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We have cash incentives to help with your investment in energy-efficient appliances and products.
Our free Energy Saver Kit includes simple, helpful, easy-to-install tools that instantly change the way you use energy. New LED replacement bulbs are an excellent way to enhance lighting quality and can cut costs by up to 75 percent. This is also an awesome resource for girls growing up with single fathers or who just don’t feel they can talk to the women in their family. I bought some Kirkland brand bourbon from Costco and I was surprised at the quality of it, having expected something along the lines of a “well” whiskey. After a little research online, it seems likely that their bourbon is the by-product of Knob Creek or Jim Beam Black, perhaps the batches with too much flavor variance. In many states, you can walk right into a Costco and buy alcohol without even having a membership, though you may have to go through the trouble of talking to a manager about it as this rule varies according to state law.

Anyway, Kirkland Signature is a pretty good value, with decent product, and can save you some big money for your next party! Tell us a few things about yourself and we'll get you right to the information you need to start saving money and energy today. Most will also offer a free (or cheap, depending on the company) energy checkup, rebates for installing efficient appliances, and rebates for recycling old appliances, among other things. Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand line of spirits are made by name brand distilleries, with only slight variances in recipe and style. Their tequila is probably made by Sauza, and their wines are mostly high quality from large wine producers.
Though they will e-mail you back if you have e-mailed them about something first, but they will never use e-mail for initial contact. According to this USPS document, they also do this for wallets, keys, ID devices and some other things.

Try entering something like “[your utility] free light bulbs” into Google and see what comes up.
If you are worried about it hang up with the “IRS” and call 800-829-1040, the official IRS call center and ask if a case has been opened against you. Also try seeing if your area has an “energy trust” that administers this program, like the Energy Trust of Oregon for the Portland area and don’t get discouraged if yours doesn’t offer this right now.

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