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What would happen if we just took some baby steps?  What if we took some relatively simple steps to move our economy from inefficient toward moderately efficient?  What if we did what we did after the last Oil Crisis?
This graphic may be reproduced in any form of educational or non-profit purposes without special permission from the GRID-Arendal, provided acknowledgement of the source is made. GRID-Arendal would appreciate receiving a copy of any publication that features this graphic. No use of this graphic may be made for resale or any other commercial purpose whatsoever without prior permission in writing from GRID-Arendal.
The graphic shows the total world energy consumption from 1970 to 2001, with projections to 2020. Tourism in the Antarctic the graph shows the number of tourist and ships going to the Antarctic from 1981 to 1996.
Coastal Arctic food web (drift ice) The coastal Arctic food web is closely related to drift ice conditions and seasonal use of shorelines by both terrestrial and sea mammals.
Gross product per person 1950-1994 The graphic shows the evolution of gross world product per person from 1950 to 1994 in U.S Dollars. Antarctic Specially Protected Areas The 1961 Antarctic treaty system, which governs the land and water south of 60 degrees latitude south, gives the environment an overall protection against human development.
Deforestation in the Amazon region The amount of deforestation in the Amazon region is increasing at an alarming rate.
Deforestation in Rondonia (Brazil) in the nineties The graph shows deforestation in Rondonia, Brazil. Emissions of CO2 per capita 1990 (selected countries) The graph shows emissions of CO2 per capita 1990. Contribution of fish to human diet The percentage of fish to the total human diet from various regions in the world.
This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2014, Peak Oil. If the North Dakota data comes out tomorrow I will have a post with that data a few hours later. Anyhow… Jeffery Brown, it looks like South American and the Middle East Net Oil Exports will continue to decline in 2013. While the Central Banks manipulate the paper prices of precious metals LOWER, they continue push up the Stock and Bond markets HIGHER. While the charts show that Gold is falling against the price of a barrel of Brent Crude, I don’t see it as deflation, rather I see it as manipulation. One of the data points I am trying to uncover is the 199 million oz of gold held at the New York Fed which 95-98% is foreign owned stock. Thus the value of gold is not DEFLATING per say, rather its being kept artificially low s0 the rest of the world is DELUDED into believing (the abortion called) the U.S.
In the Statistical Review of World Energy, oil production includes C+C+NGL as Ron pointed out in his post. Due to the different definitions (along with stock changes), we would not expect the production and consumption numbers to match. Sure, we can split hairs on some of the details, but I would imagine the overall net export figure will continue to decline. At the nitty gritty level of consumption versus production can anybody say whether stocks of crude are being drawn down significantly on a world wide basis? China is building its strategic reserve , I read a figure of 1.2Mbpd, so I suspect that alone would offset falls in commercial oil stocks in the West. Since there are no (zero) negative consequences for institutional dishonesty and cheating anymore why bother putting any effort into it. You must getting someones attention, certainly a rash of spam lately and some interesting new followers.
It will fade during the next oil price drop (checking watch for the next SPR release threat). Insofar as we know, no one tracks actual global crude oil (generally defined as 45 or lower API gravity crude oil).

