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STEM working with the team from LCC Power invite you to bring along your Electricity bill to our free workshop on cost savings.
Energy customer Roland Gilliam describes the difficulties he faces when receiving an estimated bill, and working out whether the cost is accurate or not. Trevor Kavanagh rolls out a familiar trope in today's Sun: that so-called green taxes are to blame for rising energy bills. Putting aside for a minute the fact that climate change will mean a great deal more than sunloungers and mojitos for those living in more precarious parts of the world than wealthy Sun op-ed writers, Kavanagh also rolls out a familiar trope: that so-called green taxes are to blame for rising energy bills. According to a report from the Department of Energy and Climate Change from March of this year, average household dual fuel bills have increased by around 13 per cent in real terms between 2010 and 2012. The costs of energy and climate change policies estimated to have contributed around 15 per cent of the increase. In the short-term there will indeed be a small increase in annual bills due to green policies. On the other hand, the above chart, detailing the trend in wholesale gas prices since 2005, shows a far more important reason that bills are rising: a steady increase in the wholesale price of gas from spring 2007. And yet people like Kavanagh want the government to rely on gas more than we do already through not investing in green alternatives! As we recently pointed out, relying on gas and building more gas power stations will actually cost the economy a further ?312 million – and up to ?478 million if gas prices are higher than expected. Under Ed Miliband’s 2010 Energy Act, OFGEM is required to hide the full impact of green energy from consumers, and DECC does likewise. The increase in National Grid charges is entirely related to the extra investment required to connect wind farms etc., and to provide some attempt at improving resilience against consequent grid instability.

As to the claim that underlying commodity cost has increased by 60%, I’m not really sure how this stacks up. Gas prices are strongly seasonal, but the futures markets actually show lower prices are expected in later years (doubtless the fact that Miliband is banking on for his price freeze promise) – maybe on the hope of rising supplies of shale gas.
Of course, there have been big increases in what is paid for wind power with its ROC benefits adding around ?3bn to bills directly (and yet more because it increases costs for other forms of generation that have to be backed out to accommodate it). By all means let’s have the debate, but we need to have much more transparency on the facts behind it. Of course, the Murphy refinery at Milford Haven is for sale and likely closure, and at least one other refinery is under threat.
Political uncertainty overseas, increased worldwide demand and dwindling reserves all play a part. Refrigerators are one of the major contributors in your electric bill, choose the right size that will cater your needs. This accounts for the cost of the Warm Home Discount, but not the rebates it delivers to eligible consumers.
However, this is a fraction of the total cost of the average bill and can easily be ofset by measures which make homes more energy efficient. The article is called Are ‘green taxes’ really to blame for rising energy bills? But now, no matter how big your gas or electricity bill is, you can cut it in half – or more! Their responsibility is to review your energy bills, assess the cooling and heating equipment and can detect safety hazards.

This also does not take account of the energy bills savings from energy efficiency policies. Your account does not take into account the costs of increased environmental damage as the climate warms. North American Power offers very competitive rates and gives a $50-$100 Visa gift card as a new customer. An incredible discovery based on ancient technology has made it possible to reduce the size of your bills dramatically… and it works immediately!
For instance, increased rainfall results in increased flooding and if your home has been flooded you would know the financial cost, the emotional cost of increased worry and the difficulty of selling when you need to move for employment reasons. Each month when you receive your energy bill, simply insert it into our Energy Bill Scissors, and squeeze the handles together. Instantly, the two forged steel blades slice through the bill, resulting in two separate halves.
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The Energy Bill Scissors also work on medical bills, cable bills, department store bills – the list is virtually endless.

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