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Learn about the human energy field, how subtle energies move and build up, and most importantly, why it's important to clear and balance your field with Energy Field Healing.
This unique guide has been written by Sue Zange, the pioneer and developer of Advanced Energy Field Healing. Energy Field Healing is a highly advanced alternative therapy which works through the body's energy field (aura).
The art of Energy Field Healing is a highly tuned sensitivity which allows the healer to access high level energies to read and intepret the patterns of consciousness of the Client.
Clinic results show this powerful therapy to be effective in a wide range of conditions and is able to help on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
The information provided on this site (with the exception of Therapist profiles) has been written and compiled by Sue Zange, and is provided courtesy of Inspirit ~ The Centre for Energy Field Awareness. During treatment the Healer works in the subtle vibrations of energy which surround the physical body. During your session, the healer will clear the energy field of blocked, stagnant and imbalanced energies, and cleanse and balance the body's twelve main energy centres (chakras). Some results can be felt almost immediately, including a sense of lightness and relief, and then the deeper healing process will continue for a 7 to 28 day period. Your energy field healer will relay to you any specific information you need following your personal session with them, and will advise you on how best to engage in the process of your healing. Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is to guide and increase awareness of the alternative therapy of Energy Field Healing.
This site, it's authors or creators cannot accept any responsibility or liability for the services provided by the healers listed herewith. The information provided on this site (with the exception of Therapist profiles), has been written and compiled by Sue Zange, and is provided courtesy of Inspirit ~ The Centre for Energy Field Awareness.
Your Energy Field Healer has been trained to advanced level and is able to accessing on all levels.
We live in a world of subtle, unseen energies which drive and influence our lives every day.
For a long time my life was driven by such unseen subtleties which caused me to experience much emotional and mental stress, and trauma. After meeting Sue Zange, I trained to become an Energy Field Healer in 2004, and shortly after, an Advanced Energy Field Healer. As a result, I have greater self-awareness, an increased capacity to love, with a deeper understanding of people, the dynamics they are in, behaviours they exhibit and more importantly, an inner peace and acceptance that I had not been able to experience previously. I am able to offer distant healing to those who would like to experience the transformation of energies around them, if it is inconvenient to come and see a healer.
Please see my website for details on the Subtle Energy Awareness Programme and future course dates, as well as distant healing. Energy field healing is a peaceful and relaxing experience, whilst always addressing the true cause of any imbalance within our energy system. Whether feeling well or unwell, I highly recommend the experience of having energy field healing.
It is unique and personal to each client, and each appointment (whether we have one or more) will address what we need at that time. Whatever the reason for wanting an energy healing session (simple cleanse & balancing, pleasure, or for the more serious times in life), I feel it is time well spent.
My interest in health and the real causes of illness began early on in life and continues today. Since then my whole working life has been involved with "the caring professions", starting as a Medical Secretary, and later training as a Midwife.
Over the next few years my sensitivity to energy developed and I began to sense colours and textures in the energy field; sometimes emotions or words as well.
Energy Field Healing has provided me with the detailed techniques I was looking for to enable me to work on the human energy field in the way I have always dreamed of doing. Having had the privilege to work alongside Sue Zange at The Healing Centre and by regularly attending her courses, I am up-to-date with the latest advanced higher level techniques. Karmic Healing (releasing and clearing patterns from the past), Relationship Healing (understanding and bringing to balance issues within relationship dynamics), Stress and Pain Relief (clearing excessive energy build-up and patterns) and release from childhood patterning. I endeavour to assist others to move forwards in their lives and to embrace new potentials. For the last 12 months I have been providing a mobile service, visiting clients and their families in the comfort of their own homes. I also provide a very effective Distant Healing service, for those clients who cannot be present for an Energy Field Healing session themselves, or for those who wish to offer a gift of healing to another. If you run a business and are experiencing high levels of sickness, or poor productivity levels, I provide and on-site service for you and your employees. I first discovered energy field healing in 2003 when I came to know Sue Zange as a healer and reader, and latterly as a teacher. I cannot imagine my life without energy field healing - it is part of me and the air that I breathe!
