discount Energy Group. Customer Account Number: this ten digit identifier is required when you enroll with Discount Energy Group.
Billing Summary: shows bill date, current period charges, due date, and the total amount due.
Price to Compare: The price you can compare against to make decisions on switching to Third Party Suppliers like Discount Energy Group.
Payment Stub: make sure to include this stub when you pay your bill in person or through traditional mail.
Billing Details: gives you your rate of service(s) and how much you used during the period. Page three of your Duquesne Light bill details a breakdown of your charges, important updates and supplier information. The summary box shows the billing date, payments received since your last bill was prepared, any outstanding balance, charges for the current billing period, and the late charge applied if your bill is not paid by the due date.
Electric Usage Profile show your electric use during the current period compared to last month and the last year. Gas Usage Profile will show if you BGE is supplying you with natural gas and includes statistics similar to the Electric Usage Profile above.
When paying by check, please fill in the amount paid section and remit the stub with your payment. Electric Details include your Electric Choice ID, your rate schedule, the billing period covered by this bill, the date of your last meter reading, your electric meter number and how much electricity you used this billing period. State and Local Taxes and Surcharges are required to be collected, then passed on to the appropriate government agency. If BGE or an alternate supplier provides your natural gas, the Gas Commodity Charges are shown here.

Charges Summary: a summary of any previous balances, payments received, charges for services used and the total amount due now. Electric Charge Details: includes specific meter reading and charges for the current billing period for a service, which includes the number of billing days as well as if you are on summer or winter rates. Delivery Charges: a list of your delivery charges associated to the cost of bringing electricity to you.
Electric Summary: a breakdown of any charges or adjustments make to your account during the current period.
Sign Up for My AccountView details of your Account online, manage your energy usage and more. We have detected that you have JavaScript disabled or you're using a browser that doesn't support it.
In order to continue, you will need to enable JavaScript and refresh the page, or alternatively, upgrade your browser.
Your bill will also include a tariff comparison rate, which is similar to the APR on loans and credit cards. However, bear in mind that direct debit customers tend to overpay in summer and underpay in winter. Finally, the bill should include details of how to pay, contact information and advice in case of an emergency.
Your utility firm should, however, give you between 42 and 49 days' notice of the end of a fixed-term contract. Any exit fees attaching to a fixed-term contract should not be applied if you decide to switch once you have been given notice of the contract coming to any end. Energy bills are a strain on household budgets and you might find that you are struggling to meet the cost of your gas and electricity. The energy supplier is obliged to offer advice and to come up with a weekly, fortnightly monthly or payment plan based on your affordability. If you cannot keep up with the payment plan agreed with the firm, it could install a pre-payment meter. MoneySupermarket uses cookies, small text files which are downloaded to your computer's hard drive when you visit most websites. By accepting cookies, MoneySupermarket is able to provide you with a better service and customise your experience with us. CUSTOMER CHARGE: This charge covers a portion of the gas company?s fixed costs that it incurs to serve each customer.
WNA: A seasonal adjustment to the bill to correct for colder or warmer than normal weather. Atmos Energy is engaged in regulated utility operations and in complementary nonutility businesses. Below is an example of an energy bill and from these details you will be able to find the important details from your own papers.

JCP&L will continue to deliver electricity to its customers and is still the company that customers call if they have problems with their service. Suppliers must now, for example, inform their customers if they offer a cheaper tariff and outline the potential savings.
The tariff comparison rate should make it easier to compare costs across the market, not just with your own supplier. If you supplied the meter reading from which the bill was calculated, you should see the letter C for customer.
You can also ask the firm to explain how the monthly figure was calculated and negotiate a different monthly payment if you think it is unfair.
People on fixed tariffs often get a bill shock when the fix expires and they are automatically switched to a standard rate.
In which case, you need to contact the supplier straight away - and back up your case with accurate meter readings. You should contact your supplier immediately if you are in financial difficulty, or your energy supply could be cut off. If the amount is unrealistic, the firm could be in breach of its licence conditions and you could have grounds for complaint. You would then pay off a fixed amount of your arrears, as well as paying for your current usage.
PSE&G will continue to deliver electricity to its customers and is still the company that customers call if they have problems with their service. ACE will continue to deliver electricity to its customers and is still the company that customers call if they have problems with their service.
We recommend that you use the most current version of Internet Explorer for the best experience. You can then make sure that the bill is accurate - and that you are signed up to the cheapest tariff. Suppliers are also obliged to include certain details on your bill to help you to clarify and compare costs. Plus, the so-called tariff label must set out the key terms and conditions of the price plan in case you want to switch. You might, for example, have turned up the heating or bought a new appliance that consumes more energy.
The website can tailor its operations to your needs, likes and dislikes by gathering and remembering information about your preferences. New features, larger font, and at-a-glance billing information will help you quickly find what's important to you.

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