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Mix all ingredients in blender adding more or less honey to taste, and more or less milk to desired consistency.
Make Sure You Like Us on Facebook to Be Updated Every Time We Find Innovative Ways To Create A Sustainable Lifestyle. Becca loves this green smoothie and has been drinking it almost every morning for breakfast for the past 2 months. My favourite feature of the Vitamix is that it blends the fruit and veggies to a perfect juice without losing the nutrients in the pulp of the vegetables and fruits. A professional, blogger, traveller, mom of twin boys, who loves all things caffeinated, cooking, baking, creating and dreams of taking her boys to every continent in the world. I'll grant you this it doesn't look to pretty once blended but after your first deep sip you'll forget the interesting colour and thank me for the pretty darn good smoothie you are now enjoying. My mom usually makes me a fruit smoothie in the mornings when I stay over my parents’ house, sometimes.
We kept it simple this year and stayed home and enjoyed time together as a family enjoying big mugs of hot milky tea, warm hot cross buns slathered in butter and maybe a few sneaky choccie easter eggs. But when my body is lagging in energy and I feel like I need an injection of goodness and zip this Ultimate Energy Boosting Green Smoothie is my go to drink.
J.D adores this smoothie and really it's the only way I can inject some greens into his diet.

Please consult your doctor or health care practitioner before using any natural or commercial remedies.
My other favourite part about smoothies is that you can use up some odds and ends around the kitchen.
It was a bleak and dreary weekend in our part of the world and I was so thankful we didn't have crazy ideas of going camping this year. It is what my body craves if I'm feeling run down and tired or if I've over indulged to many days in a row. We have in years passed but that was B.K (Before Kids) but the sheer energy that goes into putting together a camping trip these days is beyond me at the moment.
I live on these in the early days of motherhood when I am living on zero sleep and all I want to do is raid the chocolate chip container.
The difference is that the leaves are specially picked from the top of the tree and ground down into a very fine powder, so you are actually ingesting the entire leaf, rather than a steeped version. As I type this though plans are in motion to go for a short camping trip in the coming weeks for a two night stay at a local dam in our area. This smoothie hits all the right spots in the craving department with chocolatey goodness from the cocoa and the addition of the almond butter and banana gives a scrumptious snickers type flavour to the smoothie.
I have tried enticing him with sneaky home made fritters packed full of veggies, ham and cheese, savoury muffins, healthy pancakes, wraps and pita pizzas.

In the mean time it's time to get some green goodness into the body after the weekends binge on Easter treats. Anyone else feeling a little rough around the edges after the sugar over load from the weekend? The oats and vegetables inject some fibre goodness to keep the plumbing works under control. You might scrunch your nose up at the addition of celery, cucumber and spinach but you really cannot taste it. He will drink them without blinking an eye and no "I don't yike this mummy" comes from his mouth.
I generally make this smoothie up for breakfast or lunch but have been known to down one at dinner if I'm feeling particularly lazy or run down.

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