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The 24th Annual Hawaii International Tropical Fruit Conference is September 12-14 at the Kahili Golf Course.
Geared to farmers, educators, orchard managers and proponents of sustainable agriculture, the weeklong event is presented by the statewide Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers (HTFG) and open to the public. The conference is titled “It’s All About Production” and offers a variety of breakout sessions, plus visiting researchers and agro experts. Professor Roger Leakey, crop physiologist, will give the keynote address, “The Domestication of Tropical Trees as New Fruit and Nut Crops.” Dr.
Considered the world’s leading expert on post-harvest technology, the University of Hawai’i’s Dr. Ken Love of the Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers displays varieties of mangos grown in Hawaii. HTFG Executive Director Ken Love says intimate breakout sessions will cover specific crops, while delving into a wide range of topics like “Selling to Whole Foods” by Steve Carey and “Soil Vitality and On-Farm Mentoring” by Vince Mina.
The annual gathering continues September 15-19 with day-long mini sessions in Molokai, Oahu, Kauai, Hilo and Kona. Dozens of ships from nearly two dozen countries are arriving in Pearl Harbor this week for the start of RIMPAC – Rim of the Pacific Exercise. RIMPAC brings international participants together to foster and sustain cooperative relationships. USS Lake Erie (CG 70) fires a Standard Missile-2 during exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2012.
Hawaii’s operating areas and ranges offer realistic, relevant training opportunities like nowhere else in the world. Participating service members will focus on land, sea and air training in addition to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, maritime security operations, sea control and complex warfighting procedures. Environmental stewardship and protection of marine mammals are always top priorities during naval operations. With 25,000 participants coming to Hawaii, noise, crowds and traffic will increase in the last week of June and through the end of July. According to the Hawaii State Department of Business and Economic Development and Tourism Research and Economic Analysis Division, the initial economic benefit for RIMPAC 2014 is projected to be $52.5 million, based on the number of exercise participants and their time in port. Also, after experiencing the Aloha spirit of the people of Hawaii and seeing the natural beauty of the ?aina, the visiting spouses, children, extended family members and friends of participants are expected to return home and “talk story” about the islands, extending the benefits for years to come. Remotely controlled garage door openers legally operate at a very low power on an unlicensed basis. Such devices may not work properly from time to time, especially if they aren’t pointed directly at the door. The Navy is required to test commercial surface search radars in port prior to getting underway and as part of scheduled maintenance. To be sure their garage door opener will function properly, owners may want to check with their garage door company. The Coast Guard has recovered the body of a missing free diver approximately 10 miles offshore of Turtle Bay. The good Samaritan contacted local authorities and a Coast Guard 45-foot Response Boat-Medium boat crew was diverted to the scene. The body was was recovered and transported back to Haleiwa Harbor where local emergency medical personnel were waiting. Watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Honolulu received a report from crewmembers at Ocean Safety regarding the missing 56-year-old male free diver who was last seen swimming with his son in the vicinity of Ka’ena Point, Saturday.
The son lost sight of his father when he was on shore and the father was approximately 100 yards north of Ka’ena Point.
An MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station Barbers Point, the crew of the 87-foot Coast Guard Cutter Kittiwake, homeported here, a 45-foot Response Boat-Medium boat crew from Coast Guard Station Honolulu and crews from Ocean Safety and the Hawaii Fire Department searched for the man. The following students in the University of Hawai?i at Hilo College of Arts and Sciences have been named to the Dean’s List for the spring 2014 semester. Alric Alvarez Dalere, Angelo Davis, Victoria Gladys Davis, Theodore Joseph Maka’iwi DeRego, Liliana Gene DeSmither, Megan Piilani Noelani Decoito, Axel Junior Defngin, Thomas M.
Mike Dowsett, Kaylie Lynn Drew, Alejandra Evajean Duarte, Julie Padua Duhaylongsod, Sarah Itai Dunaway, Aubrie Elaine Eaton, Jacqueline Frances Economy, Louise Marie Economy, Rachel A.
Tiana Nanayo Kuuleialoha Honda, Alyssa Michelle Hoshide, Asia Carolynne Howe, Samantha Ai Howell, Christina Huckfeldt, Adrian Takeo Huff, John Mead Hunter, Laura Elizabeth Ibbotson, Zachary Kanoeau Vili Ifo, Kai Aaron Igarashi, Kadi Mie Igawa, Chihiro Inaguma, BeeJay Idian Ines, Kevyn-Bren K.