Energy Field Healing is now a way of life for me and I strive to be of service to help others.
If you are unable to come and see me because of mobility, then I can arrange for home visits.
Hi, I'm Melanie, an Advanced Energy Field Healer and a Certified Teacher of Inspirit Training Programmes. My most popular appointment is a one hour Energy Field Healing session to clear, balance and restore the energy field. I offer a number of different sessions and services related to my skills and ability to work with subtle energy. The Subtle Energy Training ProgrammeTM - a 2 day course which will help you to learn more about Subtle Energy and which will teach you how to keep your own energy field clear and light. I also teach the Enhance your Light, Enhance your LifeTM Programme - learn more about meditation and visualisation with this enhanced method. These beautiful courses designed by Sue Zange are absolutely essential if you want to learn more about subtle energy, or meditation and visualisation. I am passionate about Energy Field Healing and often attend shows and give talks and taster sessions.
In our everyday lives we experience many issues this may be physical trauma, emotional, mental and even despair.
I am a qualified Operating Department Practitioner and I work in an Operating theatre Environment with a great team.
I trained in Reflexology, Reiki, Indian head massage and although I enjoyed the learning experience, It did not satisfy what I was looking for. Sometimes our lives can go in many directions before we come to walk the rightful path, then I think our gut instinct kicks in and you just know that this is the right person, place and timing everything just falls into place.

There was still a gap I needed to fill in my life when someone recommended Sue Zange and Energy Field Healing. I trained in Energy Field Healing in 2004, from childhood I was sensitive to people and places. Energy Field Healing will help to find and transform the cause or imbalance so you the client can feel the effects in your body.
I would like to help you to transform your life and to feel good about yourself and to empower yourself. My name is Sue Tranter and I was first introduced to Energy Field Healing in 2004 when I saw Sue Zange for a Healing session. I knew I had to know more about Energy Field Healing and the effects it could have on my life so I began attending Sue's courses. In 2006 I enrolled on Sue's Foundational Diploma Course, I completed this in early 2007 and by the end of 2007 had also completed the Advanced Level Diploma Course.
In 2010 I was a founding director at The Healing Centre in Hall Green Birmingham and in 2013 decided to offer clients a mobile healing service and a distant healing service. My specialist area of expertise in Energy Field Healing is in energetic reconstruction and alignments of the central core energy systems. Ideal in situations of chronic illness, system breakdown and weakness, pain, physical illness and the presence of severe or long term stress. I am based in Evesham, Worcestershire and am willing and able to travel throughout the Midlands. She taught me simple techniques to cleanse and protect my energy field and they were extremely effective.
For more information or to book a healing please, email me and I shall respond within 24hours. My name is Liz Goodwin and I first come across Energy Field Healing in 2012 when I had several treatments by Sue Zange, having felt the need to be more balanced, focused, and calmer in my life.
These feelings stimulated my interest in this area of Subtle Energies and I decided to study this fascinating area with Sue Zange.
In the past I have taught Yoga (British School of Yoga), reflexology and massage, which are all great therapies, but for myself, energy field healing and an awareness of it in my everyday life, has had the greatest affect; in the sense that I feel lighter, more in control, have better relationships and look at the world in a different way, an energetic way. In the spring of 2015 I plan to offer residential weekend courses for women in a beautiful period house in Keswick, Cumbria.
From a career in agriculture I moved into training and subsequently into the caring profession which extended to healthy eating, mental health and autism. Although I continued to train in other therapies there was something missing then I discovered Energy Field Healing through a friend. Since then I have each year attended Graduate support days and other courses as Healing the Home, Healing Animals and Advanced Energy Field Healing Techniques. My interest and passion is predominately with supporting children and young people especially with special educational needs.
