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The Ascended Masters have conveyed that there will be thirteen new healing and teaching centers throughout the United States. The New Earth Centers will assist in providing spiritual healings and in the teaching of the Awakening the Heart to raise our spiritual energy.
All energy healings have always been through, and will continue through, the thousands of Spirit assistants, Doctors, Angels, Saints and Ascended Master Healing Guides. The New Earth Centers in the United States will also be built and maintained through accepting worldwide contributions. Some receive spiritual healing from the Entities and the crystal beds and some do not, why?
John of God has answered this as, “Merit consists in spiritual conditions that were accumulated in past incarnations and that may be added to one’s present conduct in order for a person to be deserving of intended healing. The vibrations in crystals help raise our body cellular vibrations to live a healthier life, as does meditation, healthy food and a balance of spirit, mind and body. Crystals are represented in modern religions and used by healers on earth including the Catholic Church and the Pope. Spirit Doctor- and Entity-assisted Crystal Bed Healings will be available in all The New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers. A healthy diet with high alkaline chemical-free foods is highly recommended for a healthy spiritual lifestyle.
Spirit Doctor Oswaldo Cruz is a popular healer who is known through the Casa in Brazil; an incarnate cellular microbiologist who practiced medicine in France and Brazil and will spiritually energize the herbal medications and oversee the spiritual assistants in this area of the healing center. Nearly 8 million have received healing energies through distance healings and have been visited by spiritual healing entities. Shamangelic Healing with Anahata, Sedona’s Center for Shamanic Healing and Spiritual Awakening, is Now Offering an Extensive Curriculum of Energy Healing and Shamanic Training Courses. My experience with Anahata in Sedona was a soulful journey of healing, awakening and transformation.
Starting in November, 2012, Sedona Arizona’s premier center for shamanic healing and spiritual awakening is extending their services to include courses in energy healing and shamanic training. Many people are frustrated with the health care industry, pharmaceuticals and traditional approaches to physical and mental health. For those interested in learning more about the mind, body and spirit connection, the Energy Healing Fundamentals program is perfect. The advanced courses are designed for practitioners looking to expand their service offerings, and strengthen their abilities to address sensitive emotional client issues. The program instructor Anahata has trained extensively with gifted Shamans, energy healers and spiritual teachers from Peru, India, Asia and North America in order to artfully integrate the fields of energy healing, self-empowerment, shamanic teachings, emotional release, spiritual studies and visualization techniques.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. This system of energy healing has not been evaluated, tested, or approved by any medical regulatory authority. Anyone with a medical condition is advised to seek help from the appropriate health-care professional.

Auric is the #1 choice of Healers who use our products to enhance their own skills and training. Auric supports Women for Women International, an organization that provides women survivors of war, civil strife, and other conflicts with the tools and resources to go from crisis and poverty to stability and self sufficiency.
We strive to be Carbon Neutral and what we can't reduce, reuse and recycle, we offset by our membership in The first two centers will be located in a Midwest location between the west Chicago metro and the east Des Moines areas, and another near the Crystal energy fields of Arkansas. All the centers are aligned with the earth’s magnetic gridlines to provide special healing energies. This has been prophesized by the Hopi, Mayan, Edgar Cayce and has also been foreseen by world spiritual, political, medical and scientific leaders. For the first time in 2010, John of God had to miss a week of healings at the Casa to recoup, rest and recover physically. The Healing Entities are teaching us all to raise our energies through the body, mind and spirit in group consciousness to live healthy and happy in the new earth energy.
The Ascended Masters love all equally and will continue to heal throughout the world and through The New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers. The contributions will help provide the centers with free daily group healing sessions and spiritual group basic teachings available to all.
Crystals have assisted spiritual healings for thousands of years and are referenced in the Bible, Torah and in ancient text and scriptures hundreds of times.
Crystal-lined meditation rooms, a rare Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl temple, and crystals throughout the grounds will create a vibrational healing energy throughout the center.
Our physical body is healthiest when our diet is approximately 75% alkaline or greater and 25% acid or less.
All water, including water in the human body, is affected and changed by vibrations (Emoto studies).
Essential oils from plants are absorbed and inhaled to assist with cellular healing vibrations in the human body. The New Earth Centers will all have rose and flower meditation gardens to assist with raising our healing vibrations. Wayne Dyer has publically announced he received a distance healing after being diagnosed with leukemia. Dyer speaks of his western medicine diagnosis of the cancer (leukemia) and his distance healing through the Spirit Doctors of the Casa de Dom Inacio.
Anahata Ananda of Shamangelic Healing designed these training programs to provide mainstream audiences with simple concepts on energy healing fundamentals. Consequently, alternative methods that integrate mind, body and spirit are in greater demand. This 3-day experience provides 10 courses which outline the basic concepts of energy healing and offers tools that anyone can utilize.
Blending the compassion and tenderness of an Angel and the wisdom and strength of a Shaman, Anahata guides journeys of profound healing and awakening.

Additional healing and teaching centers will follow in the years and decades throughout the world. The advanced classes and healings will ask a modest fee to help maintain the cost of staff and the center. But, if it drops below that, the individual becomes a candidate for illness and disease because the immune system will begin to shut down. Therefore the Nutritionists and New Earth Centers will educate all in a high oxygen, cancer-free alkaline diet of nutritional healing, to manifest a healthy mind, body and spirit for healing and healthy living. There are 188 references to oils in the Bible and references thousands of years old in Chinese history and Egyptian hieroglyphics. In addition, all centers will have a natural herbal store to assist in natural medicines and plant oils. More individuals are seeking meditation practices, Shamanic healing, Spiritual retreats and sacred land experiences. These foundational courses are designed for individuals interested in exploring the healing arts and for current practitioners looking to expand their perspective and offerings. Her extensive client base spans the globe and includes business professionals, parents, couples, healers and individuals of all ages, who seek to heal and awaken their fullest potential. Each individual center will be named in commemoration and memory of the life-long service of those who have served Mother Earth in the spiritual healing and teaching fields. The Centers will include destination housing and be built to include areas for spiritual healings and teachings for children, teens and adults.
Those who cannot afford the classes may exchange work hours in selected volunteer jobs for room, board and classes, to make the center available for all life paths.
Scientific studies show that the trillion-plus cells in the human body hold vibrations in the 70% water and minerals down to the neutrons, protons and electrons. Sedona’s breathtaking beauty, energy vortexes combined with the influence of Native American culture, provide the perfect setting for this training.
The “Shamanic Breathwork” program incorporates deep Shamanic breathing techniques, guided visualization, vibrational sound and energy healing to facilitate profound emotional releases and open new channels of awareness. Anahata is the founder of Shamangelic Healing based in Sedona, Arizona, where she offers Shamangelic Healing sessions, energy healing & Shamanic training courses, personalized retreats, soulful land journeys and sacred ceremonies. Shamangelic Healing with Anahata offers a full complement of these services in additional to the training courses for those who are ready to go to the next level. This setting provides a perfect learning environment for exploring nature wisdom and Shamanic teachings.

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