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In the traditional approach to managing energy costs, you receive your bills long after the energy has been consumed—sometimes weeks or months after the fact. The new world of energy management makes budgeting proactive: tracking and recording energy usage and costs as they occur, projecting future usage and costs, and comparing it all to your budget.
Visibility into your energy usage and costs can help you identify when you might go over budget before it happens, and can even help get an idea of what your future costs will look like.
The Cost Accruals Analysis tool available in energy intelligence software (EIS) boils down difficult and cumbersome tariff calculations to a daily accrued cost. Read More" target="_blank" class="symple-button large blue" style="border-radius:5px">Read MoreLearn how energy intelligence software can transform your organization with our free guide.
The analysis will also predict future costs by calculating a daily average cost from previous days in the time period and extrapolating out. Cost owners can use the Cost Accruals Analysis to track daily accrued costs to understand when they are likely to go over their budget, and take action before actually doing so.
In addition to reducing uncertainty and staying on top of your budget, tracking accrued costs can assist with showing progress towards your corporate energy goals or demonstrating ROI on energy initiatives.
Rebbie is a Senior Product Manager at EnerNOC, where she works closely on many of the features of our energy intelligence software.
Webinar alert - PwC and EnerNOC Make the Case for Creating a Comprehensive Energy Strategy. The United States is playing second accordion to Germany when it comes to bankrolling, innovating and deploying the solar infrastructure we need to better adapt to climate change.

Compared to German competitors, America’s solar sector has historically priced its renewable energy future too high for mainstream adoption. While Seif and Calhoun believe cost-reduction opportunities abide in installation labor and other soft spots, they acknowledge that it is more not less solar labor that is needed right now.
Once national priorities catch up to state realities, the United States may be able to meet Germany on a greener field. Compared to where we were at the turn of the century, America’s explosive solar market is empowering Main Street and Wall Street alike. Billing dates often don’t align with calendar months, and you can’t pinpoint exactly when energy costs were incurred. Each day’s cost is tallied into weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or custom time periods and compared against the corresponding budget.
These are broken out into component costs (such as demand, consumption, or contracted costs) in order to understand which costs have the greatest impact on total spend. Let’s say it’s September 20th and you want to run an analysis of your expected expenses for Q3 before the quarter closes.
Without having to wait weeks until a utility bill comes in—or having to guess your costs based solely on consumption or demand data—you can have confidence in your spend and projected budget variance long before you see invoices. The Cost Accruals Analysis is a versatile tool to help you manage your energy spend and track against your budget. That is increasingly changing as investment shifts from subsidization of the doomed fossil fool industry to renewable competitors.

To do that, we’ll need to be less conservative with our solar incentives, and less labyrinthine in our power infrastructure.
Once broken down into discrete costs, it analyzes your daily spend as soon as that day is complete. The analysis will calculate your actual accruals for July 1—September 19, generate a daily average for that time frame, and use that average to predict costs for September 20—30. That would bring America in range of Germany’s cheaper solar paragon, because you get what you pay for. Americans are unfairly caught in the crossfire of these unsustainable turf wars as the open-sourced, inter-networked solar future they deserve is too slowly hatched. These large energy efficient reversible fans are perfect for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, refrigerated warehouses, gyms, pavilions, and more.For more information about high velocity low speed fans, please call us toll free at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message. Thus, you’ll know your energy spend accruals weeks before getting a bill, enabling you to proactively adjust your operations where appropriate to reduce usage and stay under budget.

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