Having qualified in other therapies over 15 years ago, I was still looking for that one special treatment to offer my clients. I am a fully qualified Advanced Energy Field Healer, Teacher of The Subtle Energy Awareness Programme, and the Enhance Your Light meditation and visualisation programme. Energy Field Healing can have an amazing effect on your life and for me personally I can say this has been the case. Should you wish to find out more about this remarkable therapy, Subtle Energy Awareness or Enhance Your Light meditation , please do not hesitate to contact me for further details. Thiaoouba - The Joy of Perfect Health This book explains what you can do to maximize your natural self healing ability.
Aura - Learn To See Your Aura Image With Your Own Eyes - How to see and READ the AURA: Part 1.
How To :See Your Own Aura In The Mirror-pt 1-with BDevine - BDevine explains a simple way of looking at your Aura,which also helps you to have stronger psychic vision,and even see other peoples Auras easily!
Starflower Healing for Animals and People with Mary Sue Comstock offers hands-on and distance Healing Touch for Animals® Sessions for both small and large animals. Energy Therapy Sessions for People using Healing Touch® techniques can help with stress and anxiety, emotional, spiritual and physical issues. Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) is a hands-on healing method in which the practitioner uses her hands to clear, energize and balance the energy field around an animal's body so that relaxation and healing can take place. NOTE: HTA® techniques are designed to enhance the healing process, and do not replace traditional veterinary medicine or veterinary healthcare. Very beneficial for animals that have suffered abuse or abandonment; for example, animals adopted from a shelter. Aids in preparation for medical treatments and with follow-up care after medical treatments. Healing Touch can be very beneficial during the euthanasia process to soothe and support your animal friend in his or her passing. Mary Sue Comstock, Certified Healing Touch for Animals® Practitioner, offers hands-on and distance Healing Touch for Animals® sessions for both small and large animals. Mary Sue has a Master's Degree in Transformational Counseling and offers, for her human clients, flower and gem essence consultations in both in-person and telephone sessions.
Areas of imbalance, misalignment, stagnation or blockage are then addressed by applying advanced energy techniques.
Feel free to describe the functionality of modules and templates you need to enhance your Zen Cart by sending us a request for quote. During treatment the client remains fully clothed throughout, and usually no touch is involved as the healing is carried out in the energy field around the body.
It is the client's own responsibility to choose to undertake healing, and you should be aware that alternative therapies are not a substitute for conventional medicine and professional services care.
Clients should make enquiries with the individual healer direct to understand the skills and personal compatibility for their own healing journey. From the moment we enter this world, we experience patterns of behaviour, belief systems and conditioning which become a normal part of our everyday lives. As a result, these factors presented themselves in the form of physical health issues as I was not addressing or challenging them. Sue introduced me to a subtle, yet powerful technique of being able to transform patterns of behaviour, conditioning and belief systems that were not serving me anymore, in a safe, peaceful, loving way. In turn, I have helped many people gain a better understanding of themselves, their lives and situations.
I am also a Certified Teacher in the Subtle Energy Awareness Programme, pioneered by Sue Zange, which will raise your awareness of the subtle energy influences that surround you, and more importantly,offer simple techniques to keep your personal space clear of that which does not truly represent you. I completed my Energy Field Healing Diploma in November 2008 and completed the Advanced Energy Field Healing course in April 2009. After a session, clients (adults and children alike) often feel refreshed, reassured, more positive, confident, more focused, and have a deep sense of peace and calm.

Likewise, if you need to find more clarity or a sense of direction and if, ultimately, you would like to feel self-empowered, then contact me.
I had my first healing session with Sue Zange over 10 years ago and that encounter changed my life. I recently moved to Cape Town, South Africa after 5 years of practising as an Energy Field Healer in London.
This session addresses any deeper causal issues and structural issues which are a priority in the field. These include: Energy Field Healing sessions for adults and children, Energy Guidance Readings, Distant Healing, Hospital Support, Home and Land Healing and Healing for Animals. I am running this course as a 2 day course (London) and as a 12 week evening meditation course (Cape Town).
