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When building a green home one chooses to do so to reduce the harmful impact on the environment.
With all the information so readily available to us, there’s no excuse not to educate yourself as best as you can to learn about all your green building options. You want to minimize your footprint as much as you possibly can, this means getting rid of all unnecessary waste including all building products and machines needed to create and run them. The roof protects and carries the walls and therefore when building much consideration needs to be placed upon the roof.
You’re reading 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Green Home originally posted on Freshome. Direct from Queensland, the original and traditional Queenslander-style stumped homes feature all-round verandah decks with balustrade.
Queenslanders can be built on metropolitan or country blocks if your land area allows, stumping up to 5 metres off the ground is possible for the sloping block or just at home on a concrete slab for flat blocks. Starting with the three bedroom two bathroom model, and moving up to our largest top of the range five bedroom two and a half bathroom with activity, theatre room and study is the new ‘Manor’. The new intricate Viewpoint design is also turning heads with the half hexagonal design feature to the front of the home to catch your 180 degree views, timber French doors and windows included to the front elevation, and an enormous alfresco deck to the front of the home. All homes in this range are timeless and exceptional in their own right and we have built hundreds of these throughout Western Australia over the past 15 years.
Queenslanders come complete with large country kitchens with walk in pantries, 2.7 metre wall heights or high raked ceilings to the living areas, large luxurious bathrooms, and in some models natural timber 10 lite French doors and windows that open from all bedrooms out onto their own personal verandah.
So why not indulge yourself with the ultimate home and come and take a closer look at our Queenslander five bedroom two bathroom Lifestyle with all round verandahs on display at Wangara. These amazing designs are currently being built right throughout Western Australia and we build regularly in the Perth metropolitan area so ring for an appointment and discuss your own customised Queenslander to meet your living requirements today on (08) 93098999.

Careful thought and consideration must be placed on every aspect of this home design, from the roof to the foundation to everything in between – electrical work, air quality, and affordability. As wonderful as it sounds to have a lovely country home in the bucolic countryside, off the beaten path, do consider building in or near town.
By placing the front of the home due south, you will automatically lower your energy costs by 10%. In the US minimum insulation codes have been increased in recognition of the ability to prevent heat loss and gain via walls, windows, roof and foundation. It is important to understand how much weight the roof will need to support and the shape of the roof is vital to the home efficiency of energy.
Everything from your roofing material, building material, insulation to you your flooring, counters and cabinets should be environmentally friendly. We have eight designs in the Queenslander range, including three new impressive designs, the Viewpoint, Skyline and the awe inspiring Manor. This home includes 2.7 metre high ceilings, dropped verandahs, double carport, spa bath and an awe inspiring front elevation with three dutch gables making a grand statement wherever you build this design throughout Western Australia. Welcome the new Queenslander Skyline with a flat skillion roof, highlight windows to the internal raked ceiling in the centre of the home, huge alfresco areas for socialising to the front and rear of the home. This home design looks good on any block in WA but is typically suited to the larger Perth suburban blocks.
Efficiencies can be gained by raising your home up to create a underneath space the same size as your home!
As the population ages we should take careful consideration to what our future needs and lifestyle and prepare for such. Whether using recycled lumber, natural products such as cork, or bamboo, concrete, granite or recycled glass, everything you could possibly need or want to build your home should be eco-friendly.

This home is creating much discussion as it looks completely different, modern, eye catching and has the wow factor included. In the past clients have adapted this area for use as a spacious carport, a workshop, a barbeque area, a shed or shade for the dog! With all the knowledge and resources available to us today there really is no excuse for not being environmentally conscientious. If you plan on expanding your family or taking in elderly relatives, you will want to plan ahead and put the proper accommodations and resources into place. It can disrupt the lives and dens of local wildlife and eliminate them altogether in order to bring additional lines, utilities and roads where they don’t currently exist. When building your home you should be using toxic-free, sustainable, recycled and low voc products. A well insulated building will not only save energy and resources but will cut your electrical bill substantially. A proper drainage system put in place will work to ensure that the roof can best protect your home in the most efficient manner possible. One should also note that it would not be wise to have a glass wall facing due south  as this will have the complete opposite effect! Everything from the roof to the foundation, from the lighting to the floor, from insulation to paint can all be environmentally sound. Plant trees near your home to offer natural shade on southern sides and take advantage of skylights (with shades) to maximize the sun’s energy.

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