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The House of Representatives Wednesday passed its FY 2014 Energy & Water bill, funding the Department of Energy (DOE) and other agencies, with limited modifications to the version passed by the Appropriations Committee, and in spite of President Obama’s veto threat.
Amendments included a $15 million shift from solar energy R&D programs to the Bureau of Reclamation, sponsored by Rep. To become a qualified ENERGY STAR builder, a builder must construct a home that meets energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Any home that meet EPA's guidelines and is three stories or less can earn the ENERGY STAR label including: single family, attached, manufactured homes, and low-rise multi-family homes, modular construction , log homes, and concrete homes.
Many ENERGY STAR home builders have been recognized by ENERGY STAR for their energy efficient building processes.
Home ENERGY STAR builders are realizing the value of adding energy efficient products within the new home. Many home builders are making sure to be ENERGY STAR qualified with energy cost on the rise, but one builder has been building green home before it was trendy.
After a long winter of freezing temperatures and rising energy bills the average homeowner will now be pleased they can finally turn down the dial and cut their energy consumption.
In order to combat the rising energy prices some homeowners have been doing everything they can to make their property more efficient and cut down on excess consumption. In the wake of new environmental initiatives that have been brought by the government there are now much more stringent rules and regulations involved in the construction and development of properties.
Air leakage testing is something that should be carried out during construction of a property and will determine how well the building keeps air inside and therefore how well it retains heat. Recently a couple living in Alaska, USA have been entered into the World Record Academy for having the tightest house in the world. Making your home as air-tight as possible is not the only way that you can increase its energy efficiency and the world record home in Alaska has many other features to increase its ability to be environmentally conscious. The bad news is that householders will not achieve much lower energy bills unless they take other measures. Building industry figures claim new homes with high energy ratings can save their owners several hundred dollars over 12 months. Ms Brookfield says the energy rating relates solely to the power people use to heat and cool their homes. New homes in all states except New South Wales and the Northern Territory must be six-star energy rated.
The HIA spokesperson says while a high energy rating, like six stars for new homes, can make a difference to your energy bill it’s important to remember the person living in the home is in control of how much energy is used. Henley Property Group managing director Peter Hayes says with six-star energy rated homes, householders can save up to a third on their annual energy costs.
Receive the latest breaking news across sport, money, life and entertainment, delivered every weekday and Saturday. We are excited to announce that the folks at Sierra Club Green Home have recently joined our Say No To Plastic Bags Coalition in an effort to help us raise awareness to the issues of plastic pollution. BTW – Sierra Club Green Home is starting its Energy Efficiency First Campaign, where their goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of 1,000 homes by 2012 – one home energy assessment at a time. There are many ways to live a sustainable, environmentally friendly lifestyle from purchasing reusable items and recycling to using CFL light bulbs or biking to work.
The best way to determine steps in which one can improve your home’s energy efficiency and performance is to conduct an energy audit.

