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We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you. A mysterious gold object thought to be an ancient Jewish relic was in fact a ?50 New Age “energy healer” after it was identified on Facebook. Israel’s Antiquities Authority studied the 8kg gold sceptre for six months following its discovery in a Jerusalem cemetery. The group’s director Amir Ganor thought the object may have been used in the biblical Jewish temples. However, when a picture of the device was posted on Facebook the mystery was solved when users identified it as an “energy healer”. Known as a Weber Isis Beamer, the gold-plated object is claimed by New Age advocates to create a “protective field” against radiation. I provide Energy and Spiritual Healing sessions to many individuals around the world for over twenty years.
I also provide training, workshops and courses in many aspects of personal spiritual develoment such as chakra healing and balancing, aura cleansing and guided meditation.
My London Spiritual Healing practice integrates guided meditation sessions and involves a wide range of techniques and protocols working together.
As a Reiki Master Healer and Spiritual Healing teacher I channel energy into the person seeking help using an hands-off method, meaning there is no physical client contact.
I use several techniques depending on the individuals energetic vibratory rate and awareness. Whilst located in the Notting Hill area in West London, I also provide distance (distant) healing sessions, training and consultations by arrangement via Skype in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

Below are the London Spiritual Healing and Reiki courses, sessions and guided meditation workshops: Usui Reiki Healing is a spiritual practice that has been developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui and has since been adapted by various teachers of different traditions.
It can be considered by some people as a kind of alternative, complementary medicine or energy medicine. I have developed a technique combining my experience of 20 years Hands-on and Hands-off Healing, Reiki practice, Energy Healing training, guided meditation healing techniques combined with clairvoyance skills, intuition and received attunements . My spiritual guides bring the energy and heal you by clearing the energy that should not have been there and replace it with divine creative universal energy. If you are not in London I can do the consultation by Skype and then do a distant healing session for you. As an integral part of this certified course I have combined together different healing modalities into a unique healing approach which is remarkably powerful and effective.
It is wonderful how after proper reiki healing training you can feel so different, relaxed and energized and able to provide Reiki healing onto others. I conduct meditation sessions to clear a specific chakra and other sessions to clear all the chakras from the Root or 1st Chakra up to the 7th Crown Chakra.
These chakra meditations I conduct are through visualisation and the purpose of this meditations is to shift the energy of the chakras and aura.
In these meditations you will also start to release the fears and the energy that has been stored and accummulated in you over a period of time and helps clear the karmetic attachments and current blockages to natural energy flow and wellbeing.
This technique will help to improve your overall well-being, the abundance in your life, personal relationships, creativity, your self-esteem, personal and social communication as well as the unfolding of your intuition and spiritual awareness. To start to change your life and to receive a healing session contact me by email, Skype or txt.

There is no promise or guarantee (explicit or implied) of any particular result, nor be held responsible for spiritual healing offered by practitioners.
This website includes links providing direct access to other websites, but is not responsible for the accuracy or content of information contained in those sites.
Buddha Hall offers accommodations for everyone who is looking for a comfortable stay with a spiritual touch at Buddha Hall.
Usha Dobhal is an evolved spiritual Teacher and a Healer; she has created powerful practices for woman’s (Yin Empowerment) to blossom their creative and loving energy. I have found that each individual has their own unique vibratory pattern and state of awareness which benefits from a particular approach suited individually to them or their energetic condition. I also write for the Ultimate Life Magazine where I contribute with my articles and Youtube videos helping to provide clarity on how to optimise ones inner and outer health and wellbeing, vibratory pattern and state of awareness.
I am a member of the Uk Reiki Federation and the CNHC (The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council).
I have incorporated certain meditation and clairvoyance techniques which work synergistically together providing enhanced energy alignment and well-being. Readers are advised to consult a professional medical health practitioner on any matter relating to their health and well-being.

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