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Mass urbanization in the Asia Pacific means that those living in rural areas are moving into cities in greater and greater numbers.
Without adequate planning, development of urban areas could lead to uncontrolled sprawl and environmental degradation, while population increases can create problems of inadequate housing, infrastructure and traffic nightmares. Hong Kong is well known for its excellent MTR transit system as well as its buildings and skyscrapers.
First-time visitors and arrivals in Hong Kong are drawn to the idea of the pedestrian walkway in Central and the public use of space on private property. When the majority of Hong Kong people living in small quarters, public spaces are areas that many people turn to in order to get some breathing room, feel free, and socialize with friends. Your A-Z Guide to Asia's green side; from eco-paint to organic food to recyclers & more!
Uncertainties in climate change scenarios: How the uncertainties associated with climate change are rooted?
Climate Change: A Challenge for COP21?: Discover the major challenges of the next international climate conference (COP 21) to be held in Paris in late 2015!
Learning to cope with climate change: Why climate change education is important to structure sustainable development and how it works in practice?
Humans are pouring carbon dioxide into the atmosphere much faster than nature can absorb it. SMALL FOOTPRINT These little designer vents are the only evidence you’ll see of an energy-efficient air-delivery system that heats, cools, ventilates, filters, humidifies, and dehumidifies. Cities have turned to transit oriented developments and smart growth strategies to curb uncontrolled development.

With 46% of our land designated as protected space, only less than 25% is regarded as built-up, making every bit of space that much more precious. Unlike some of the walkable city streets in places like New York, the central business districts in Hong Kong are connected through a series of overpasses.
As space is so precious in Hong Kong, people enjoy going out rather than staying at home in cramped living spaces.
Huge opportunities exist in making better use of spaces that are currently occupied by parking and roads, as well as prime waterfront spaces that are underutilized and are currently blocked off to the public or simply paved for the sake of creating a path. Even though there are new-tech washing machines have been developed that operate in a energy-saving models, there are some other ideas to make your washing more eco-friendly. For urban areas, an integral part of this is increasing density by building up near transportation hubs. A lack of convenient sidewalks to connect people to destinations, coupled with the high levels of roadside pollution in many areas, ensure that Hong Kong’s many overpasses and underground spaces are well used. However, a balance needs to be struck between government, the public and developers in negotiating where this space can be taken. For example, use the coldest possible water to do your washing and only do full loads of washing.
Designed for interior or exterior use, they come from a company trusted by institutions such as the Montpelier Foundation.
But without consideration for the bulk, orientation and spacing of concrete blocks rising quickly in cities, this density can lead to a walled city effect, with lack of air ventilation, insufficient public space and hideous looking streetscapes that are not at human scale. With concessions being made to developers on gross floor area in exchange for providing more public space, public spaces are not necessarily the most pleasant for users. At the same time, with the lack of space generally in Hong Kong, more public involvement in the design of these spaces would be valuable. VICTORIAN GLOW  Cast-iron fireplace grates like the Victorian are modeled after authentic 19th-century coal grates.

Some cities, such as Vancouver, have design review panels that approve the design of tall buildings. Unattractive or bulky buildings that block views and adjacent air ventilation would not be approved in the city based on reviewer feedback from the public. SLOW HEAT  The custom-built Sinatra Cuisine soapstone masonry heater with bake oven radiates heat slowly over a long period of time. SMART SKYLIGHT  The Smart LED system combines a tubular skylight fitted with LEDs that come on only when it’s dark outside, cutting energy use by up to 94 percent. WARM COVERUP  Transform the appearance of any radiator with a metal cover in a selection of historical styles dating to the early 20th century. COMPACT WATER HEATER  The Tempra Plus tankless electric water heater is designed to replace a conventional water heater for potential energy savings of up to 20 percent. STREAMLINED RADIANT  Part of the Bisque collection, the Seta updates the classic radiator profile with distinctive “pepper shaker” tops.
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