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Josh AxeStart HereShop for Health Products25 Pre-Workout Snacks for a Major Energy Boost Affiliate Disclosure 0 Comments Do you find yourself losing steam halfway through your workout or wrapping up a gym session feeling completely wiped out?
See, what you chow down on before exercising not only helps fuel your body to keep you motivated throughout your workout, but it also assists in both your lean muscle gains and muscle recovery afterward.That’s why these 25 pre-workout snack options are so awesome. Nibble on these 30–60 minutes before a workout for a major energy boost — plus the balance of carbs, protein and good-for-you fats will power you through your favorite fat-burning activities.Need Energy? Try These 25 Pre-Workout Snacks1. Almond Date and Hemp Energy BarsSkip the coffee, and opt for these energy bars instead.
Dates give these bars a sweet taste sans sugar while flaxseed, chia and hemp seeds pack in fiber and protein. And because it requires no cooking, it’s a great pre-workout snack to eat at work before a mid-day workout.4. Banana Chia BitesCan something with no grains, gluten or sugar still be delicious? The verdict after trying this banana chia recipe is a resounding “yes.” These little bites are made with healthy coconut flour, brain-boosting chia seeds and naturally sweet bananas. There’s no beer in these bites, but they do offer a hearty dose of protein, fiber and butterscotch chips.
These bites read like a roll call list for protein and fiber: quinoa, chia seeds, flaxseeds, walnuts, hemp seeds and protein powder all make appearances.

With just a handful of natural ingredients, these crunchy bites satisfy your sweet tooth while providing protein and healthy fats.
The secret stars are the cacao nibs, which give these a chocolately taste.8. Chocolate Mint Avocado PuddingSix ingredients for a vegan pudding that provides an energy boost? This cool treat gets its creaminess from avocado and its Girl Scout cookie flavor from unsweetened cocoa and peppermint extract. Coconut Lemon Energy SnacksThese deliciously juicy energy snacks are just what the doctor ordered. Fear not ­— you won’t pack on the pounds with this snack, but you will get your healthy fats in, courtesy of coconut oil, coconut flour and raisins.12. Green Smoothie with Avocado and KaleStill afraid of cooking with kale? These truffle balls taste decadent, but with only six super healthy ingredients, you can be sure it’s a nutritious way to keep going through workouts.15. No-Bake Banana Nut Protein BarsDates and nuts and seeds, oh my! These vegan snack bars require no baking, making it easy to whip up a few batches and eat them throughout the week to turn up energy levels. It passes on mayonnaise in favor of creamy, heart-healthy avocado and is loaded with protein from eggs and yogurt. This crispy version uses a variety of seeds, eggs, coconut flour and ghee for a bagel made with real food ingredients.

And with ingredients like almonds, protein powder, almond butter, coconut oil and raw honey, they make an excellent pre-workout snack. Hide these from the rest of the family — they’ll go quickly!19. Raw Brownie BitesThese bites combine the rich, chocolate taste of brownies with the health benefits of nuts and dates for a quick snack any time of day. Axe20. Raw Key Lime Pistachio BitesNot only are these bites a fun color, they’re good for you, too. It’s light enough to not weigh you down but full of potassium, antioxidants and calcium, perfect for quickie workouts. Bookmark the permalink.← What Kind of Leaky Gut Test Should You Take?Are You Eating a High-Fiber Diet?

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