Haley Sue Jerman, Michael Jerry, ShoaAxum Salasse William Johnson, Casey Marshall Jones, Kyle Kepano Jones, Mikayla Jade Jones, Kaycie Chiemi Jyo, Jarin S. Daniel Jacob Konkler, Nada Kotaishova, Kristen Rachel Krieger, Kealiiahonui Alik Kuikahi, Johann Wei-Xin Kuipers, Luke Andrews Kupcha, Franchael K. Kristy Lynn Lungo, Alayna Rachelle Leilani Machacek, Meghan Bailey Makanani, Ian Tadashi Makida, Kate Manzano Malasig, Ashley Alohilani Alyce Maldonado, Kayla Anne Malott, Amber K. Anjenette Viernes Nicolas, Jaysen Christopher Niedermeyer, Scott Laurence Nielsen, Nina Kawehi Nihipali, Mikiko Ninomiya, Anela Lani Nishimoto, Lindsey Lani Nishimura, Allen Gail Yvette Niere Nitura, Nicole Chelsea Jean Nonies, Rochelle N.
Aimee Lynn Leinaala Pacheco, Cheynielle Minoakalani Pacheco, Ciera Moanilehua Pagud, Basanta Raj Pahari, Fagalima Lenell Paleafei, Bronson Paul Amio Palupe, Isaac Kuuiponohea Pang, Kirsten Leigh Pang, Jannah Gaile Pante, Marian Grace Andrada Paras, Kirsty Zeandra Parker, Kristine Pasek, Kara Lianne Paulachak, Casey Jay Low Pearring, Kristin M. Tyler Melvin Vermudez Pitpit, Kyle Robert Pittman, Arwen May Potochney, Zachary Alan Pratt, Stevan Premovic, Ashley Ray Pugh, Kori Gaila Quander, Vernon Kalani Quiocho, Laurel Rain, Micah Rhobelyn Tunac Ramos, Crystal Jenna Rances, Rachel Lily Rechtman, Stacey Elisabeth Reed, Jessica Ramos Regpala, Maricel Masing Reid, Chelsey Kristin Rickert, Adan William Rodrigues, Koa Henry Damien Rodrigues, Analysa G.
Stephanie Lee Shor, Rebecca Nicole Short, Desiree Luana Shortt, Bennjamin Paul Siemers, Laurie Simon-Boursier, Michelle Rose Smith, Samuel Cabot Smith, Sheila M. Shanece Kekainani Turner, Lincoln Moses Tyler, Michelle Emiko Uchida, Christine Joy Calabucal Ucol, Stephanie L. Leah Adele Wilson, Christina Mei Lin Wine, Stacey Marie Witt, Corey George Yamaguchi, Kelli Emi Yamane, Takuhiro Yamashita, Nicholas William Yamauchi, Eddie Iosinto Yeichy, Darcy Kamalani Yogi, Nicole Michiko Yoneishi, Carl Katsumi Yoshida, Bithiah Yuan, Ye Lin Yun, Marikka Chihiro Zavas, Yuri Alexander Zhuraw, James Hugh Ziegler, Jessica Haley-Lauren Zima-Lee, and Anastasia V.
The Grassroot Institute of Hawaii was one of several groups to offer comments and testimony on the proposed rule. In addition, Grassroot pointed out the lack of participation in the Native Hawaiian Roll process as evidence of a general lack of support among Native Hawaiians–especially given the fact that the majority of those enrolled were imported via other lists. Pape?ete, Tahiti: Hokule‘a and Hikianalia—the Polynesian Voyaging Society’s voyaging canoes—were greeted in Tahiti with celebrations commemorating the special relationship between Hokule?a and Tahiti that began with her maiden voyage to French Polynesia 38 years ago.
In a gathering after the crew made landfall, a special declaration of “Malama Honua” and pledge to care for the oceans was presented to President Gaston Flosse and master navigator Nainoa Thompson.
The Hawai?i Police Department is proud to participate again in a backpack drive for children who cannot afford to buy them.

Hope Services Hawaii workers pick up backpacks from Officer Jason Grouns, Chief Harry Kubojiri and Officer Patrick Menino at the Hilo police station, one of eight collection sites around the island. Backpacks have been identified as the most requested non-food item for charities in Hawai?i. This is the sixth consecutive year the Police Department has worked in partnership with HOPE Services Hawai?i (formerly known as the Office of Social Ministry).
