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We live in a world that never stops, there is a constant hum of activity all around us, so it is no surprise that many of us fin our energy levels flagging.
Whilst Q10 isn’t a vitamin, it does act like one and is responsible for around 95% of the bodies output of energy, controlling how much is made in each cell. Bio-Quinone Q10 Gold is available from Pharma Nord, it is a daily supplement of 1-2 capsules per day containing Q10. B Vitamins are important as they are what enable us to unlock the energy that is stored inside our food. A deficiency of Vitamin C can lead to many problems, but it is important for our immune system to function properly, if it doesn’t our bodies struggle to fight of infections and viruses, meaning we are expending more energy trying to defeat colds and bugs and less on daily life.

Emergen-C is not a tablet or capsule, in fact it is a powder that you mix with water to create a delicious drink. This is actually an algae and when we have Chlorella in our systems it does amazing things. Sun Chlorella produce tablets that allow you to get chlorella into your system and get to work. An energy boosting food supplement, Moringa is a tree and every single part of it can be used, but the most important part of the plant for energy is the leaf.
Ankh Rah specialise in supplements that are made using Moringa, from powder that can be made into a tea, to oils for topical applications.

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