Please have a look at my website or find me on Facebook for more details about what's coming up, or send me an email, I will be happy to answer any questions.
Sometimes it is not till we get to this level of need that we decide that maybe we need someone to help. When we need help Spiritually as well as emotionally it can be very difficult finding the right treatment, and finding the right individual to connect with.
It hasn't always been an easy journey I think delving into your emotions is one of the most difficult things you can go through. I will intuitively guide you on a discovery of healing that will help you to heal mind body and soul. Book your healing session with me when you feel the need to truly address core issues that have been building up for longer periods of time than you should be managing. With a thirst for more energy awareness, knowledge and self healing I undertook all my EFH training and qualified as and Advanced Energy Field Healer in 2010. After each session, I was left feeling calm, lighter, with a feeling that I could do anything, in other words very positive and light.
In 2013 I did her Foundation Course Diploma in Energy Field Healing , followed by the Advanced Diploma in Energy Field Healing. Here I was able to develop my interest in natural healing and qualified in Bowen Therapy in 1999. I have been interested in alternative therapies for over 25 years and the healing effect that it can have on a person. In the healing touch process, the animal relaxes, allowing endorphins to be released, muscles to relax, circulation to be increased, hormones to be regulated, toxins to be released and the immune system to be regulated – all these factors help to create healing. The Energy Field is cleared of all blocked, stagnant and imbalanced energies, and the structure of the energy field is re-aligned and re-energised.
It is usual for emotional clearance to take place for a day or so during that first week of healing. This creates filters and perceptions which drive our thinking and decision making, without us even realising it.
This has opened them up to greater potentials to make higher serving decisions and choices, coming from an empowered place of love.
I currently offer appointments in Cape Town, Monday to Saturday, and I return to the UK a few times a year to run courses and a week of clinic appointments in London- please check my website for details. It will also help any emotional, mental, physical or spiritual difficulties, bring light and healing through the energy field, release old patterning and allow deep healing to take place. In Cape Town I am generally able to see people within a week or two, and can offer flexible appointment times to see people who work weekdays.
You are already feeling vunerable so finding that special person and making that connection is very important.
But there comes a time when we need to heal and to move on and find peace within ourselves.
Relationships with family members improved and my overall outlook on life began to change for the better.
I still continue to regularly attend Sue's courses as they continue to expand my awareness, growth and knowledge in Advanced Energy Field Healing. My capability within the higher vibrational layers of the field allow me to concentrate on good quality balance and cohesion in the natural energetic state of your field.
Sue is an amazing teacher with a wealth of knowledge, compassion, understanding and vision. I therefore think that other people would benefit by accessing this awareness and basic skills to enhance their lives too. The courses will cover energy awareness, how to manage your energy, meditation and visualisation for positive benefits in our everyday lives. A wart on my hand that had been there for 3 years, disappeared within 2 weeks hence my inquisitiveness and desire to learn more. Mary Sue is also a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner and utilizes flower and gem essences and aromatherapy in her practice as well as using her animal communication skills.
So clients may feel a little fragile during that time, but the feeling soon clears as the energies replenish themselves and gain strength. This is perfect for you if you would like to make changes in your life and move into alignment with your highest potentials. I started training with Sue Zange on her first Diploma course in 2000 and have been fortunate to have been able to continue my training with her over the past 14 years, currently doing my teacher training. I went on to contribute to the Diploma Training course as one of the resident Student Coaches.
The subject area and results after treatments, made me want to further my studies and offer this amazing healing and knowledge, which always made me feel so great, to other people. More details will be available in the next couple of months, but if you have any questions please contact me my email.
This is the main define statement for the page for english when no template defined file exists. The inflow of fresh universal energy will bring healing to the mind, body and soul, allowing you to take control of your life, regaining balance and a sense of ease. My training and years of practice have helped me to develop a high level of skill and I am confident that I will be able to help you. So I then went on to do the Teacher Training Programme, Enhance Your Light, Enhance Your Light Programme and also the Subtle Energy Awareness Programme.

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