Hope Services Hawai?i provides a continuum of homeless and transitional programs from outreach to emergency shelters, including permanent supportive housing placements.
Minnesota’s 2014 legislative session begins on February 25, and as always, we’re pursuing a suite of policies that will make Minnesota a better place to live. Fresh Energy is dedicated to securing a comprehensive transportation funding package during the 2014 legislative session, and we’re pleased to introduce the new director of our transportation and built environment program: Shawntera M. Making the most of renewable energy keeps energy dollars in Minnesota, provides critical revenue for rural communities and farmers, and creates thousands of jobs.
This year, Fresh Energy is working to increase Minnesota’s renewable energy standard, in order to broaden and build on the success of the 2007 law. Minnesota’s solar potential exceeds that of well-established solar markets like Germany, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Because solar technology is a relatively new building addition, the permit and inspection process can hold significant uncertainty for contractors—and increase costs for consumers.
To track the falling costs of clean energy and help inform consumers, Fresh Energy is working to establish a statewide process for collecting and reporting project-level cost data for distributed generation projects like small wind and solar.
Minnesota ranks among the top 10 states in per-capita electric vehicle adoption, with over 1,900 electric vehicles on the road today. Public vehicle fleets—like the thousands of vehicles owned by the state of Minnesota and its various agencies—are ideal adopters for electric vehicles.
Public utilities—like Xcel Energy, Otter Tail Power, and Minnesota Power—have a strong financial incentive to sell as much energy as possible. Decoupling is an accounting tool that removes public utilities’ profit motive to sell more and more energy, so they can become efficiency and conservation champions while remaining financially stable.
Increasing the energy efficiency of school buildings can improve children’s health, lower communities’ energy bills, and help Minnesota meet its carbon reduction goals. Energy efficiency and renewable energy projects often include prohibitively expensive upfront costs.
Minnesota's 2014 legislative session begins on February 25, and as always, we’re pursuing a suite of policies that will make Minnesota a better place to live.
Support practical strategies to reduce global warming and advance clean energy and transportation.
Leakey is the former director of research at the International Center for Research in Agroforestry and professor of agroecology and sustainable development of James Cook University in Australia. Yoshimi Yonemoto of the Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences, who will offer “Training and Pruning for Production,” He will demonstrate how to keep mangos under 5 feet tall and produce copious amount of fruits, while Dr.
Breakout presenters include Scot Nelson, Gabe Sachter-Smith, Craig Elevitch, Tom Baldwin, Brian Lievens, Leakey, Yonemoto, Preece and Paull. Mini-conferences will include presentations by speakers, plus on-site visits to member’s farms and greenhouses. RIMPAC 2014 will be held in waters and airspace in and around Hawaii for five weeks beginning June 26. Training during RIMPAC builds credible, ready maritime forces that help to preserve peace and prevent conflict. Twenty-two nations, more than 40 ships and submarines, more than 200 aircraft and 25,000 personnel are participating in RIMPAC exercise from Jun. In the weeks leading up to RIMPAC, crews receive training on sighting marine mammals and required protective measures.
But with the temporary inconveniences, there are tangible and intangible benefits to the state. 1, the overall economic benefit is expected to be tens of millions of dollars higher than $52.5 million after purchases of supplies, fuel and food or the spending by family and friends of participating personnel are calculated. This can occur if the device is a type (FCC-regulated but unlicensed Part 15) that operates on frequencies reserved for federal government systems.
Therefore, they can be affected by electromagnetic activity that is generated by navy ships, civilian boaters or other sources. If that happens, drivers may have to remove the opener from their sun visor and point it directly at the door.
Surface search radars are available commercially, used by civilian boaters and not a safety issue.
Dela Cruz, Kanoelani Kikue Delatori, Dustin Casey Kuikahi Delima, Kasen Kamuela Delos Reyes, Cassidy James Puuone Dixon, Jesse Marco Dodt, Stacie Emiko Doi, Noah Patterson Dolim, Shaylin K. Edwards, Tiffany Marie Epping, Tiffany Grace Erickson, Chelsey Hali’ilaulani Erickson-Vierra, Richard M.
