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So what’s so wrong about climate change?This full pictorial display uses images and facts to examine some of the effects of climate change upon the developing world. An energy saving call centre, backed by online and in-store advice, is being launched by home products retailer B&Q. The company will also have exclusive rights to a new energy retail brand, iQE, when it's launched.
A campaign designed to promote energy efficiency is helping Spark eCommerce Group save more than ?12,000 per year. Gateshead-based Spark launched Project Focus to help reduce their carbon footprint by promoting recycling and energy-saving initiatives across the business.  One of the areas they were keen to look at was the efficiency of their warehouse lighting, and thanks to a new scheme set up by the Carbon Trust and Siemens Financial Services Ltd, the company was able to invest in new high-output tube lights, motion sensors and daylight sensors, all of which reduce the amount of unnecessary lighting used on site. And the changes have resulted in energy savings of between ?1,000 and ?1,500 per month since the installation 18 months ago, which means the ?40,000 project has a return on investment of between three and four years. As an environmentally conscious company, Spark eCommerce was one of the first in its industry to operate a fully ISO 14001:2004 accredited Environmental Management System. Why is is that some companies are able to resolve complaints, and others get bogged down in "the process"? According to a baseline study in 8 energy-intensive industrial sectors of Nepal energy cost of product value in limestone-based cement industries is with 48 % highest, followed by cold storage (38 %), Fixed Chimney brick kilns (31 %) and pulp and paper sector (20 %).

In clinker based cement industries are estimated to be electricity up to 45,854 MWh could be saved. Experience from the past have identified many energy saving options for the cement sector that are highly profitable with payback periods of investment of less than 2 years. The website aims to be a platform for knowledge sharing in energy efficiency and has been compiled with the utmost care. Energy  saving LED bulbs -Up to 90% energy saving can be achieved by useing Luxform LED bulbs.
Looking at the link between personal carbon emissions and the impact on the environment focusing upon polar bears.
Brightly coloured classroom poster that encourages young people to think to dress appropriately for the weather - and save on carbon emissions. This classroom worksheet helps children to identify the things they use on a daily basis that create carbon emissions and encourages them to look at what they can do for possible reductions.
These display posters focus on the fact that each of us create the equivalent of 5 hot air balloons of carbon emissions per person per year.
This is all part of a move to show customers how much money can be saved through reduced energy bills. Its energy management policy not only helps cut operational spending, it also gives the organisation a competitive edge in canvassing new prospects, as clients are increasingly concerned about sustainable business practices.

In limestone based cement industries of Nepal saving potentials amount to 35,390 MWh electrical and 1,598,359 GJ thermal energy (see Table). The following table shows some implemented examples option in Nepalese cement factories with the respected payback. Nevertheless, Energy Efficiency Center (EEC) gives no guarantee that the information provided is current, accurate, complete or error-free. Energy saving potential on the product cost is estimated to be highest for the Limestone based industry (above 19%). By implementing energy efficiency monetary savings in clinker-based factories and limestone-based factories amounts to about 38 Crore and 110 Crore Lakh Nepalese Rupee, respectively. EEC accepts no liability for any damage or loss arising directly or indirectly from the use of the website information. EEC expressly reserves the right to modify, amend contents in the website in part or in totality, without prior notice.
In-store advice will initially be restricted to 10 locations with further outlets to be added in 2013.

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