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We perform Third Party Testing on all our herbs to ensure we are providing you with the highest quality available.
AboutOur long term philosophy commits us to our product lines long after they leave the farms and jungles.
To get the first task out of the way, lets put all the dry ingredients (flour, hazelnut flour, baking soda and baking powder, salt and 25g of sugar) in one small bowl and put it aside.
At this point you should have two bowls in front of you: one with the dry mix and the other with all the liquid ingredients. Booster Juice is EXCITED to launch our NEW Probiotic Vanilla Greek Yogurt with Fresh Fruit Toppings available in most of our stores! Available in most of our stores, we now offer Booster Juice Whey Protein Powder in three flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry. KIND bars are tasty, satisfying snacks made from whole nuts, grains, fruits, honey and spices. Promax packs its energy bars with 20 grams of replenishing protein, 18 vitamins and minerals, and great tasting flavors. CheeCha snacks are made with natural ingredients, no trans-fats, no MSG and no GMO’s. A proprietary compound of Graviola and Agaricus, distilled water and 35-45% organic grain alcohol, 2 oz. Parents over the years have learned to trust in CHERIFER a€“ The FIRST vitamin preparation with Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), rich in nucleic acids essential for the stimulation of growth.
Deliciously flavored, CHERIFER Drops and Syrup also contain Vitamin A for improved vision as well as Taurine for the optimum brain-development of a smarter, healthier child. And while taking CHERIFER Drops, your children will have even more reason to smile because CHERIFER Drops contains Vitamin D for the normal development of teeth and bones.
CHERIFER FORTE is the same widely-known and trusted CHERIFER but with double strength Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) for even greater potency in helping your children reach their fullest growth potential. Lysine enhances childrena€™s appetite while at the same time helps in the more efficient utilization of food when consuming low-quality protein. Recent studies have shown that Zinc helps malnourished children gain weight as well as being able to prevent common childhood infections such as pneumonia, malaria and diarrhea. Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) contains nucleic acids that serve as building blocks for maximized growth potential, tissue repair and healing for your child. CHERIFER FORTE with ZINC also contains higher amounts of Taurine for optimum brain as well as retinal development. Together with Taurine, Vitamin A plays an important role in improving the vision of children through the proper growth and development of the retina. Looking for the ideal vitamin that will build up your childa€™s resistance to disease and at the same time provide height-boosting Chlorella Growth Factor?
Clinical studies have proven that the consumption of Zinc supplements reduce the incidence of lower respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia in children while Chlorella Growth Factor is also an excellent and effective immunity booster that stimulates the activity of T-cells and macrophages to enhance the bodya€™s ability to combat infections from bacteria, viruses, chemicals or foreign particles.
CHERIFER SYRUP with ZINC also contains Taurine a€“ important for the development of better visual and motor skills in a growing child. Taurine, along with Vitamin A, helps make CHERIFER SYRUP with ZINC ideal for the improvement and proper development of vision in a child. Adolescence is the time when a child again enters a period of rapid GROWTH rate and physical change - they call this the teenage years or puberty. With this rapid growth comes a dramatic increase in the amount of calories and nutrients needed. The growth enhancer Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) provides a high-quality protein that is rich in nucleic acids and essential amino acids necessary in the stimulation of growth, tissue repair and healing.
Taurine is necessary to be in sufficient body reserve to respond to rapid growth rate and rapidly expanding muscle mass. Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) stimulates the activity of T-cells and macrophages (by increasing interferon levels), enhancing the immune systema€™s ability to combat foreign invaders whether they are bacteria, virulent virus, or foreign particles. Aside from the vitamin content, CHERIFER PGM 10-22 is fortified with Taurine which is necessary for proper brain development.A  It is also found to have structural and functional roles in stabilizing neural membranes and effectively helps in maintaining eye retinal functions. Chorella Growth Factor (CGF) -rich in nucleic acids and essential amino acids necessary in the stimulation of growth, tissue repair, and healing. Taurine - necessary to be in sufficient body reserve to respond to rapid growth rate and rapidly expanding muscle mass.

