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Give yourself a boost with some energising food that can help revitalise your body and mind. Whip up a smoothie and ensure that you get all the energising ingredients you need to perk yourself up. There are some fabulous foods available in spring and with such a variety to choose from you can pick ‘n’ mix your daily smoothie and ensure that you never get bored.
4 small carrots – peeled and chopped, 1 apple – peeled and cut in quarters, I kiwi fruit – peeled and cut in half, a handful of fresh basil, 2 dessert spoons of natural yogurt, 3 or four chunks of ice, wild garlic leaves (optional), 1 cup natural apple juice. Half a cup of fresh blueberries, 1 medium banana, half a cup of fresh pineapple, one low-fat yogurt – I use vanilla or coconut yogurt (if you can get it), organic honey to sweeten, a few drops of fresh lemon juice. If you’re trying to lose a weight this spring, try and include blueberries into your daily diet. A smoothie provides moisture and nutrients for your body – much needed after a heavy night! Half a pint of cranberry juice, half a cup of raspberries (fresh or frozen), fresh mango (slices from a medium mango), a couple of sprigs of fresh mint (coming up now in your herb tub as spring arrives), lemon juice to taste, organic honey to sweeten, a pinch of powdered cinnamon, one teaspoon of freshly grated ginger, three or four chunks of ice. Add a low fat vanilla yogurt if you want to make this smoothie really creamy and extra soothing after your night of excess. I hope you enjoy experimenting with your smoothie recipes and that you step into spring feeling energised, happy and raring to go! June 30, 2011 by Diana 29 Comments If you’ve never stuffed a handful of baby spinach into a smoothie, then you’re missing out.
I’m so used to (and fond of ) putting spinach in my smoothies that it actually feels weird to do one without it!
I'm Diana - a clean eating locavore, 9-to-5 career gal, recipe developer, photography enthusiast, fashion lover, Zumba instructor, & corgi fan with a mega sweet tooth. Drinking beet juice before exercise  has been shown to improve exercise and muscle performance, due to the nitric oxide in beets which helps to reduce oxygen expense. Yields and nutritional information are estimated and will vary depending on produce size and equipment used. Claire Georgiou is an Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist who has completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Compl.
Our weekly newsletter is packed with special messages from Joe, exclusive recipes, giveaways, and more! Try one of our delicious acai smoothie recipes to keep you energized with a nutritional boost to your day!
Acai and Coconut SmoothieA combination of acai and coconut delivers a delicious and efficient boost of energy.
Acai and Peanut Butter SmoothieA perfect pair for boosting your energy level with every sip! Acai Apple Banana Kale SmoothieThere's nothing easier than a healthy smoothie for a perfect balance of nutrients to make your day.
Acai Banana Spinach Apple Creamy SmoothieThere's nothing easier than a healthy smoothie for a perfect balance of nutrients to make your day. Acai Banana Walnut SmoothieThere's nothing easier than a healthy smoothie for a perfect balance of nutrients to make your day.
Acai Banana-Pineapple Creamy SmoothieThere's nothing easier than a healthy smoothie for a perfect balance of nutrients to make your day. Acai Berry Banana Spinach SmoothieThere's nothing easier than a healthy smoothie for a perfect balance of nutrients to make your day.

Acai Berry Bonanza SmoothieThere's nothing easier than a healthy smoothie for a perfect balance of nutrients to make your day. You don’t have to be a domestic goddess in the kitchen to perk up your personality; just a few simple changes to your diet could increase your energy levels and give you a much needed lift. Have one as a meal replacement and you could find yourself a few pounds lighter in no time at all (The Carrot Cruncher). I’ve listed three of my own recipes below to get you started but you can experiment – be creative and don’t forget to share your recipe! It’s packed full of vitamins A, C, K and B12 which will also give a boost to your immune system. Rub the skin and select carrots with a shiny texture and bright orange colour which is a good sign of beta carotene (vitamin A), a powerful antioxidant. It’s creamy and fruity and I just want to sit back, close my eyes and scoop it up with a spoon.
Blueberries contain catechins which activate fat-burning genes in abdominal fat cells and can assist with weight loss – especially around your tummy.
