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Medical qi gong is an ancient Chinese medicine art that can help you achieve higher energy, amazing fitness and mental focus. Browse our Client Testimonials, then get ready to experience greater levels of energy and conquer the effects of stress. Spa Our signature bodywork BLISS sessions combining medical qi gong, acupressure and energy reflexology create gentle vibrations that are unlike anything you have ever experienced. Qi Gong Movement: Mindfulness in Action Boost your energy, buff up your body, and clear your mind with our unique private movement training that uses the ancient art of qi gong movement to build energy and muscle tone. SIGN UP for our free 4 Step Stress Reduction online class that can begin right in your own home, then take it a step further to refine by booking a private training session.
Improve employee health, retention, productivity and team skills with our corporate wellness training programs. Aiki Healing also offers a comprehensive medical qi gong certification program that allows a modular approach, certifying individuals in movement only, or also in energy bodywork applications with electives such as energy reflexology, emotional balancing with Chinese aromatherapy, women's health issues, or geriatric care.
I was sitting outside on my deckchair on my patio in my garden this afternoon, reading a book and just being comfortable and at peace with the world and myself.
My youngest was playing soccer, showing me all the goals of the Germans from the game the evening before.
All of a sudden I heard a mumble, a grumble - a negative voice complaining about the noise,and debating whether it would be going on all afternoon. So, yes, I was sitting on my deckchair, visualizing this recent event in a very negative way!

We live in a semi attached house, and the garden patio is only screened by a hedge, whereas the grassy bits are open.
Hearing that grumbling I realized, he was complaining about the ball bouncing on the decking.
It was one of those eye-opening moments, when you realize, that you are in control of your RE-actions to things that occur around you.And you have the power of HOW you want to deal with it. Reiki is an energy healing system that can be carried out as a hands on or distant therapy. Reiki evolved in Japan from the experience and dedication of Dr Mikao Usui, who was inspired to develop the healing system from ancient teachings.
The Usui System of Natural Healing, known as Reiki, was brought to the west around the middle of the 20th century through the dedication of Mrs. The energy that Reiki uses is comprised of Universal energy and Ki energy (Universal energy is the life energy around all living things, Ki energy is the body's energy that flows around the energy pathways in the body).
When the Reiki practitioner tunes into the source of the Universal energy, the energy enters their body through the top of the head and passes along the energetic pathways, into the healer's hands to be ready for a treatment to be carried out. During passive healing the Reiki practitioner acts as a channel from the for the energy to flow into the client's body, allowing the body to heal itself slowly and achieve a mind, body, spirit balance.
During active healing the Reiki practitioner uses visualization and intent to direct and amplify the energy frequency to work on a specific condition. After taking medical details and any specific conditions that the client wishes to be treated, the treatment session can begin.

The client usually lies on a treatment couch, firstly on their back and then moves onto their front. The Reiki healer will place their hands on specific areas of the client's body to enable the healing to flow into that part of the body. The hands are moved onto the next healing point after about 5 minutes, however, it the healer feels that more healing is needed in a specific area, they will either keep their hands on that point until they intuitively feel it is time to move on, or they will go back to that area later during the treatment. Clears toxins, pain relief, relaxation, digestive disorders, respiratory conditions, anxiety, post operative pain, reduces healing ratesstress, promotes creativity, meditation, holistic healing, strengthens the immune system, positive thinking, natural self-healing, symptoms and causes of illness. Book your BLISS bodywork appointment online or schedule the 8 Weeks Energy Boost Movement Training.
Our patio does have wooden decking, and I do understand that when the ball hits it, that it does indeed make a noise, but it isn't that awful. I closed my eyes, tried to focus on positive things and send them over to him, send him healing, and love. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. Ask us about splitting your session between bodywork and an energizing workout with qi gong.

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