Harburg, Margaret Alyse Harris, Shane Allen Harrison, Alexander Dean Hedglen, Jordan Kekoa Esprecion Heltz, Zachary David Kahue Heltz, Karl Robert Hennen, John Gregory Herman, Alexandria Aspen Herring, Brad Pono Higa, Caitlin Rose Higa, Garret Hayato Ly Hino, Iris Hsing Mei Hirayama, Karlie Marie Hoekstra, Rebecca K. Valant, Korie Lihau Maelia Valeho, Keith Joseph Valentis, Sage Trinidad Van Kralingen, Mark J.
Moreover, there remain serious questions about the constitutionality of the race-based Roll process and the concept of a race-based tribe or government in general. President of French Polynesia, Gaston Flosse, and other dignitaries welcomed in the Polynesian Voyaging Society captains and crew. Tahiti’s Malama Honua declaration brought together a diverse group of organizations in a pledge of support. As in previous years, all police stations around the island will double as drop-off points for persons interested in helping children in need.
The donated backpacks will be distributed to children at women’s shelters, homeless shelters and transitional housing facilities around the Big Island. Refrigerators are one of the major contributors in your electric bill, choose the right size that will cater your needs.
According to MnDOT, we won’t have enough funding to maintain our current system—or fund critical improvements or expansion—for the next 20 years. That’s why a law requiring Minnesota’s utilities to generate at least 25 percent of their power using renewable sources by 2025 (30 percent by 2020 for Xcel Energy) was passed with broad bipartisan support in 2007. Let’s increase the standard to require all Minnesota utilities to generate at least 50 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2030—creating jobs, boosting local economic development, and protecting Minnesota’s lakes, rivers, and streams. In many cases, the community’s governing Homeowner Association (HOA) has not yet incorporated rooftop solar into its design standards, and often doesn’t have the resources to evaluate solar project proposals from homeowners.

This is especially true outside of the Twin Cities, where fewer solar projects have been built. Other states have established similar programs that have provided benefits to policy makers, solar market participants, and the general public. But a lack of convenient, attractive charging options is still a barrier to many would-be adopters. Centralized fueling and a wide range of predictable driving cycles (including high-mileage cycles) allow fleets to maximize the cost-saving and air-quality benefits of switching from gasoline to lower-cost electricity. Implementing this policy is a key part of transitioning electric utilities away from a model where revenues are reliant on energy sales and toward a model where utilities can become revenue neutral when it comes to efficiency and conservation. However, barriers to funding efficiency projects can keep these projects from moving forward. Minnesota needs a policy that provides a reliable repayment option for investors and allows customers to repay the investment directly on their utility bill. Third Fleet, which is headquartered in San Diego and will have most of its key staff here throughout the exercise.
Participants follow established and approved procedures to minimize the potential impact on marine life. If the opener still doesn’t work right, garage door owners may have to open and close their doors manually or consider other options for a short time. Actouka, Melissa Ellen Adams, Robert Wallace K Adviento, Breanna Teiko Ann Aguiar, Brittany Rachael Ahn, Ka’alalani Wilson Ahu, Jessica Ann Akiona, Alston Alika Albarado, Erica Kathleen Amundson, Tiani Arlana Sachiko Anang-Shimabukuro, Keehinani Mikiala Victoria Andrade, Anshuka Anshuka, Brandi J. Cabarloc, Goody Butay Cacal, Joseph Kuali’i Lindsey Camara, Vada Grace Cambio, Sheryl Lyn Ubaldo Cariaga, Imelda Auxiliadora Da Conceicao Carlos, Sean Leo Carlos, Devin Lee Kaikane Carlson, Renee Francis Carlson, Vanessa Lynn Carlson, Christina Noel Cauley, Tani K.
Kelley, Ashley Irene Kennedy, Richard Maxwell Kerr, Ada Kettner, Ara Kim,, Duk Hwan Kim, Hyelim Kim, Macie Yoshiko Kim, Peter Allen Kim, Mary Louise Yasuko Kimura, Satoko Kin, Gavin Cole Kinoshita, Rachel Alana Kishimoto, Christopher Zdenek Kluzak, Amber L.