3) Suppress competing consumption, using military to achieve rapid enemy population decline, where anyone who is a competing consumer will be defined as enemy via whatever manufactured offense. Natural gas liquids are not really liquids, at least not at room temperature or sea level pressure. I don’t find BPs North American production figures very different from the EIA or the IEAs. I think you are mistaken about crude production numbers being known very precisely within the industry. The amount of pentanes plus in 2013 was only 13% so ignoring NGL makes perfect sense in my opinion. Another consideration is that some of the butane is mixed into gasoline and propane substitutes for home heating oil in rural areas that have no access to natural gas pipelines (parts of the northeast and upper Midwest in the US), the ethane component is mostly used for producing plastic and some chemicals and is not really used for energy. The larger problem is that most agencies (both the IEA and the EIA) do not adjust for the lower energy content of NGL relative to C+C, if NGL is discounted by about 70% at least it is then equivalent on an energy basis. My understanding is that they are a part of NGL, if that is incorrect I am sorry, along with whatever else you find annoying. When I talk about TRR it is usually in response to comments which imply that TRR should be ignored entirely. It is correct that TRR matters much less than proved reserves and economically recoverable resources. Amongst the products of this process are ethane, butane, isobutene, propane, and pentanes plus.
My understanding is that these pentanes are counted as part of the NGL stream (about 13% of it in 2013). I think that the following chart showing normalized values for Global Gas, Global NGL’s and Global C+C (2005 values = 100%) is the key chart. My premise is that condensate, a byproduct of natural gas production, continued to increase at about the same rate as the rate of increase in global gas production, and I suspect that rising condensate production accounted for virtually all of the post-2005 increase in Global C+C production.
To compensate for increased cost and lower quality, cars would have to be getting over 60 mpg. With the increased cost of fuel, insurance, the cars themselves, increased cost of maintenance, tolls, licensing, etc.
You apparently are rather well informed about some of the ins and out of the banking and finance industries that are not well known to most people. On the CO2 account, low emissions nuclear power has been replaced by low emissions renewable energy.
As far as the failure to reduce the rate of growth of carbon emissions, I thought your position was that carbon emissions were of little importance.
But I can be highly critical of those plugging an energy policy aimed at reducing global CO2 emissions that is clearly not working. I my opinion there are two problems, climate change due to carbon and other green house gas emissions (which I had the mistaken impression that you thought was not a pressing matter due to your low estimate of equilibrium climate sensitivity, similar to the F17 probability level of AR5, or 1.5C for 2x CO2) and the coming peak in fossil fuels. I do not have a problem with nuclear, though I think the costs may be higher than you imagine, I think a combination of solar (placed appropriately), wind, tidal, geothermal, nuclear, and energy efficiency in whatever combination minimizes costs makes the most sense, with a large dose of HVDC transmission to move power from places where there is excess to where it is needed. Renewables don’t mix with nuclear and a point that Hansen makes is the renewables route locks us into a FF future.
On bureaucrats deciding on the energy mix, just raise carbon fees and let the market sort it out if you don’t trust the bureaucrats.
Even if we stopped all fossil fuel consumption (never gonna happen!) the Earth will still get much warmer in the future, just not as fast.
Long before we see dramatic CO2 increases we’ll run out of cheap liquid fuels and the global economic will collapse to pre-industrialized levels (before 2040). Odds also favor WW3, as energy and other strategic resources become difficult and expensive. The following illustration shows how high our oil consumption is compared to other countries on a per capita basis. Could we actually improve our economy by conserving energy?  Stay tuned for future installments in this series.

It clearly shows the steady and periodically dramatical growth of the gross world product per person since 1950. CO2 can be emitted as byproduct from the use of fossil fuel, by combustion, land-use conversion and cement production. There are a lot of things in this report but I am only posting charts on liquid petroleum only. Only North American production is increasing significantly and we know that the shale sites will soon fall into decline after reaching a peak. As production will begin to steadily decrease each government will be looking to secure oil for themselves from sites which can still produce large amounts of oil for a fair few years.
Had I known you thought it was counted as a NGL I would have replied to you differently above. Are there two pentanes, those that condensate out of natural gas and those that are separated at the gas plant? Their general response is to work more and harder to make more money and have less and less or owe more and more. My scepticism is divided into two parts 1) I’m highly critical of climate science and the IPCC and 2) I am actually cautious on emissions longer term and would for example opt for nuclear in Europe rather than allowing shale gas developments to go ahead. What it is doing in Europe and the UK is destroying landscape, pushing up power bills significantly, spreading energy poverty, making industry less competitive and undermining the stability of the grid and the financial position of the grid operators. The biggest threat to the Planet is the 430+ nuclear reactors and there spent fuel pools which is a doomsday machine. The precusors to WW1 and WW2 where resources, as industrialized nations competed for resources.
Over the last decade developed countries have attempted to reduce the over-all energy demand. I mostly enjoy your comments but sometimes find the aura of superiority a tad irritating; this is an example. This is testimony to the absolute failure of energy policies aimed at reducing CO2 emissions.
I have little time for the hysterics who see a connection between 400 ppm CO2 and near record cold winter conditions in the USA this past winter.
Its really quite an achievement to have so much negative impact from a policy that has totally failed. If the global grid crashes for more than a week we will set off the doomsday machine as the spent fuel pools start boiling off and start catching fire.
Europe fought proxy wars in Africa, the Middle East, South America and Asia during the error of Colonialism to obtain resources. The report actually has data from 1965 but I started all charts from 1990 in order to highlight more recent production. The top layer is the 2013 review, the bottom layer is the new 2014 review, so the columns are shifted one year ahead for reasons of easy comparison. Once Liquid fuel shortages begin, nuke plant operators will no longer have the resources needed to properly maintain the plants. Excluding inflation, that is 1100 percent rise in cost for the graphed time period for a 33 percent gain in liquid production. Do you think it is possible for a handful of unelected technocrats in Brussels to work out the best configuration for European electricity generation in 2020, 20 years ahead of that date? For instance if the SFP #4 at Fukashima collapsed, it would have rendered most of Japan uninhabitable.
Any reactors in the lethal zone could no longer be maintained because anyone in the lethal zone will die. This isn’t even considering the chaos when close to 100 Million Japanese would need to flee.

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