In your home analysis, their BPI accredited professional will study the systems in your home, how these systems function on their own, and how they contribute to your whole house comfort and energy efficiency.
Call or send Heather an email today and get your Free or reduced-rate Energy Audit schedule today… we did.
Donate TodayHelp us bring a voice to those who cannot speak out for themselves by making a contribution today!
The Fossil Energy R&D program would receive a somewhat smaller but still large increase of 39 percent above FY 2012 levels.
As previously noted, the Senate bill is approximately $4 billion higher than the House version and, as with the other bills in play on the Senate side, violates the $967 billion spending cap established under sequestration, whereas the House versions meet this cap. Builders realize that homebuyers are increasingly interested in the value of green homes and energy efficiency is the place to start. ENERGY STAR qualified new homes can contain a diversity of 'tried-and-true' energy efficient features that improved home quality, homeowner comfort, and lower energy demand while reduced air pollution. Aston Woods Homes won the 2009 ENERGY STAR Leadership in Housing Award and has been recognized by the U.S.
With ENERGY STAR qualified new homes for sale offering new homebuyers all the features they want in a home as well as the benefits of a green home. Pulte Homes new communities now include Energy Star appliances as a standard in each new home for sale.
With over a decade of building new green homes for sale and energy-efficient new homes, Pardee Homes has been a leader in building green homes with more than 24 LivingSmart and 14 California Green Builder-certified new communities (no wounder why California is one of the top Green building states). However, there is still likely to be the odd cooler day, and are we really prepared to go through the same thing when winter rolls around again sometime in mid-September? As well as leaving them with some extra pounds in their pocket this will also help them do their bit for the environment and the summer seems the perfect time to compound those efforts and for others to follow in the same vein. Not only do all new dwellings and those proposed to be expanded need to have an SAP calculation carried out in order to determine the property’s energy performance certificate (EPC), but there are also regulations to meet regarding air tightness and air leakage.
There will always be space for some air to escape but this should ideally be kept to a minimum to decrease heat loss. Marsik, who unsurprisingly works at the university of Alaska as an assistant professor in sustainable energy, says that although these results have been created with a relatively small house (the home being only 600 square feet in size) it demonstrates that with acknowledgement of the importance of environmental issues it is possible to build truly energy efficient homes.
Additional features include: the fact that the home requires no conventional heating source (mainly because of its size), low flow plumbing fixtures, specially designed argon-filled energy efficient windows and the fact that it is entirely operated by electricity. Are you really doing enough to acknowledge the effect that increased energy consumption and carbon emissions are having on the environment?
It applies to the shell of the home and covers elements such as insulation, door seals, double glazing and orientation of the home’s living areas to the northerly sun.
But when it comes to your home, do you know the most efficient ways to live sustainably and comfortably at the same time? Energy audits use a smart, scientific approach to determine areas of your home that can be improved so that less energy is used and more is conserved.
As part of their campaign, which is designed to help lower the carbon footprint of 1,000 American homes within 60 days, they are offering you this Home Energy Audit at a dramatically reduced rate of only $50, or, FREE for the first 5 people to sign up (in each of the listed cities)if you can provide us with background information on your power and gas usage for our database. Doc Hastings (R-WA); a $20 million shift from fossil energy to the Corps of Engineers, sponsored by Rep. In spite of the ARPA-E increase, the agency’s budget would still be slashed by 75 percent below FY 2012.

With prospects for a budget conference still dim, it’s unclear how the two parties intend to rectify these differences. These homes must be at least 15% more energy efficient than homes built to the 2004 International Residential Code (IRC), and contain additional energy-saving features that typically make the new home 20–30% more efficient than standard homes. This is because the energy used to run the home is often from the burning of fossil fuels from power plants. Plus energy-saving features come standard with SummerHill Homes like, energy efficient insulation systems, energy efficient windows, tight construction and ducts, properly-sized and installed heating and cooling systems, third-party verification of energy performance, and energy efficient products.
According to the Department of Energy, all Energy Star appliances use 10-15% less energy and water then standard models when certified by the U.S. Starting in 1998 when Pardee Homes helped pioneer the EPA's Energy Star® program, by building energy-efficient homes that exceeded code by 15% or more.
Tom Marsik, has managed to create a dwelling that has recorded ‘phenomenally low’ figures in terms of air leakage and air tightness. The annual estimated saving to a homeowner who has a good energy rating will be a few hundred dollars. All you need to provide is 12 months of electricity bills prior to the date of the Energy Assessment to receive the free audit. They also evaluate your home’s energy consumption and heating and cooling efficiency.
Stephen Lynch (D-MA); and $20 million boost to the ARPA-E budget, sponsored by Adam Schiff (D-CA). This award distinguishes the important contribution Ashton Woods Homes has made to energy-efficient construction and environmental protection by building more than 1,202 ENERGY STAR qualified homes last year. Why not use this summer to prepare your property for the next gruelling winter that we’re sure to endure.
Lower energy bills, more comfortable living, and greater overall savings for the operation of your family’s home. They will perform CO2 tests, and use Infrared technology to determine if the house has energy leaks, specifically spotting drafty areas through windows and doors and there’s a blow door blaster test included. Several other proposed amendments that would have increased funding for clean energy R&D, ARPA-E, and Office of Science failed. They realized they must build the most energy efficient homes in the area to gain a leg up on the competition. Appliances and lighting account for more than one-third of the average homeowner’s utility bill according to the DOE. They will finish the Energy Assessment with a thorough report on what they recommend and will educate you, the homeowner, on what government incentives, rebates, and tax breaks exist in your area! If you decide upon ANY upgrades recommended and installed by our SCGH Energy Audit First professional, they will guarantee their performance, energy usage reduction, and thus money savings.
The best way to make sure a new home is energy efficient is to look for the blue ENERGY STAR label, which is the government-backed symbol for energy efficiency.

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