Tacdol, Hazel Pontanes Tagalicud, Nako Takaki, Tara Miyoko Takamori, John James Gregorio Taman, Jove Jenn Maalihan Taman, Casey Hiroichi Tamura, Wing Sing Tang, Reuben Blake Tate, Alana K. Vancamp, Rosella Manja Vaughn, Sage Arianna Vecchio, Jasmine Bae Star Venegas, Shelby Ann U’ilani Vickers, Conan-Cordero Laahia Vierra, Lindsay Marie Vik, Robert Benito Villanueva, Anthony Paul Vizzone, Christopher Vito Vizzone, Nelson Vo,, Michael Edward Voight, Maria Karin Walczuk, Emily Grace Wallingford, Laurence K.
Sarah Vaki, sister of Hikianalia crew member Herve Maraetaata, travelled from her home in the Marquesas to Tahiti to continue a tradition of singing an arrival song for the canoes once they are within sight of land. Thompson will take this declaration to the United Nations conference in Apia, Samoa, as well as all future ports during the Malama Honua Worldwide Voyage sponsored by Hawaiian Airlines. Their responsibility is to review your energy bills, assess the cooling and heating equipment and can detect safety hazards. It’s time to invest in a strong, robust transportation system that expands access to more Minnesotans and creates thousands of living-wage jobs.
Third-party financing, a model authorized in 23 other states, could help customers of all sizes invest—with no money down—in solar. Minnesota state administrative rules offer inadequate guidance on establishing reasonable fees for solar-related building permits.
Tracking this data will provide increased price transparency for solar buyers and facilitate more price competition. Fresh Energy is working with leading utilities to establish a policy that provides Minnesota residents easy access to charging.
This year, Fresh Energy is advocating for a policy that would help remove the barriers to state electric vehicle purchases and require cross-agency planning to incorporate them into state fleets.
As a result, public utilities have an understandable aversion to sales-reducing measures like efficiency and conservation because it means they bring in less profit.
Fresh Energy is working to expand funding options so that schools can create better learning environments and pay for other school necessities.
The exercise will be based at Navy Region Hawaii, which includes Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, and the Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai. Antonio, Krista Natsuko Aoki, Shanley Apele, Brandon Scott Tsuyoshi Arakaki, David James Arakawa, Justin King Shan Tooru Araki-Kwee, Megan Lilinoe Araujo, Jamie L.H.
Lee, Shanda Leilani Lee, Jobe Kekoa Angel Leialoha, Meredith June Lenz, Cynthia Marie Lilleston, Hannah Ida Lipman, Sarah Anne Lips, Elijah C.R. Tavares, Ashley Carol Terrell, Sarah Rose Theesfeld, Rachel Lorraine Thompson, Natasha Marie Thorell, Tyler Thornhill, Sherise U’ilani Johanna Tiogangco, Zachary Tman, Ashley Anne Toland, Taylor Tomita, Ashley Chanel Nobuko Tomori, Jennifer Leigh Trujillo, Jonathan M. Heremoana Maatuaaihutapu gave the Tahitian greeting for Hokule?a that his father, Maco, gave in 1976.
Additionally, we need to make better use of current funding, increasing transparency about how money is spent and establishing clear performance measures. Clear third-party authorization would also help nonprofit and tax-exempt customers leverage the federal Investment Tax Credit, a 30 percent credit scheduled to reduce to 10 percent after 2016. Fresh Energy is advocating for statewide HOA solar design standards for single-family homes and townhomes, while allowing HOAs to impose additional reasonable conditions. Fresh Energy will work to standardize building permit fees for rooftop solar, creating a framework that jurisdictions can work from while allowing local governments to cover their costs. It will also let policy makers and the public track the cost-reduction impacts of existing policy and help identify any additional policy needs. It will also align utility regulation and business models with the public’s interest in the many benefits of transitioning to electric vehicles.
The policy would increase available financing options, guarantee schools’ energy performance, and help track efficiency progress across the state. Fresh Energy is promoting a policy that requires all utilities to offer on-bill repayment of private financing programs, allowing customers to pay for an energy efficiency investment or renewable energy project through their utility bill. Training will also be held at Marine Corps Base Hawaii and several other locations in the state.
The world’s largest maritime exercise, RIMPAC provides a unique training opportunity that helps participants foster and sustain cooperative relationships that are critical to ensuring the safety of the sea lanes and security on the world’s oceans.
Chesney, Marymargaretrose Cheung-fuk, Alexis Yuk Lan Ching, Kealii Andrew Cho, BoRam Choi, Skyler L.H.
Fresh Energy will work to pass this responsible policy that makes long-term solar financing an option for all Minnesotans.

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