Now fortified with 100% RDA of ZINC, the mineral that supports normal growth and development especially during childhood and adolescence.
Cherifer PGM 10-22 plus ZINC contains CGF, Vitamin C and Zinc that enhance immunity levels for stronger resistance to stress and infections. Cherifer PGM 10-22 plus ZINC contains nutrients at the right proportion to meet the 100% Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for teenagers.
Aside from its vitamin content, Cherifer PGM 10-22 plus ZINC supplies Taurine which is also essential for proper brain development.
Now with 100% RDA of ZINC, an important element in the structure of proteins and cell membranes. CHERIFER Premium supplies 100-150% RDA of essential vitamins and minerals in a balanced formula. CHLORELLA GROWTH FACTOR (CGF) - the heart of Chlorella which is an excellent source of amino acids and nucleic acids, compounds considered as essentials of life.
GINSENG contains 18 chemicals, collectively known as ginsenosides, considered to be the most active ingredient of the root Panax ginseng.A  Ginseng is an age-old remedy for stress and fatigue and is known for its remarkable effects on the body. TAURINE is often the most abundant free amino acid present in most animal tissues and biologic fluids - in muscles, heart, platelets, and the central nervous system (CNS) including the retina.A  Unlike other amino acids, taurine is not incorporated into proteins. Taurine acts as neuromodulator by indirectly depressing neuroexcitation through its control over glutamate metabolism, the latter then acting in its roles as neurotransmitter. Pata de Vaca (translated as Cow’s Foot) is a small tree with large leaves resembling that of a cow hoof (hence the name!). While the indigenous uses are not well document, Pata de vaca has long been, and continues to be, a popular natural medicine in South America. The leaves contain a well-known antibacterial chemical called astragalin as well as alkaloids, glycosides and flavonoids, including one called kaempferitrin. Legend has it that Inca messengers would dig up the succulent tubers from beside the trail to slake their thirst.
But we wouldn't be called Pancake Stories if we just threw in some nuts in the batter and call it a freaking sensation.
We don't want to encourage anyone with a food allergy to eat food that is unsafe, but in Kevin's case it helps.
Place one big and one small (empty) bowl in front of you and put the egg whites into the big bowl and (as you might have already guessed) the egg yolk into the small bowl. You won’t find any artificial sweeteners or preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, maltitol or gelatin in Promax Bars. Combined with Taurine and Lysine, CHERIFER is packed full with all the weight-promoting and cell-nourishing nutrients your children need to maximize their growth potential. Each dose of CHERIFER Drops also contains 150% RDA of Vitamin C for increased resistance against infection as well as serving as an excellent antioxidant needed for growth and the development and maintenance of healthy gums. CHERIFER Drops and Syrup are the ideal companions of parents looking for optimized growth potential for their children. CHERIFER FORTE is an orange-flavored vitamin preparation thata€™s also fortified with Amino Acids, Lysine and Taurine. Your child will not only eat more, but his body will be able to convert the nutrients contained in the food that he eats more efficiently.
Even higher amounts of Taurine have been added to the formulation to spur the enhanced brain and retinal development of active, growing children.
If you are looking for an efficient vitamin for your child, CHERIFER FORTE with ZINC is the vitamin preparation with double-strength Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) for growth and cell nourishing action, and packed with Zinc for proper growth and development and enhanced immune system. CHERIFER FORTE with ZINC will help your child grow taller, healthier, with better eyesight and smarter than he could ever hope to develop without the aid of nutritional supplements? It is also fortified with sufficient amounts of B-complex vitamins for maximized aid in the absorption and utilization of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in a childa€™s diet.
The nucleotide components of CGF combine with other nutrients of the body that serve as building blocks for the repair and production of the bodya€™s genetic materials.
As part of the numerous enzymes involved in the metabolic processes of the body, zinc influences the proper growth of the cells to allow teenagers to reach their maximum height potential.
Zinc increases the number of T-lymphocytes circulating in the blood thereby increasing the ability of lymphocytes to fight infections. ZINC stabilizes brain cells to decrease susceptibility to oxidative damage that can impair their functions.

CHERIFER Premium also provides added power factors not found in other preparations - high dose Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), Ginseng and Taurine - that will boost an adulta€™s stressful and activity-demanding lifestyle. CGF activates living cells and promotes cell regeneration, as such wound healing is accelerated.
Reports indicate that sexual drive and sperm production is increased in male, while in female, there is an increased vaginal moisture and increased sexual desire.
Often called “vegetable insulin,” it has been used for many years to balance blood sugar levels. Yacon is currently grown from Ecuador to Argentina and Brazil as a staple food crop by many indigenous peoples, some of which have used the plant ceremonially as well.
First we will be roasting those bad boys in the oven and then we will blend the hell out of them.
Make circles out of the awesome nut flavored batter and wait with the flipping until the first bubbles start appearing. So you get more of that natural goodness: fresh berry flavor, antioxidant power, and heart healthy omega fatty acids. You'll find a variety of flavours in participating Booster Juice locations across Canada. Trusted and proven over the years and constantly improved to meet the needs of a tall and healthy child, CHERIFER Drops and Syrup are the best tools for growth and good health. Best to be taken during the growth gap years, CHERIFER FORTE is an orange-flavored vitamin preparation that's also fortified with Amino Acids, Lysine and Taurine. Likewise, the inclusion of Vitamin A for ideal retinal health and good vision along with Vitamin B complex to promote a more efficient metabolism in active, growing bodies.
A lemon-flavored vitamin preparation with Chlorella Growth Factor formulated with 100% RDA of elemental Zinc maintains the integrity of the human immune system. They serve as raw materials for protein synthesis which is essential for growth and development.
Maximizing the teenagera€™s mental ability to meet the demands of school allowing them to participate fully in their learning process. Found in the rainforests and tropical sections of Peru and Brazil, it is prevalent in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil’s Atlantic rainforest.
Fresh Yacon tubers are crisp and juicy with a delicate flavor reminiscent of apple or melon and a surprising sweetness that increases in storage. Highly recommended as a breakfast before exams, work or any other situation where you need your brains to work. All that is left to do now is building a nice stack of nut cakes on your favorite plate and if you're as butter and maple syrup obsessed as we are, add a little piece of butter between every layer and on top. So for your growing child, give only the one with double the dosage of Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). Now get back to the big bowl and whist the egg white until it starts getting foamy - now add 100ml buttermilk to the egg white and whisk again. In most cases you'll notice the bubbles, but if the cake is still to liquid on top,you should wait another 30 seconds or so. Coconut Water begins with young, green coconuts, which contain a nutrient-rich liquid known as coconut water.
The somewhat bitter skin can be scrubbed off with a stiff brush, peeled with a vegetable peeler, or removed after baking. We strongly recommend to play some chill music during the peeling process, as this is going to take a little while. Now it's time to pour the egg yolk mixture into the big bowl with the egg whites and whisk for a third time.
If there's still a little brown coat on some of the nuts that you just can't get off, don't worry about it.
We know this step with separating the egg seems like too much work, since we mix the egg whites and the yolks again anyway, but trust us: this makes the pancakes extra fluffy! As we experimented on this recipe, the consistency of the resulting pancake just got better by peeling the nuts.

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