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Using energy saving light bulbs offer many advantages, and they are more earth friendly as well.
Businesses using electricity on a larger scale stand to make even more significant savings. Savvy Britons are saving hundreds of pounds a year by converting to energy-saving light bulbs, according to a leading market research group. Homeowners using a 7W LED light instead of a 40W incandescent light bulb for eight hours a day will save roughly ?1.30 a month, per bulb.
The increasing popularity of low wattage bulbs is expected to grow the commercial LED lighting market seven-fold in the next three years, predicts TrendForce.
The huge growth is down to an increasing awareness of energy-saving opportunities and high electricity prices across Europe, TrendForce said. Market research also indicates that LED prices will see a dramatic drop, starting this year, meaning even more savings for homeowners and businesses. An LED light bulb’s lower wattage and higher thermal dissipation efficiency result in better energy-saving efficiency, the market research firm said. It is easy to buy 10W (and lower) LED light bulbs and candle lights at convenience stores and supermarkets across Britain.
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These light bulbs may cost three of four bucks each, while traditional light bulbs may only cost one dollar each, but this is before replacement costs are factored into the equation. One of the best things you can do to make your home ecologically friendly is to assess the energy use of your home and determine ways to reduce this amount. Executives Arrested in Toxic Lead Fuel Bribery ControversyHottest Sustainability Trends To WatchDo You Need More Reasons Not to Buy Gas Guzzlers? The fixtures are suitable for all rooms, including bathrooms, and are also a great energy-saving idea for outdoor and security lights. You?ll find a huge range of garden furniture, lighting, decorative paving, ornaments and planters ? all designed to keep your garden looking great all year round.
Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections. Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising. Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased. When you compare the average lifespan for both bulbs, energy saving bulbs will come out far ahead. These bulbs last up to ten times longer than normal bulbs, which also saves you money on purchasing light bulbs, not to mention ten trips to the store and all the time and hassle involved.

Energy saving bulbs can help you do this by cutting out a substantial amount of energy needed to light your home.
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Traditional light bulbs may need to be replaced as often a once a month, which is around twelve dollars a year, while energy saving bulbs usually will only need to be replaced about once a year, for a cost of three or four dollars. Around five percent of your energy bill is due to the lights in your home, and this percentage may be higher if you have a large number of lights or a very large home. You will see terrific cost savings with these bills, because your electricity bill will usually go down by about ten percent. That is still only six to eight dollars a year if you replace energy saving bulbs every six months, and that is better than twelve dollars a year.
If energy saving bulbs lower your home electricity costs by just twenty dollars a month, that is a savings of two hundred and forty dollars a year, a nice chunk of change.Because energy saving bulbs do not need to be replaced as frequently, they are also more environmentally friendly because less refuse ends up in the landfills and fewer resources are used to make bulbs, because energy saving bulbs last between eight and ten times as long as traditional bulbs do. They require less energy to use, and this means less of a demand for electricity, which may be created using fossil fuels and be a big source of pollution. Replacing a single bulb in every American home with energy saving bulbs would reduce pollution by the equivalent of one million cars operating on US roads.
This is a lot of pollution, and energy saving bulbs can help prevent it.Energy saving bulbs offer many benefits, and they are one way that you can significantly reduce the energy your home uses. These bulbs are friendly to the environment, they cost less than traditional bulbs when all the factors are considered, they reduce pollution by reducing the need for energy, and they last a lot longer, so you do not have to replace them as often.
Energy savings bulbs may cost a little more when you buy them at the store, but the long term savings, and advantages to the earth, that these bulbs provide make this cost well worth it.

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