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Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. Ita€™s also a versatile shoe that performs well on both roads and dirt, and is well-suited to different types of runs. The sole, which is made of a new type of foam created by Adidas, reminded me of Styrofoam, looked like it wouldna€™t last one sloppy run. The accompanying fact sheet from Adidas included some bold claims, and I wasna€™t sure that the shoes would live up to the promises made on the fact sheet.Nervous about taking them out on the road, I let them sit in the box for a few weeks before finally trying them out. My first run in the Energy Boost was a Thanksgiving Day 5k, and I quickly realized that my first impressions of the shoe were all wrong.The bouncy feel and flexible upper kept my legs feeling fresh, and in finally breaking an almost two-year old 5k PR. The foam is significantly different from the EVA foam that is standard in most running shoes, and is made of small polyurethane capsules that are then fused together using high pressure steam.Adidas makes some bold claims about the abilities of the foam, and I admit that I was highly skeptical that the shoes would live up to the hype. They also decided to put the temperature claims to the test, and found that their performance was far more consistent in extreme temperatures.I havena€™t yet had the chance to test them out in the heat, but I have found that even in temperatures well below freezing they feel and perform just as well as they do in more moderate temperatures.
Rounding out the sole unit is a small plastic shank at the mid-foot meant to add stability and a durable rubber outsole for added durability and traction.Adidas Energy Boost Upper UnitThe upper on the Adidas Energy Boost is mostly constructed of a material called TechFit, which is a smooth stretchy material that closely hugs the foot. The inside of the upper is lined in mesh, which helps the shoe dry faster after getting wet.In the midst of a particularly cold New York winter, I havena€™t had the chance to try them out in warmer conditions, but the upper performs well in colder conditions, and even when wearing thick winter socks, Ia€™ve never had any issues with chaffing or blisters. The one issue that Ia€™ve had with the upper (and the shoe in general) was its performance in wet conditions.I found that even small puddles resulted in wet feet. While they dried quickly and were always ready to go the following day, I was surprised at how quickly water seeped through.Adidas Energy Boost OpinionDespite my initial wariness about the Energy Boost, I quickly found myself reaching for them run after run. I loved the ride and fast feel of the Energy Boost, and found that they worked well on nearly every runa€”tempos, trail, roads, easy runs, and track work.The one drawback for me was the upper, which quickly lets water in, but overall, the Energy Boost has become one of my favorite shoes.

They have held up remarkably well, considering the trials that Ia€™ve put them through since trying them for the first time in November.
When shea€™s not running through her favorite parks, you can find her shopping, cooking, or watching her favorite football teams. Required fields are marked *My rating1 - Very bad2 - Bad3 - Ok4 - Good5 - Very good Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.
I run usually with Saucony’s kinvara without any discomfort what so ever, so I must have a tendency to run better on minimalistic shoes. I bought the Adistar Boost fascinated by the claims by adidas & it was quite impressive on the first few runs until I started to feel extreme pain on the calf muscle (back of the lower leg). However, the drop didn’t quite feel right on the treadmill so the saleswoman showed me the Adistar Boost and the Lunar Fly One+. I took the pair home, walked in them, ran 15-20 minutes on the treadmill and decided to take them back.
The Adistar Boost are about 310-315 grams per shoe (US 9.5), almost identical to the newest Nimbus 14. However, the Adistar Boost still felt lighter due to the Tech-fit upper and the better responsiveness of the TPU sole.I ended up with the Energy Boosts instead as reviewed in this article.
I use the Energy Boost 2-3 times and mix it up with a pair of Saucony Virrata that I’ve recently bought. They need to be tested further to get a final rating from me – so far so good though. One thing is for sure though, these shoes are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever slid my feet in.

Highly addictive and recommended.Yours sincerely 3 years ago Like Reply 0 Alex SamarasI bought these shoes as a supposed upgrade to my Supernova Glide Boosts after I passed 600km in them (and since have been alternating back and forth between shoes on runs). I really liked the idea of the increased cushioning in the Energy Boosts, as I am limited to road and sidewalk running in Bangkok, or a track which is basically concrete with a thin rubberized surface on it. And these shoes definitely do deliver in the cushioning.However, I found the uppers to be less than ideal.
If you get the lacing just right, then they are fine, but this means spending a few minutes fiddling and adjusting every time you put them on. I have tried other shoes, some even got even better rating, but would say energy boost is the best. Now I am writing after the marathon, whom I finished successfully, at 4 hours and 10 minutes.
I must say that after the 32nd kilometer, when the downhill started, I felt pain in my ankles which only subsided when I walked for about 400 meters. The shoes are very light and if you are running in a fast pace they can help you, but I do not think they are targeted for marathon runners.

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