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It may not be possible to turn a computer on-and-off when being used throughout the day, but if you and your colleagues get into the habit of turning off computers when leaving the office this can lead to huge savings. Peripherals like printers and scanners should also be turned off when not in use. Unplug chargers when not in use. If a charger feels warm when it is plugged in without being attached to a device it is still converting energy. Cutting the amount of waste your business has to handle is the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly method of dealing with waste. Seemingly trivial changes can produce significant savings, such as printing and photocopying double-sided, refilling printer cartridges, switching off lights and electrical equipment, and using rechargeable batteries.
Why lose up to 35% of the heat from your office through the walls and up to another 25% through the roof when you could install cavity wall and loft insulation? Shutting the curtains, especially lined ones, will stop heat escaping through your windows.
Double-glazing cuts heat loss through windows by 50%, resulting in a significant reduction to your heating bill each year.
With energy prices expected to double over the next 5 years it makes sense to monitor and regulate your energy consumption. The Energy monitors display current energy consumption every 6 seconds making it easy to make energy saving adjustments in your home or office.
As the name suggest, the Showertime helps monitor energy consumption in the shower, one of the largest consumers of water in a home. The Footswitch ensures no stand-by energy is consumed by any of the devices connected to the powerboard when they are not in use.

You can also set the air-conditioner to turn off an hour before you wake up for work each day. In Singapore, air-conditioners, clothes dryers and refrigerators now come with labels that show how energy efficient they are. Four ticks are the best, which means that the appliance is able to do its job by consuming less energy. Usually, those that use storage tanks for multiple bathrooms will have to heat up the water and store it there. This is because they only heat the water that is required, instead of heating up a larger volume of water to be stored for use. The compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs, use less energy than incandescent light bulbs for the same brightness. Typical appliances that are kept on, such as set-top boxes, TVs and computers, continue to use electricity until you switch them off at the wall socket.
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Being energy efficient makes a huge difference and boosts your businesses’ green credentials.

You could cut your lighting costs by as much as 15%, just by making sure you turn lights off in rooms and corridors that aren’t being used.
Energy efficient lightbulbs may be more expensive initially, but they will save in the long run.
It is far more efficient to use the power down settings available, or to encourage staff to switch off their computer monitors when away from their desks. The Energy monitors, Showertime and Footswitch appliances by Frys Energywise help you do just that.
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Often in a business environment simple heat saving tips can be employed that will save money. An alternative is to boil the water, then keep it in an insulated thermo-flask to retain the warmth.

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