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Assembly PowerPoints for the start of the new term, new resources for a new curriculum and much more!
All our products have been tried and tested and can be instantly downloaded to save you precious preparation time.
PrimaryWorks' stock of well designed, easy to edit PowerPoint presentations offer hundreds of lesson ideas, all created by education professionals, in tune with the current curriculum. PrimaryWorks is a reliable and popular education resource used by over 22,000 teachers on a regular basis.
Please note that PrimaryWorks products are compatible with Windows Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft 2010. Cut Your Carbon was a major local government initiative aimed at reducing energy consumption. Love Parks is all about loving our parks and green spaces, essential to healthy, happy communities.
A week long campaign celebrating and demonstrating that what's good for the environment is good for us. The Eco pupils carried out an environmental audit, looking at all the nine Eco-Schools topics. Many year groups contributed to writing the Action Plan, once complete it was shared across the school in various setting including; SLT meetings, phase meetings, school assemblies, on the school website, on the Eco notice board.
Classes earn 25 points if all the lights are off and 12 points if just half the lights are off. Classes earn 25 points if all the windows are closed and energy is not being lost through open windows. The class earning the most points at inspection will be awarded a certificate and get to keep the Energy Enforcers class trophy for the week!

Different year groups study a wide variety of topics that link to Eco-Schools project work.
Through Manchester Adult Education Service (MAES) adult education some parents will be supporting the garden and allotment club. MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University) volunteers have supported us with the bug hotel work. The school has achieved bronze and silver in the RSPB Wildlife in Action Awards and are very close to obtaining the Gold. We are now using less bin bags each month due to recycling and our energy bills are down in all areas now. At Heald Place we know that if we cannot find a bin, then we always place our rubbish in our pockets until we find one. From our bug counts we have noticed a larger number of bugs have moved into our bug hotels.
Primary Works is a reliable and popular education resource used by over 22,000 teachers on a regular basis. This Powerpoint asks children to think about what energy is and it explains the different types of energy and that we need energy to walk to school, to play, turn on a computer or cook food. They also monitor that windows are closed and that listening stations have been switched off. These include; materials, growing plants, homes and the local area, life cycles, the Arctic, habitats, the water cycle, biodiversity, landscapes, adaptation, rivers and the coast. Some of the Year 5 pupils have been teaching parent classes and younger pupils about climate change. Also having time to fit all the exciting activities in, there are so many things that we could do for this work.

As a result, for the purposes of workplace, education and community they should be regarded as Manchester Carbon Literate.
The energy enforcers are finding that more and more classes are trying to win the trophy each week and are making an extra effort to switch off electrical items.There is less litter in the playground due to our new litter policy (see below).
Focusing on light energy, the children are encouraged to think about how we use non-renewable fossil fuels and how we can save energy by switching off lights and computers. Smith presented a range of ideas, but the favourite by far was 'everyday hero': a tongue-in-cheek reworking of Superman. The children are asked to design a logo for their school and the PowerPoint includes hyperlinks to find out more about energy and about the 'Switch Off Fortnight' campaign.
I have looked at biodiversity, bug counts, plant surveys, hedgerow surveys, pondlife surveys, butterfly surveys, and worm surveys.
Instead, ordinary people saving the planet through a series of small, seemingly insignificant everyday energy-saving acts. The idea, an individual's actions averting a catastrophic global event went to the heart of what the client wanted to communicate with a tongue-in-cheek tone which it was thought would appeal to a public tiring of preachy 'green-wash'. Smith enrolled applicants to become a team of 'carbon superheroes' who were then photographed in community centres, clubs and public spaces demonstrating their energy-saving tips. The photoshoots doubled-up as a series of mini awareness-raising events across the region and the material produced went on exhibition stands, advertising, web design and marketing and direct mail collateral.

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