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Well hello happy days of smoothie making and smoothie recipes with a boom boom de boom today here in Beach Cottage Land. If on the other hand you are wanting less Muffin Top and more energy in your life, well then gangbust yourself to the nearest blender and start pulsing, cos by golly oh gosh this one gives you zing de zing. Hi Sarah, about 6 weeks ago I started making my 13 year old a smoothie every morning to help with her skin problems.

I swear by this smoothie and this is a coolant + blood purifier + has digestive properties. On a hot summer day, after a whole lotta gardening, a glass of this could really pep you up. I have always been a fan of yummy smoothies because of their naturally delish taste and also because of less calories.

I live in an old white cottage, near the sea in Australia with a battered old deck & a big old fig tree out the back, stripped wooden floors, old sash windows & a jumble of vintage furniture.

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