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As our economy continues to sputter, one little-noticed industry has been booming for a while now: energy efficiency. My firm works with utilities, government agencies, housing authorities, and other groups to help increase energy efficiency. But energy-services firms are not the only ones that can benefit from the demand for energy-efficiency services. New economic analysis shows that clean energy legislation will create up to 1.9 million new jobs, increase annual household income by up to $1,175, and boost the GDP by up to $111 billion.
To use all available functions on this website, JavaScript must be enabled in your browser. Daikin leverages its experience and technology to deliver air conditioning solutions that meet the demands of any setting.
Japan is facing a severe energy shortage, and people across the country will need to do everything possible to save power in the summer of 2012. Air conditioners account for about half of the electricity consumed in Japanese office buildings during peak consumption times. In May 2011, Daikin Industries, Ltd., established a power-saving control center in the Tokyo Electric Power Company service area. As a result of a variety of nationwide measures for saving energy, Daikin contributed to power reductions of 600,000 kW in summer and 160,000 kW in winter (Daikin calculations).
Our company has purchased air conditioners from various manufacturers because we always try to buy the most cost-effective products at the time. Daikin has put us at ease because it has quickly serviced problems with our air conditioning equipment. Energy management systems (EMS) are an effective way to save energy while keeping the building comfortable. In April 2012, Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry started a project to hasten the introduction of EMS. As part of our fluorochemicals business, we offer customers ZEFFLE infrared reflective coating. Besides its superior heat-shielding ability, ZEFFLE infrared reflective coating has fluorine's ability to resist weathering, fouling, and rusting. Using its know-how as an air conditioner manufacturer, Daikin can conduct simulations of how much energy can be saved by painting a building with ZEFFLE.

If you'd like to replace this, click the replace button, or register to save more email alerts. With the right programs in place, reducing power consumption can improve the bottom line for many other types of companies. More than 90 percent of products and 100 percent of the labor used in residential energy work are American. Over the years, study after study, from groups like the Center for American Progress and the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, have supported the direct correlation between green industry growth and jobs. While air conditioning equipment must be made more energy efficient, it is also increasingly important to introduce energy management systems (EMS), which monitor an entire building's energy use and automatically make energy-efficient adjustments.
By having the control panels of their existing air conditioners' outdoor units tuned, users can save up to 20% in energy.
The center's approximately 200 employees visited customer sites to suggest and implement about 30 different measures for saving power on commercial air conditioners. And because there are many customers who want to save energy on the use of their entire building and not just air conditioning, Daikin is also offering consultation on matters like high-efficiency lighting and solar power generation. This new energy-saving advice service has given us measures we can use right away, and made us even more satisfied with Daikin. Under this project, Daikin was selected as a BEMS aggregator: a company charged with managing a BEMS. This reflective coating reflects away the infrared rays of the sun to prevent the indoor temperature from rising. Besides showing the changes in room temperature after applying ZEFFLE, the highly accurate simulations can also show how much energy can be saved on air conditioning. The simulation software uses this to give detailed estimates on roof and room temperature as well as the amount of energy consumption and CO2 emissions that will be reduced through the use of ZEFFLE. Today, we have nearly two dozen offices nationwide and employ 700 staffers from coast to coast.
This has prompted Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to introduce and promote the use of the Building and Energy Management System (BEMS). The wide range of measures included cleaning filters on interior units and measures during operation such as monitoring by customers or remote monitoring by Daikin. Approximately 1,000 dedicated Daikin staff will visit customers nationwide to help them save energy.

Daikin personnel told us how to save energy with our equipment, and they inspected and upgraded all of it—even air conditioners made by other manufacturers.
This effort is aimed at hastening the realization of a system that can achieve precise demand control and thus give both a comfortable building temperature and energy-saving operation; and that can use weather forecast data to automatically set equipment so that it operates in the most energy-efficient and energy-saving manner possible.
By simply painting ZEFFLE onto existing buildings, customers can reduce the burden on air conditioning and achieve greater energy efficiency. This means we can present customers with the precise details of how effective ZEFFLE will be for them. Most strikingly, we’ve added more than 250 people and 12 offices in just the last two years. Home Star is expected to increase demand for retrofitting by a factor of 15, benefiting those hardest hit by this recession — manufacturing and construction workers. The result of all this was energy savings of approximately 600,000 kW in summer and 160,000 kW in winter (Daikin calculations).
Many of these tradespeople are out of work and these retrofitting jobs can get them back on their feet. Consumers who take advantage of Home Star would save our country an estimated $10 billion in energy costs by 2020.
Products like insulation, caulk, triple-paned windows and doors, and high-efficiency heating and cooling systems will also get a boost.
The program would jolt our economy by pumping in $6 billion over two years and cut down on carbon emissions. Supported by Republicans and Democrats, environmentalists and businesses, the bill was introduced exactly one year ago. The goods need to be made, inspected, shipped, and sold, widening the circle of employment opportunities for manufacturers, retailers, and distributors.

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