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Boost your immunity, energy and intake of fruits and veggies with a fruit smoothie made from fresh juice, yogurt, sorbet and nutritional supplements. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Besides being used as innovative paint stamps for kindergarteners, objects to be captured in practices of still art or dehydrated to form exotic jewellery, fruits are, most importantly, chock full off nutrients essential for bodily well-being. Grab your daily dose of Vitamin W, where the W stands for 'Wholesome' and soak in the goodness of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals with a cup of fruit juice from Apples & Oranges.
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Food and drink makers devote thousands of hours and millions of dollars ensuring their products taste just right. The company describes Beverage Power as “a drinking vessel that is powered by the human body, along with a patented voltage booster circuit and one AAA battery, to generate a small, safe electric current within any beverage.
Choose from a whole myriad of fruits such as the common apples, oranges and bananas to the more exotic dragonfruit,A avocado and even honeydew.
Vouchers in our daily deals consist of shopping, beauty, services, restaurants, leisure offers, travel, wellness, tickets, healthcare and a whole lot more across Singapore. But what if, with a simple electrical charge, you could change the taste of, say, a juice drink, making it slightly sweeter or “sparkling”? These juices are naturally sweet and don't require any added sugar making these low fat and low in caloriesA and are perfect for dieters to fill up on before a meal to avoid overeating. Not valid with delivery.A To redeem, exchange Groupon voucher for Apples and Oranges Groupon Promo Card.

That’s the thinking behind a new prototype from a company called Global Ionics LLC (Pleasantville, NY).
For example, salty drinks taste saltier, sugary drinks taste sweeter, beers taste fizzier, and champagnes taste bubblier.”How does it work?
Other than such benefits, fruit juices have been known to help in increasing the overall health of your body. The Beverage Power device can affix to virtually any drinking vessel—a cup, a glass, or even a water bottle. Pick pineapple juice for its digestive enhancing properties or kiwi, which has been said to help flush out bad cholesterol.
When users touch their lips to the container, their body in essence completes the electric circuit and powers a flow of negative ions—9 volts of power—that releases in the body.
Detox your way to a cleaner, slimmer body with grape juice, which also A helps combat fatigue and is an excellent energy booster. Already, the body inherently relies on positive and negative ions (protons and neutrons) to help power normal cellular and bodily functions.
Avocado juice isn't just tasty, the rich, buttery fruit has moisturisingA properties to the skin as well as help in the regeneration of red blood cells. But by pumping up the charge, so to speak, consumers can see additional benefits.For instance, Global Ionics already sells a toothbrush, Ionic ProClean, driven by the same concept. According to the company, because dental plaque has a negative charge and calcium (present in plaque and saliva) has a positive charge, the two attract and lead to plaque adherence to teeth. Ionic ProClean deters plaque adherence by releasing a supply of negative ions that helps prevent the plaque-calcium attraction.

The company also has prototypes for sinus-relief and hairbrush products, also revolving around electric current.Global Ionics says there could be numerous health benefits to a product like Beverage Power. Consumers or manufacturers could, for instance, reduce the amount of salt or sugar in food and drink, instead relying on electrical charge to boost the perception of salty or sugary taste. For sports nutritionists, Beverage Power could also help boost electrolyte absorption in the body and help speed recovery.“As opposed to the ions that you get in the air or by a blow dryer that’s just sort of forcing ions out through a generator, it’s a totally different ion,” says Ken Davidov, managing partner, Global Ionics.
He says the charge users get when completing the electric circuit with Beverage Power—when they touch their lips to the container—“is more related to the body, so the reason that you’re getting a benefit is because you’re connected to it.”Global Ionics isn’t the only entity exploring the possibilities of electrically charged food.
Hiromi Nakamura, a researcher from Meiji University in Japan, for instance, has designed an electric fork that also relies on electrical charge to alter the taste of food. In the same vein, researchers from the Wageningen University in the Netherlands have created a gustometer that alters taste stimuli.Global Ionics is now looking to secure partners to develop Beverage Power for market, says Davidov. The company already owns the patent to its specific, proprietary voltage-boosting circuitry technology (US Patent #8330549), and Davidov says the company has patents pending on Beverage Power, which could be used for sodas, sports drinks, beer, and wine. The only thing you feel is a different taste—saltier, sweeter, fizzier, etc.”Will ion-polarization technology become the next big thing in gustation?

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