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The Adidas Energy Boost (Reveal) Women's Running Shoes feature a revolutionary new midsole unit which will feel different to anything you've ever worn before.
The Boost midsole unit is also 30% more temperature resistant than EVA, allowing it to retain its composite structure better, improve performance in varying conditions and enhances durability.
Other new technological advances that Adidas have made include incorporating TechFit technology into their running shoe uppers. TechFit Upper Support - The seamless upper is supported by TechFit material, which offers you a flexible yet secure feel around your entire foot. Flexible Textile Upper - The textile upper is lightweight and is able to adjust to the shape of your own foot ensuring a comfortable fit. Welded Synthetic Overlays - Enhances the fit and strength of the upper and helps decrease upper weight further.

External Heel Counter - For a snug heel fit and comfort in motion with enhanced support and stability. Midsole Temperature Resistance - The Boost midsole is 30% more temperature resistant than traditional EVA compound, keeping the feel of the trainers the same and allowing it to last longer with changing conditions. MiCoach Compatible - This shoe is compatible with the Adidas MiCoach sensor, helping you keep track of your statistics such as distance, speed and calories and much more.
The Boost is going to be a new experience for all runners and is a shoe that has to worn to be truly believed.
The unit created in conjunction with BASF, is constructed of small polyurethane capsules which are fused together with high pressure steam. TechFit is a lightweight but strong material which in this shoe helps to support the foot by being supremely flexible and is mesh lined for optimal breathability.

The result is a platform which is much more responsive than traditional EVA, absorbing the energy in the footstrike and translating it into reactionary power when you lift off. Welded overlays also help to enhance the fit of the shoe as well as keep the seamless upper as lightweight as possible.

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