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One thing you will not get from us are blocky generic-looking template looking sites like you see so often!
A website is a hugely important marketing tool and probably the most important one you have. Angel Valchinov is a fabulous violinist with training from the Aspen Music Festival and School. Page asked me to use her existing design elements to give her a fresh new look, and a simpler more user-friendly website. A great friend and creative natural materials artist, Kyle Bauman, makes willow garden panels and furniture in Southeastern Utah.
Chip Comins is an environmental filmmaker, working with NativeWind and other organizations to bring sustainable, renewable, alternative energy to the planet. Michael Fuller Architects of Basalt, Aspen and Telluride, CO brings an exquisite design eye to custom homes, sustainable projects, resorts and sacred spaces.
One of the very best horse artists around - Linda Bruce - whose pencil anatomy renderings are exacting and color splashes make the horse run right off the page. The Aspen Choral Society, under the direction of composer Ray Vincent Adams has been a great community asset in Aspen, Colorado for 30 years. Doctor Ozalan's practice is one I personally have experienced, and his quality of care is unsurpassed. I carried the vesica pisces idea onto Emma's already existing website and created a new homepage for her.
This entire website was designed via email, Skype, and remotely viewing my computer screen. New cutting edge medical therapy for anti-aging and rejuvenation, as well as for restoring health in serious medical conditions is now being promoted.
Camille Lione of Basalt, Colorado is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, creator of custom hypnotherapy CD's, author, lecturer and workshop leader.
A truely gifted spiritual medium from England who communicates with those that have passed on - in amazing accuracy.

This redesign is in process - with the intent to bring more information and offering from this gifted medium. Excellent animal communicator and counselor Janet O'Connell works with teens, parents, couples and indiividuals in Sedona, Arizona. This one page site will be used as a virtual listing of all spiritual activities in Aspen, Colorado. As national speaker for the MS Society, Virginia Neary Carrithers has spend her life on the back of a horse, and in front of the easel convinced that staying in the creative mode can do wonders for continued heath and well-being.
Conversations and commentary on climate change, environmental issues and alternative energy. Climate Mitigtion Expert Rick Heede works with corporations, cities, universities and others to map their carbon footprint and impact on the environment.
Valuementors promotes corporate productivity, innovation, and pro-active relationships with customers and stategic partners. Nancy McKinney is an outstanding photograher who captures other dimensional energies in her pictures. Another group that does its part in preserving the natural world - by restoring wetlands in Colorado.
What we are good at is taking your ideas and creating attractive and effective online websites and offline materials that engage with your potential clients to buy from you.
VITAL with it's partners specialises in online marketing, promoting your website through search engine optimisation, Google Pay per click campaigns and email marketing. All our sites are optimised for search engines so that you get listed and start attracting the clients you deserve.
Identifying the most popular search phrases for your audience allows you to optimize your search results by strategically placing the most relevant keywords throughout your web pages. Our PPC service delivers traffic to web sites by securing high positions in the Pay Per Click section of Google (and if appropriate, other search engines such as ones within the Yahoo Group). Social media is allowing people to connect more easily, strengthening loyalty and trust between you and your clients.

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We understand that the two biggest obstacles to having a websites for professionals in the health and wellness industry are 1) that custom websites can be incredibly expensive, and 2) that if you want to go the free or low cost do-it-yourself route it is typically too complicated and confusing. Be Well websites are full WordPress-based websites crafted by an elite professional designer that has been working at the highest levels of the broadcast, print and web design field for over two decades. Even though we have prepackaged the websites to keep the price low, every website was created with love and meticulous attention to design detail. It is often the first thing your client sees of you and forms the foundation of their first and subsequent impressions and thereby too their expectations which is why you need to put your best and most professional foot forward with a high-end designed website like those from Be Well Websites. They are currently taking a break from their normal lecture tours and are living in Mexico.
This meditation group meets to nurture the growth of its members and their contribution to society. Cheryl Charles leads the way as an educator and proponent of the relationship between children and the natural world. We also register your web address with all the top search engines ensuring maximum exposure.
The key for your website is to collect people's emails that use your website - you can then keep in touch with them for FREE, for weeks, months and years ahead - building relationships and converting them into clients… read more of how we can help you grow your practice through email. Be Well websites are incredibly affordable and we completely set them up for you so all you need to do is add words.

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