Cranberries are high in vitamin C and have an antibacterial effect on the body (great if the urinary tract wonders what on earth you have been putting through it), raspberries give energy and aid digestion, they are high in vitamin B and work as well or better than caffeine filled energy drink. You could add a handful of cranberries to bulk up this smoothie and frozen cranberries are available all year round in most supermarkets. Adding spinach to a smoothie is hands down one of the easiest (and sneakiest…hehe…shhh) ways to get your spinach serving in for the day. The scientists believe the finding will be of interest not only to athletes but also to elderly people and those with metabolic, respiratory or cardiovascular diseases. It’s never too late to make a new resolution and who knows, with energy levels at a high, this could be YOUR year for finishing that novel, climbing a mountain or cycling across a continent. If you prefer a really sweet smoothie, choose thicker carrots where the core region of the root contains more sugars.
Blueberries are a powerful little superfood; rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and can slow or even reverse the ageing of the brain, they are expensive but you only need a few and they can be found all year round in the supermarket.
She has more than 14 years of clinical experience specializing in liver disease, autoimmune disease, thyroid conditions, diabetes, insulin resistance, digestive disorders, chronic infections, children’s health, fertility and pregnancy care.
Well the good news is that spring officially begins at 7:02 am on March 20th and with increased daylight, warmer temperatures and the rebirth of flora and fauna, it’s time to come out of hibernation and step into spring!
Energise yourself with lashings of vitamins in a smoothie that packs a punch (The Big Brain Booster). Organic vegetables are in general, free from harmful pesticides and chemicals which contain toxic elements. Bananas contain thiamine which helps the body convert carbohydrates into energy and supports the nervous system and pineapple is packed with vitamins, making it an excellent addition to any diet. They contain zinc which is good for the immune system, which has no doubt taken a battering while you were out partying.
Parsley and spinach are excellent sources of iron, minerals and chlorophyll for improved energy while lemon provides vitamin C for improved absorption.
Claire consults in private practice in Sydney and also offers consults out of area and is an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. When you’ve really indulged (as we all do and regret it the morning after) a hangover smoothie can bring you back to life before you can utter, “never again!” (The Red-Eye).
If you can’t find organic carrots, make sure you peel them prior to blending as the majority of toxic substances are contained in the top layers of the skin.

Add lemon juice and fresh mint to taste – they refresh and detoxify and a pinch of cinnamon will protect the liver from alcohol damage. It’s a healthy smoothie (with both a fruit and vegetable serving) hiding behind a handful of cookies.
I like to add a couple of leaves of wild garlic to give it bite – wild garlic is a wonderful spring food and free! Sandra Cabot, who is known as the “Liver Cleansing Doctor” and has written more than 25 health related books.
Forage it from the banks of streams at this time of year and use the leaves only, leaving the bulbs to grow again next year. Claire writes health related articles, creates healthy recipes and is one of the nutritionists who runs our Guided Reboot programs. Add turmeric into the mix, and you end up with a refreshing drink that is hormone-balancing, anti-inflammatory, and energizing. Add cookies to the blender, re-cover, and blend until cookies are chopped finely, about 30-60 seconds. It’s a great way to re-energize your body and clarify your mind without the nasty side effects of caffeine. I found some great chocolate cookies at Trader Joe's that were not only tasty and crunchy but also not as filled with chemicals and additives as some other options. Chia seeds are the star ingredient in this drink, and they’re packed with good protein, Omega-3s, calcium, and magnesium. Make your own electrolyte drink to replenish yourself after a workout, during illness, or just everyday. A quick shot of apple cider vinegar in the morning can help get you over the hump and keep you feeling feisty for your day. By itself or blended with healthy fats, herbal coffee substitutes are a delicious and comforting way to start your morning without the caffeine.
Packed with Vitamin C, in addition to the benefits of apple cider vinegar, this smoothie will leave you anything but groggy. If you want to kick the caffeine habit without giving up the taste of coffee, then you should check out:Better Than Store-Bought!
She shows you her tried-and-tested tips and secrets that work like a charm every single time. In her free time, she enjoys food photography, flipping through cookbooks, and tackling home improvement projects.
Lindsey has dedicated much of her time over the past several years to unlearning conventional practices and implementing Traditional foods and natural remedies in her home. Lindsey now loves to share her knowledge and recipes through her blog Today in Dietzville and her eBook Nourishing No-Bake Treats.Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.
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